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I just bought wheat flakes to put with yogurt and fruit i nthe morning. It has 10 g of fiber.. is wheat bran betteR? and where do u get it.. couldnt find it at my super market.... i hear it helps with weght loss?

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It does help with weight loss.  I've been doing it and it's a miracle... I'm like a little too excited about it.

I get my wheat bran from the food co-op.  Yesterday, though, I bought some from the regular grocery store.  It was in the health food/organic/natural isle.  I'm not sure how wheat bran and wheat flakes compare, but, the wheat bran I bought has about 28 grams of fiber PER CUP..

What serving size are you talking about that has 10g of fiber?
3/4 a cup.. hm i have an organic store down the street maybe ill stop by there tomorrow... i wonder if i an put if i find the bran and flackes together in my yogurt? i need to eat the flakes now haha.. just bought them!

Thanx for the reply.. im hoping this can step up my weight loss!!
10 g for 3/4 of a cup is still pretty good, but the wheat bran I got is a lot higher.. I'm sure they have it at the organic store.. You buy it in bulk... Or they just sell it in boxes.. It's cheap, so that's a plus..

Contact me a few days after you start eating it and tell me if you think you've lost weight or not... Trust me, you'll be surpised!!

Good luck!
Thanx, I'll let you know!
Wheat flakes in yogurt.. how filling!!!!
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