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Wheat Bran

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I just bought Bob's Toasted Wheat Bran, what can I do with it?

I see its high in fiber which I need bc of a history of chronic constipation + the box has a few muffin+hot cereal reipes.

Q- Does it need to be cooked? Can i just put 1-2tbspns in yogurt, on cold cereal, or on salad?

What do you use it for?

thank you!

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I add 1 tbsp to my oatbran or swiss oats.

I tried in yogurt and didn't like it. It was too...''grainy''? Maybe if you let it soften (like in a swiss oats recipe) or if you use more yogurt, it'll be better, but I prefer it cooked in my oat bran :)

CRUD! lol, its not toasted, woops, just regular, lol!

ohh, i dont deal well w/ cooked cereal or oats, i was hoping itd be good "raw".


I eat raw wheat bran in my yogurt or cottage cheese ALL the time - actually a big staple breakfast of mine is 1/2 cup cottage cheese, 1 tbsp sunflower seeds, a sprinkle wheat bran, and a diced apple. I have chronic constipation as well but the combination of fat and fiber helps move me right along.

Hope this helped!

Yea, thanks, im a little worried about it making stuff gristly tasting, id do yogurt instead of cottage cheese i think but great!

the serving size was 1/4 cup, which i think is 3tbspns? do u use the whole serving?

i think id also add it to cold cereal, i eat a high fiber cereal tho and wonder if too much fiber in 1 shot might not be a good idea? the fat is the bran or sunflower seeds?


The fat is the sunflower seeds - they add a pretty nice crunch and taste. I don't really measure my bran because it's so low in calories, I literally just take the box and sprinkle some on there - a box lasts me 2-3 weeks and I have a little bit everyday. 

I also use bran in oatmeal and it definitely helps my digestive track, but I would be fearful of adding it to a super high fiber cereal (like fiber one) because of like you said with too much fiber in one shot. I definitely need to pair fat with fiber (oil based salad dressing, nuts, salmon, whatever) or I start to feel really bloated and constipated. I'm sure you've tried everything (I remember seeing you talk about your poor thing) but that's just another suggestion for you.

Another thing I do with my wheat bran that "disguises" it is that I add it to smoothies. Usually my combo is  milk, a banana, wheat bran, and cocoa powder. If I have extra cals I add peanut butter and that helps my bowels (the combination of fat and fiber once again)

Good luck with it! It's really not bad - the texture can be a little to get used to in yogurt but I've come to really like it - it feels more filling or more "meal like" because I've got something to chew on. Another good thing about bran really is that it's portable. I stick it in a zip lock baggie and then when I go to lunch in my college cafeteria I can add it to my yogurt or on top of my salad or whatever.

thanks LAFOUTLOUD! (love ur name!lol)

yea, its really low cal so serving size would only be to get enough/not too much, fiber.

i think ill try it tomm in yogurt, maybe as like a salad topping, i wonder what else other than as an ingredient in baking which if i ever do that, ill try.

i dont do well w/oatmeal (constipates me so im thinking its an "oat" thing) but i eat a cereal sort of like fiber one so maybe not added to that. i dont have smoothies that much but good idea nonethless.

hmm, fat+fiber, maybe il just pour it on everything i eat? lol

Use it in granola and you won't even notice it's there.  I've had it on salad and I tastes fine to me, there's so many flavors in salad that one more doesn't really hurt. 

Hmm Ive added it to my oatmeal before but if that doesnt work for you you can just add it into your cold cereal. Also sprinkling it on yogurts is fine to it just depends if you like the taste.

Other things you could try are pancakes with it or use it as a sub for breadcrumbs. I make a recipe sometimes kind of like chicken kievs and I use wheatbran for my coating, its really nice.

Wheat bran hinders absorbtion of calcium (as well as other nutrients) so try to eat your dairy products and take vitamin supplements (if you take them) well outwith the wheat bran intake, and if you eat dairy with wheat bran, don't count it as a calcium source.

I have osteoporosis so generally just avoid wheat bran as far as possible.

Oh NO ANGEL!! i was planning on having the wheat bran in my yogurt!! snap!

Im going to put it in salad but cooking wise, i love the idea BETTY about using it as coating or in batter but to be honest, i never make those things!

i eat a fiber 1 type cereal so was concerned as i said about it being too much fiber at once??!! i cant eat oatmeal.

thanks u!

the wheat bran in yogurt is DELIC, love it!

Aug 31 2009 01:16
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I usually cook the tar out of Bob's Wheat Bran before I eat it.  I roast it first to give it some flavor, then boil it in a mix with oatmeal.  It still contains chewy bits of straw or chaff even after that treatment.  Something left to ruminate on.

The info I see is that wheat bran inhibits calcium sorption from dairy foods by as much as 50% if the two are eaten together.  But there's also some info saying that the wheat bran blended in dry cold cereal such as bran flakes doesn't cause the problem.  I don't know whether this is cereal company hype or if it's true.  

ugh, i meant to add it to my salad tonight+i completely forgot!

i only see myself using it in yogurt or salad, or cold cereal but not sure since it is a high fiber cereal already.

i cant really digest oatmeal so i dont eat that and couldnt add it to that but if it doesnt jive w/dairy, well thats really awful, i dont have anywhere else to add it??

Original Post by thhq:

The info I see is that wheat bran inhibits calcium sorption from dairy foods by as much as 50% if the two are eaten together.  But there's also some info saying that the wheat bran blended in dry cold cereal such as bran flakes doesn't cause the problem.  I don't know whether this is cereal company hype or if it's true.  

It's not just hype. The bran in cereals like all-bran has the same affect on absorbtion. Cereals with WHOLE GRAIN as opposed to 'bran' are fine. 

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