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What's an easy fix for Asparagus?

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I bought some asparagus today.  Fresh stuff, not canned or whatever.  I'm not sure why.  It sounded like a good idea and an alternative to green beans and the other veggies we usually have with dinner.   So... any recommendations for how on earth I prepare this stuff?  Do I just cut it up to bite sizes and boil it?   I'm so totally clueless.   Asparagus is something mom never bought.  I think I've eaten it once.   I hope its good...

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.   And less mess and prep the better!  

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My favorite way to eat them is light tossed with some extra virgin olive oil, then placed on a backing sheet and bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes if thick and 20 minutes if thinner.  Just keep an eye on them and mix them up a couple of times during cooking.  Depending on the day sometimes I add in some fresh chopped red pepper strips, or sprinkle with sesame seeds.  If you have no salt seasonings you can also sprinkle it on before baking.  Yummy!

If you are cooking on the grill tonite you can still toss with EVOO and cooke on the grill.  Just be sure to place them opposite the direction of the grill slats.

i LOVE it this way:  wash it.. then cut it on a diagonal in about 1/2 inch pieces (do NOT use the tough stuff at the bottom.. yuck!)  make sure it's slightly wet when you put it in a skillet if it's not add about 1 Tablespoon of water.. add 1 Tablespoon of olive oil (or butter, that's how i used to make it) and salt and pepper (or use 1/2 tablespoon oil or butter for each person depending on how much you make.. i always think about making 2 servings cuz it's just me and the hubby), turn on medium high heat and keep tossing until the asaparagus is cooked crisp.. doesn't take long and it's SOOO good that way!  :)
Thanks guys.   Guess that doesn't sound too hard.  And thanks
for the tip that the bottom might be tough and yucky!  I should
really get some EVOO.   I've figured out what that acronym means,
now I should learn how to use it!
I like to steam it in my microwave steamer.  That is the best invention for veggies!!  It takes like 3 minutes, so I have no excuse for not fixing fresh vegetables.  All you do is put a little water in the bottom, break off the nasty hard bottoms of the asparagus, toss it in the steamer, and nuke it for 3 min or untill its crisp tender, or however you like it.  Then I melt a little Fat free I can't believe its not butter (5cal for 1T) and some crushed garlic and toss it in t hat. So good, and good for you!
Microwave!  Now we're talking!  Thanks Tracy!  I'll have to look for one of those kinds of steamers.
the easiest way to steam asparagus is to wrap it in wet paper towels, put it on a plate, and put it in the microwave.  then nuke it for about 2 min, check the consistency-- add another minute and check again until you hit the way you like your veggies.  also, i make a cheese sauce for my 6 yr old out of 2% american cheese and skim milk-- tastes very good for very little calories/fat.  i like it plain or with worcestshire sauce.
Asparagus is my favorite veggie! I just boil it for 11 minutes. I prepare it by breaking each spear where it naturally is easiest to break, about 1/3 of the way from the butt end. I suppose the butts would be good for soup stock, but I just chuck them (my grandmother would be horrified). This way you just get the tender part, without doing silly work like peeling it (Julia Child says to peel it. She'll do any amount of silly work if it will improve something)

I like it so much that I'm not the least bit tempted to butter it:)
I cut or break off the last couple inches, toss it with a little EVOO and some sea salt, and GRILL IT.  oooh, grilled asparagus... It works in one of the grill wok basket thingies, but I like it right on the rack (just don't lose it down the grill!)... takes about 5 minutes, gie or take, or until there are lovely char marks and the asparagus bends easily to the touch.
Another great seasoning for green veggies, especially asparagus, is a dash of nutmeg. It tastes great, and it will have people asking what your secret ingredient is...
Nutmeg?  Interesting - can't hurt to try it!  I LOVE asparagus just plain blanched (put into boiling water) or steamed w/ a little salt. 
Think I might try to grill some tonite.   Maybe if I use toothpicks to pinch a couple together I won't have to worry about them falling into the flames.   We cook almost everything on the grill or in the microwave.  I can't remember the last time I turned on the oven LOL.
i'm with poohb!  Just steam or blanch and add some salt and pepper!!  Grilled is wonderful too, but the easier the better.  I love asparagus!!!!!  yummo!

Just don't over cook (so that it starts looking like the yucky stuff in the can) - should be just tender and bright green.  Wonderful stuff - sounds like i'm having asparagus tonight too!!!!
This is probably going to sound odd, but I love it chopped, blanched and mixed into mac and cheese (Annies makes an organic version of Kraft Easy-Mac.  Yay for lazy girl food).  It's also fabulous grilled or roasted or stirfried or even raw.

But yeah, do NOT overcook it.  Yuck!
grilled is the only way I can eat asparagus.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it that way and don't even like it any other!

After reading these articles, we've stopped using our microwave at all.  Might change your mind too: ood.htm proven-dangers.html
I can't say I stopped using the microwave at all.  I got some glass plates & bowls though, so I don't put plastic in anymore, after finding out how it could leak toxins into the food.  If I want it covered, I use a paper towel - I think that's ok.  I also would kill the nutrients in veggies - they are pretty quick to cook on the stove top too.

Thanks for the info.
I like asparagus steamed with nothing on it, or with a mustard vinaigrette made of balsamic vinegar and a strong brown mustard (Gray Poup or some other French style mustard). Yum!

My 12-year-old and I can eat a huge bunch of asparagus; we both love it. If you aren't used to eating it, be advised that it provides a different odor to urine than you might be used to! (We call it the "pee smell funny" veggie. My apologies for this admission!)
I love asparagus - grilled is the best.  But baked is a close second - and so easy.  To me, the crisp from the grill or oven just tastes better than the softness of the boiled/steamed versions.  For baking I like to get the smallest diameter spears - they cook up best.
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Definatly grilled ...spray w/ butter spray and sprinkle w/ grill seasoning
OK, I bought some nutmeg for the asparagus.  Do I use this with
EVOO or alone?   I've been grilling it and really enjoying it.
  Might be my best food discovery yet!
I'd spray or brush the asparagus with a small amount of evoo, about 1/4 to 1/2 tsp, toss them well to coat, then season and toss again.  The oil helps the seasoning to adhere.
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