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What's wrong with me? I suddenly became a chocoholic!!

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I remember, last year I was never a chocolate fan, when I used to go to the store I'd never look at chocolate, I only liked the reese pieces but I would never waste my money on that stuff, now all of a sudden I'm a choco-holic! Everytime I have a craving, it's for chocolate instead of nuts or anything else, it's ONLY chocolate! It can be choco icing, choco cake or brownies, but the only choco thing I don't like is choco icecream. Now I wish I never knew how to bake! How can I go back to my old habits, I don't want to ever think about chocolate or to even remember the taste of it :(
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I cant really tell you WHY, but I do understand. There are plenty of things like this that I eat now that I didnt before, like radishes.....

What I really think is funny about this, is that when I was younger I didnt like onions - then my mom said one day 'maybe you'll like them when you get older' and I was thinking WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD SHE SAY SOMETHING LIKE THAT? THAT IS RIDICULOUS, WHY WOULD I LIKE THEM WHEN I'M OLDER???

And guess what? I like onions now! ha!
But atleast onions aren't full of sugar lol! I like onions when they are cooked, mmmmmm soooo good!
lol yes, well buy the chocolate in small amounts!
I can't, because once I eat a piece, I eat the whole thing, and then it gets me hungrier :S
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Made me curious so I went looking for an answer. 52404

whats the whole thing? the whole bar?

dont buy it unless there is somebody who is going to split it with you then and there.

or, only buy it when its sold separately in miniature pieces
I think I know what your going through. I hadnt been a fan of chocolate either, until i began dieting.. lost 30 pounds and then poof i had chocolate cravings. I eat chocolate but have it in small "doses".. try ice cream sandwitches with chocolate graham crackers .. or just buy the single serving candy bars. dont keep it in the house.
Joscal- that is not a definitive answer. 

The answer is SEX.  I don't care what the studies can and cannot prove.  Google Phenethylamine sex and chocolate.  The fix seems pretty inconclusively obvious. 

Peacelove & Volcom.  I don't know your age so i don't want you do anything rash.  But think about it.

When your body 'craves' something it is because it needs something.  Sometimes when you are craving ice cream try drinking some milk or have yogurt.  You are really craving calcium.  So when you 'crave' chocolate (especially dark) what are you really craving?

What would you rather do?  Some heart healthy activities or just come face to face with the bottom of a 1000 calorie chocolate box?
Well, I agree that giving in in moderation - one mini bar as a treat or a low cal chocolate something is better than beating yourself up over not having it and wanting it like a junkie needs a drug fix.

Quaker makes 100 cal snack packs that have chocolate and white chocolate drizzled on them... ok they're rice cakes(or popcorn, I forget) but still... getting your chocolate and staying within your calorie limit is worth it if you think you can't handle the "mini" bars (they always come in multi packs, and it is hard to stop at just one if you know they're there). I actually like them, but then I eat plain rice cakes and popcorn cakes too, so the chocolate is just a bonus for me.

Once I changed my diet and started to provide nutient packed foods at each meal, I no longer crave the sweets like I used to, even during peak PMS times.

You could be craving any number of things found in the chocolates, maybe you've gone too low fat in your diet or you could be low on essential minerals - try adding a one a day supplement or find other foods that contain those same things and see if you can pinpoint it so that you can have something to satisfy the craving without blowing your intake for the day.

hmm, i would have to disagree that whenever you crave something it means your body needs it. i've had cravings for plenty of unhealthy things.. from doritos to hot fudge to caramel frappuccinos just to name a few.. that have absolutely no redeeming qualities. i think sometimes we just want things that taste good!
so i have a lot of approaches to this..

since ive been dieting i had chocolate cravings too! (weird because pretty much any day you could give me a steak or some guacamole and id pick it over chocolate cake, tell me that now and id have one hell of a decision to make!) so i found it totally out of wack i was craving chocolte too.

but since ive been on this thing, ive introduced new foods like yogurt.. btw i HATE dairy. dont like milk (unless strongly flavord), i can do ice cream, or cheese on pizza but not even on burgers or grilled cheese. and what do you know i kinda like yogurt now. so maybe my body needed it after 20 years. go figure

and someone mentioned sex: altho i think its kind of extreme to link craving for chocolate with sex that much . its a point i havent really thought about. im studying abroad, away from BF. nuf said.

either way i just had this idea.. and ive never tried this but it sounds reasonable: i got this on CC.. the original recipe calls for two low fat vanila wafers and 1 tbs of cool whip (or what ever other low fat substitute etc) and says to make a sandwhich and freeze it. what if you mixed ovaltine or some other low cal/fat chocolate powder into the cool whip.. froze that and voila.. chocolate icecream sandwhich!? if u try this lemme know how it works out.

also, im not sure where i saw this.. maybe on hungy girl.. but there are now straws available.. inside coated with chocolate and other flavors.. they are 15 cals and you sip your milk to taste like chocolate! cool!
I eat chocolate EVERY morning.

100 calorie VitaTop muffins!  So delicious and so good for you.  How can you not love them?

Also DOVE makes an awesome sugar free chocolate that is 35 cals a square. Just take a bite and let it melt in your mouth, omg so good.
Is there something wrong with being a chocoholic???  ;-)

Chocolate is too wonderful of a thing to simply forget about - even if I could, I wouldn't want to.

Seriously, though, you can still work reasonable amounts of chocolate into your day and not destroy your calorie intake.

Like Star17, I eat chocolate every day - Vitatops and Dove (individual) squares rule!!!
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