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What's the nutritional difference between skim milk and lactaid milk?

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Lactaid milk is so much sweeter! I can't help but thinking that maybe the sugars in lactaid milk are less...natural than in regular skim milk. I noticed that both milks have the same amount of protein but I don't understand what makes lactaid milk different. I read the ingredients and there are very few but I'm just unsure....I'm trying to cut out dairy (my doc suspects I may be lactose intolerance) but I'm unsure about the lactaid milk. I dislike soy milk and I can't afford almond milk (college student), thanks.

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Lactaid milk includes the lactase enzyme, which is absent in those with lactose intolerance. Make sure you're coming Skim Lactaid with Skim Milk, not Whole Lactaid with Skim Milk (big difference).


Try 8th Continent Light Vanilla soymilk before you give up on soymilk!

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