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What's a good food that's fast and easy to make for breakfast?

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I need something that I can make fast and easily in the morning for breakfast. I'm normally on the run as soon as I get up and only have 15 min or so for breakfast. I was wondering if anyone knew of anything that's fast and easy to grab on the way out. I have been eating a sausage and cheese busicut that I throw in the microwave for 45 seconds and a fruit of some kind with a glass of orange juice.
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I tend to have many small items together, like a hard-boiiled egg, a babybel, a banana, a protein shake, a trail mix bar, etc. That way I can just eat one or two in the morning and add more as I get hungry until lunch.

You could try scrambling an egg in the microwave, put that on a heated tortilla, add some salsa and a small sausage, maybe some cheese too and whatever else you like. Wrap tortilla and nom.

When I'm in a hurry on morning when I'm running late, I'll make myself a breakfast sandwich. I have these dessert bowls that I microwave eggs in that are the perfect size for putting on whole grain English muffins. I usually toast the English muffin and then smash half an avocado on it and top it with an egg. Add some milky coffee and/or kefir and there you have it.

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10 ripe bananas and plenty of water.

Ronum1, have you heard the saying "everything in moderation"? I'm pretty sure 10 bananas for breakfast isn't a very moderate daily intake.

While I'm sure it's fine to consume that amount as long as one gets their other nutrients throughout the day, it's also not very balanced and would probably leave someone feeling hungry just a short time later, and possibly suffering from a sugar crash.

I like the egg burrito idea. I work in a warehouse so I'm normally starving by lunch. I want something that will do a better job of tying me over till then.

quaker quick cooking oats are my go-to stay full all day meal. Try using 2/3-1 cup dry oats and mixing them with hot milk (I use almond milk) but to insure you stay nice and full, you might consider using full-fat cow milk. Then, mix in 1-2 tablespoons of crunchy or smooth peanut butter (depending on hunger-level and taste preference) and enjoy! You can also throw in a few dried cranberries, banana chips or nuts if you are really really hungry lol. I love oatmeal sigh. lol.  By the way, I would avoid the glass of orange juice as I find that the sugar spike it causes can make you hungrier faster. Try having either a fresh squeezed, no-sugar added juice or drinking milk instead.

Oh i didn't know that orange juice would make my hungrier. I'll skip that from now on. I have tried oatmeal with milk in the past and couldn't stand it. I don't know what it is about hot milk but it just didn't sit right. I can try it again and add some fruit or something to it.
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Oh i didn't know that orange juice would make my hungrier. I'll skip that from now on. I have tried oatmeal with milk in the past and couldn't stand it. I don't know what it is about hot milk but it just didn't sit right. I can try it again and add some fruit or something to it.

First of all, orange juice doesn't necessarily make everyone more hungry. There is no need to skip it if you really enjoy it. I definitely agree on drinking the no-sugar-added variety.

You also don't have to make oats with milk. You can make them with water but they're pretty low-calorie that way and you'd have to eat something else in addition to it. That being said, if you don't like it, you don't have to eat it.

I eat avocado toast. Smash half an avocado on top of a piece of toast. Salt n chomp. Mmmm. :)

You can also do this with English muffins.

I work early mornings (or late nights, depending who you ask) so my go-to breakfast is usually whatever I can eat on the drive there. I find that a cheese stick and a handful of mixed dried fruit and unsalted nuts will usually tide me over until lunch.The days I eat the fruit & nut/ cheese combo I'm much less likely to grab a scone or croissant when they come out of the oven, no matter how tempting they smell. Another quick breakfast idea is a smoothie made with frozen fruit, ground flax, silken tofu and milk or orange juice. I've heard that you can put all-bran in smoothies but I've never tried it, mostly because I never think to buy all-bran  when I'm grocery shopping.

I make ground turkey sausage with eggbeater at the beginning of the week, and then just make a burrito with them. It's easy and you can take it to go. I but the ground turkey sausage at Whole foods.

A glass of milk, an apple or fruit a granola bar, it's fine to have a small breakfast. As long as you have something.

You can microwave eggs!  Just scramble them up and it's only a minute for each egg!  So easy!
I usually do that and grab a banana or apple to go. 

I often have a serving of Greek Yogurt (I use the small Fage 0%), 30 grams or so of Fiber One, and about 200gr of fruit. No cooking - just toss it in a bowl and that's done. Disclaimer: I am a small framed woman, so my portions won't work if you are a guy, or larger/taller than me. It is a good combination of protein, fiber, and micronutrients, though. And it's tasty!

i usually pick my favorite instant or microwave oatmeal and a boiled egg from the fridge :)

Porrage is a good bet can be made quickly in the microwave and through some fruit in and enjoy also you can get it in sachays or pots with set portions

Hard boiled eggs!! 

Boil and peel a dozen once a week or so, so that you have quick snacks all week!

Oatmeal can be made in multiple-serving batches, refrigerated, and reheated when you want to eat it.  I always cook stuff ahead so I don't have to make decisions or do much preparation in the morning. 

I've been really into muesli lately. Just chop an apple up into a bowl, add some oats and cinnamon, pour almond milk over it (I like to use the vanilla), add some raisins, and dig in :)

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