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What's the skinny on cinnamon buns?

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I bought one from 7 eleven and then tried to check up on how many calories were in it ...and the range that I found was anything from 200 to 1000 calories! That is very, very vague. How many cals are actually in a standard cinnamon bun, or is there no such thing?

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It's determined by the weight and the ingredients.  Richer ingredients or a bigger bun and the calories will be higher.

No such thing as a "standard" cinnamon bun.  For reference, the big ones (about 4" diameter and 1.5-2" high) at Cinnzeo/Cinnabon/most-mall-cinnamon-bun places seem to be about 500-600 cals (with standard frosting - but no extra frosting or other toppings).  The small ones (about 3" diameter; same height; frosted but no extras) at those outlets are about 300 cals.

There is no skinny on cinnamon buns..............sad but true!

Oh no no no, the cinnamon buns at 7 Eleven are far from 200 calories! More like 200 calories PER SERVING and there is probably AT LEAST two in that bad boy! I would NIX it pronto and stick with something A LOT HEALTHIER! Your body will thank you later when it does not have a stomach ache!! 

I agree with everyone:  Skinny + Cinnamon buns = oxymoron

It ain't happenin!  I suspect those bad boys emit calories just from sniffing.

The ones I make at my job are supposedly 800 calories. I don't know if that includes the icing or not. I go heavy on the icing when I make them. They're really big though, like the size of a tennis ball.

LOL don't worry, this is not a regular thing, I only have a cinnamon bun about once a month because they taste sooo good but are so incredibly fattening.

Since you have 'em about once a month, have you looked into those new Eggo swirlz? They have a cinnamon bun flavored one. I looked them up earlier and they're about 150 per bun. I haven't tried one yet and I don't know the size but in the future, at least you'll know what you're getting.

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