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What's YOUR dangerous food?

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So, there are plenty of healthy foods out there. But you know what they say. Too much of a good thing isn't always a good thing. So what's something that when you eat it, you usually end up eating too much?

For me, it's almonds. Especially dry roasted almonds. A handful of nuts every day is supposed to be good for you, but I always end up eating 3 or 4 servings. Also. Special K bars. They're delicious, but I seem to eat maybe 4 of them if I'm not paying attention.

How about you? What makes you lose control?

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Peanut butter



Carbs of ANY kind



Ummmmm can I just say anything that's not meat and leave it at that? :P 

PIzza. It takes alot out of me not to have a slice or two.

Peanut butter is a bad one for me too, but Chocolate is worse.  Anything chocolate.  I know I shouldn't buy it because I eat it.  All of it.  But I keep buying it.  I don't know how to stop......
popcorn, grapes, cheese, chips, cereal, nuts, dried fruit, bread, peanut butter, chocolates and cookies.
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i love cheeze -it, and cinamon twists, they are just so good. those are two things i find hard to leave,although i don take them frequently.

Cheese. Proper, smelly, handmade artisan cheese. Usually with a glass of wine. Mmmm.

Healthier foods? I would probably have to say milk. I pretty much have to not drink any, because I would drink half a gallon a day if I let myself. I just LOVE milk, so much :(

As for unhealthy foods, it would have to be ice cream. By a mile. Luckily, I can usually have one portion and keep away from it. But if I let myself, I'd eat a whole half gallon. Not just a pint, ladies, a HALF GALLON. I remember before I started losing weight, I ate most of a half-gallon container of chocolate chip cookie dough. Mmmmm..... I had the worst stomach ache after that.

General Tso's chicken and crab rangoon.  I can't stop eating it until I feel like I'm going to throw up.  I allow myself chinese as a treat once every month :)  I wish it was better for me because I could eat it every day!

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Fried lamb's brains with capers, salted cod mush (baccalà mantecato) on white polenta, spaghetti with clams, mantis shrimp, fresh marinated anchovies, mackerel in every conceivable way, stuffed squid, spider crab with oil and lemon, stuffed calamari, sicillian swordfish rollmops, spaghetti with squid and black ink, fried whitebait, fish lasagna, fried sardines marinated in onions and vinegar (sarde in saor), beccafico sardines, roasted John Dory with potatoes, cherry tomatoes and zucchini, rabbit lasagna, roasted mediterranean veggies, venetian liver and onions, lamb's kidneys with cognac and parsely, florentine tripe, tomato and bread soup, tuscan bread soup, raw sausages on bread, porcini mushrooms with nipitella, ossobuco and peas, artichokes, roast pigeon, zucchini, butternut squash, swiss chard, spinach with garlic and chilies, pigeon and liver risotto, beef cheek stew, spelt salad, tuscan bread soup, tuscan olive oil the first week it's pressed on garlic toast with cannellini beans and cavolo nero, pumpkin flowers stuffed with mozzarella and anchovies, grouper and truffle ravioli, gnocchi with hare sauce, boiled tongue with salsa verde, fava beans and pecorino cheese, figs and salami, pears and pecorino cheese, and did I mention industrial quantities of pulses (cannellini, sorano, zolfino, cecio fiorentino, coco nano, lentils and chick peas)?

Sorry about that. I'll tell you when I open a restaurant. Tongue out

Microwave popcorn... no matter how carcinogenic it's supposed to be.  no matter how many calories are in a bag...

and beer.  two beers is like the calorie content of a meal.  and then i want something salty and fried to go with it.

well, of unhealthy things...keep me away from ice cream (oh my god, edy's and breyers double churned are so so delicious and low cal, but I have NO self control, I'll go after like two or three servings! I can't keep myself from going back!), pancakes and muffins. They don't fill me up, and even if they do, I just can not resist. It's so sad. And, of course, pasta. I've grown up in an italian family, and even though our pasta dishes are pretty healthy...dear god, I can eat so much of it! It's so yummy! : P

As for healthy stuff, I have the same problem with almonds. And grapes, because I go through them so fast that I don't realize how much I have consumed. And bread, especially delicious, home made, warm, fresh out of the oven whole grain and nut breads. They're like heaven.  mmm.

If not stopped, I could consume fruits until I burst. It only gets worse when I slather ones like bananas or apples with peanut butter.. Oatmeal as well. I could easily inhale bowls and bowls of it. Especially Quaker Weight Control Banana Bread instant oatmeal.

pb & j

"Light" sweets and junk foods. I binge on them. For some reason, there's a line I won't cross even when I'm bingeing-- I still won't touch the real stuff, but if there's a reduced fat/calorie/sugar version I'll eat the whole thing. No Sugar Added frozen yogurt, light bread with sugar free jelly, light cereals, hungry girl recipes, stuff like that.

Grapes. I eat the whole bag, no matter the size. My parents have come to accept this; when they buy grapes, they take what they want then just give it to me, knowing it will be gone the next time they look. XD 

Oatmeal. It's healthy with some toppings, but not with others. I sometimes make a very decadent oatmeal with more calories than pudding.

Meat. Same with the oatmeal-- it's not the meat its self, it's what I smother it in.

I'm with the op, nuts are my danger food.

The cals pile up so darn fast, and they're so darn yummy.

Bread of all kinds.

That's my only weakness, I'm not even lying.

That gets me soooo bad.  I eat ridiculous amounts of it.

mmmmm well pizza, ice cream, cakes, chips and dips, margaritas, chocolate, italian food...
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Original Post by hannikate:

Peanut butter! My mom has just caught on to the fact that it's dangerous for me if we have some in the house, I'll almost always binge on it.  She'll buy a big jar of Jif one day, and the next day it'll be gone. 

 ME TOO!! it's my weakness... the only way i eat it is if it is already in the TBSP package aka i can only eat that much.  A good alternative for me is almond butter.. totally yummy & it is made with almonds instead of peanuts and it doesn't make me want to eat cups of it! LOL!

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