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What's the healthiest thing to get at Panera Bread?

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I'm going there today with a friend. I've already scoured their online nutrition info, and I still can't decide what's healthiest...low sodium, low calorie, you know. I'm not super paranoid about this...I just don't want to end up getting something blatantly could you help me out? Thanks!

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Mmmm, Panera Bread is amazing! My recommendations are:

If you're looking for a soup:  go for their chicken noodle soup (100 calories), their vegetable soup (90 calories), or the black bean soup (150 calories).  If you get a soup, you can get something like a whole wheat baguette to go with it and dip that in the soup :D

If you're looking for a salad:  I've never had a salad of theirs, but by the nutritional information, the strawberry poppy seed salad with or without the chicken is the way to go.  Even with the whole portion and the chicken, it's just 310 calories, and that's the whole thing.  The half portion without chicken is only 90 calories, so you can't really go wrong there.  However, it is a bit high in sodium, I think :/

If you're looking for a sandwich (like most people would be):  The smoked turkey breast would be your best bet.  It may be unoriginal, but it's most likely amazing if you have it on whole wheat bread.  Get it without mayo and whatever high-calorie ingredients they have in it, and you're set :] You may still want to get the half portion, though.

I hope I could help, at least a little bit.

Thanks that totally helped!!!

im probably too late to be of any help, but I love Panera.  I would recommend getting half a sandwhich and some soup.  I love the mediterranean veggie sandwhich! Otherwise the strawberry poppyseed salad is actually very good! Have fun!

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assuming panera bread is the same as bread company, i recommend the chicken noodle soup. 100 calories and it tastes really good.

i usually get a small fruit cup on the side.

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