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What's the best Friday night homemade dinner that taste good:lowcal

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I told my family this morning......  no junk food.  We are going to look lean and healthy this summer, so we are going to start eating better as of today!!!!

So here it is Friday night and we usually get high fat pizza, does anybody have any ideas that I can cook tonight for dinner and be low cal, low fat, healthy but not really seem like we are on a diet?
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Well.. I don't know if I'd go all the way to extreme low-cal, low-fat. It should be filling and tasty too, otherwise, there will be complaints.

So.. why not make pizza? :) Get a whole wheat crust, pizza sauce (or just make your own with tomatoes and spice), low-fat cheese and veggies and bake a pizza? :)
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Yea, that sounds good and I have done that before in the past, but just seeing if anybody has any ideas I haven't thought of.

Anything seafood with a huge salad and make tasty croutons to go with it...?
You could make a hearty chicken stew too. Chicken, low-sodium chicken broth, lots of vegetables, perhaps a little flour or baking soda to thicken it a little. Serve over brown rice with a side salad :)
Well if it's your fun friday night dinner and your fam is used to pizza, i would try not to shock them too much.  How about fat free ballpark franks or low fat healthy choice franks, baked lays chips and diet or regular soda.  For desert pick up some fresh strawberries, fat free cool whip and angelfood cake or some No Pudge Brownies (they are amazing and fat free)
we make salsa burgers - we use really lean ground beef, cook them in the foreman grill, and top with a slice of cheddar cheese (i've actually been leaving that off, for me it doesn't make enough of a difference taste-wise to justify the extra fat), and two tablespoons of really chunky salsa. we don't bother with a bun, just eat them with a fork. yum!
^^I'm gonna try that tonight!
Mmm, Friday nights is fish nights for me.
I'd get portions of lower fat fish (or higher, but better fat, like Salmon), spray a little canola oil on some aluminium foil, place fish on, wrap up and grill on a contact grill or even the fry pan. All you need inside is a bit of flavour - lemon and pepper, dill, soy, ginger and chilli - anything really. Serve on a bed of green leafy veggies with cherry tomatos and maybe some healthy home made wedges. Or on the side of steamed brocolli or asian greens (bok choi, guy lan etc)

You can also make steam parcels with baking paper. Google glad bake recipies fish.

Its very easy to do and you dont need many ingredients. Simple cooking is often very healthy. Just serve with a big leafy salad.

Dessert - watermelon and canaloupe are low cal and quite healthy. Fruit salad and diet yogurt.. mm.. Maybe some grilled bananas? Or jelly cups with fruit
This is usually a hit - serve with brown rice.  For those not on low calorie diets, serve shredded cheese, sour cream and guacamole on the side.

Chicken Mexicana
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