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Wheat Crackers... Good or bad snacks?

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Well, I saw some wheat crackers on sale at the grocery store the other day and they looked like good snacks so I bought two boxes and have been snacking on them every day at work... Info is as follows... Good or bad?

Serving Size, 17 crackers... Calories, 130... Cal from fat, 25, Fat, 3g... Chol., 0...Sodium, 180mg... carbs, 23g... protein, 4g...

I'm really more concerned about the serving size to calories ratio... They're regular sized crackers... Does 17 per 130 calories sound too high or is that ok?
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sounds good to me.. what kind of crackers are they?  
i mean .. what brand
They're the Ralph's brand... Do they Ralph's where you're at? It's basically the store's generic brand. But anyway, they're reaaaally good! I'm not much of a cracker person but I seem to be munching away at these things all day.

I just wanted to make sure I wasn't munching on anything horrible. :) On my way to the store on my break to go pick up some more popcorn. haha.
no.. we don't have that brand.. bummer.. low calories for a good amount... oh well.. :)  
Most grocery stores have generic brands for pretty much ANYTHING these days! My stores even have their own bread, soups, toilet paper, medicines... etc... (I even buy generic pain medicine... works just as well as the expensive Tylenol!)
I like to eat some wheat crackers with my salad :-) 

The wheat crackers I bought are store brand, too (Kroger).  Five crackers = 60 cals....not bad to have with a salad!
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