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Whats a good "stuff yourself" food?

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What would be a good hot food that you could stuff yourself full with to get you over that "Just cant take it anymore" dinner crunch?  I was thinking about rice but wouldn't that be low cal but astronomical carbs?  Any suggestions helpful, I just feel the need to binge but I think a good hot food that I could actually feel "full" on would get me over it.  I eat lots of veggies and fruits and a high protein diet so I'm not worried if it's not the best in nutritional value just low cal.

Thanks everyone!
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vegetable soup? low cal, full of good veggies and all that broth can fill you up quick!

try tomato soup... for something hot


for me, when I am super hungry.. I eat a ton of baby carrots dipped in salsa.. then I eat whatever I wanted to eat for dinner.. you will be really full from the carrots and feel more satisfied after your dinner :)

vegetable stir fry! especially if it's full of cabbage because it has a lot of water and fiber to fill you up. You might want to pass the Bean-o because you'll probably feel gassy out of it.

Air-popped popcorn....low calories for the volume you get!

Melon seems pretty good, too.

I agree with some kind of soup, its high in volume to fill you up.  A whole can of tomato soup does it for me. 

My "need to really feel full" binge is 1 pkg (10oz) organic frozen strawberries all chopped up + 1 pkg (10oz) Birdseye frozen strawberries in lite syrup also chopped (the pink box) + 2 t lemon juice + 1 med banana sliced.  I sometimes can't finish it -- but most of the time I can because it just tastes so good. 

It both fills me up (like a balloon!), and satisfies my sweet tooth -- all for a total of less than 300 calories, and it's off the chart healthy except for the tiny bit of sugar in the lite syrup.  As soon as the fresh strawberries start showing up -- I'll switch to those.


This one is what satisfies my "savory tooth": (called "Confetti Cottage Cheese"

12 oz carton of cottage cheese with 3 oz green olives stuffed with pimentos, 1 oz sundried tomatoes,  and 3 oz pecans or almonds chopped up in it.   If you really like the tartness, add 1 T of olive brine, too.  Great with crackers or toasts.

It's a great healthy lunch salad regardless, and sooooo filling.   (and the combo of minced olives, sd-tomatoes and pecans also mix with egg yolk and a dab of low-fat mayo to make a great deviled egg...)

(this makes 2 servings)

A large sweet potato has around 170 calories and is great sliced up, sprayed with can't believe it's not butter spray and spinkled with garlic or sea salt baked in oven.  Also can bake and spinkle cinnamin with a tbl of light butter and a dash of brown sugar, sweet but healthy hot and filling and could be served with 3 oz of lean protein (I like it with talapia the best) and steamed veggies, seasoned.  You will not be hungry, it is hot, and only around 300 calories w/out butter & sugar and 375 with...
Also, if you don't feel like cooking, oatmeal would work too at only 120 calories a serving you could have 2 and still have room for a fruit smoothie or even, heavenly, real icecream with fresh berries on top...
I like tofu soup for dinner. It's filling and tasty. It's just a mix of soybean paste and water, with zucchini, onions, jalapenos and chunks of tofu... and you eat it with a side of rice. Tasty, spicy and filling...
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Ratatouille! I just stuffed myself on the canned stuff :oD

Broccoli!  You can eat so much broccoli that you literally can't stuff another bite down your throat and still stay pretty low in calories.  I don't think I could eat 200 calories worth of broccoli without feeling like I would explode.

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Thank you so much everyone!  Excellent ideas!  Thanks to you I made it through without "falling off the wagon" and I'm nice and full  Wink

Edamame - soy pods. YuMMY!!!

You cook them in water (let boil) with salt.

Season with your fav (I love a little soy and honey) and then you suck the pods out of them and through away the green wrapper.

Its high in protein and low in fat and carbs!

Original Post by danilaz:

Thank you so much everyone!  Excellent ideas!  Thanks to you I made it through without "falling off the wagon" and I'm nice and full  Wink

 what did you have? i might steal it for my after-workout snack tonight.

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Original Post by dalmalama:

Original Post by danilaz:

Thank you so much everyone!  Excellent ideas!  Thanks to you I made it through without "falling off the wagon" and I'm nice and full  Wink

 what did you have? i might steal it for my after-workout snack tonight.

 Well, I sliced up a sweet potato, sprinkled a little cinnamon and brown sugar on it and baked it (thanks to a suggestion above).  Then I had a bowl of sliced strawberries and banana's (again a suggestion above), felt like I had a good hot filler and then a sweet dessert, totally took care of my "urges". 

Tonight I had a nice taco salad minus the tortillas, I made it with ground turkey and then PILED lettuce, onion, tomatoe and a little cheese with some Daisy light sour cream and Pace salsa, it was just under 300 cals and it FILLED me!

I also went and bought some Campbells Health Request vegetable soups for my lunches, I usually do a Starkist Tuna pouch in a whole wheat organic wrap but I think I need to mix it up a bit, I think that's why I was feeling like I needed to binge.


that tater was sounding pretty good! i might try that 2nite,too! thanks!

veggie chili!

oatmeal always. One serving does it for me but  you can even double for an overly satisfying meal and only 300 cals. Add some chopped apple or banana.

I also agree with some soup. I get progresso light ones that are only 60 cals. I also add spices and hot sauce to make it seem even more fillling.

A whole bag of baby carrots with 5.5 servings of 85 grams each serving youll feel sick with only half the bag.  All of it is 209 calories.
grapes or berries

My go-to's are edamame and the 100 cal popcorn. Also baby carrots with salsa or tzatziki...

I do the edamames in shell so it takes longer to eat them which usually helps :)

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