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Well-Rounded Meal Plans

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I've pretty much got the calorie thing down. I plan my meals for the week so that I can shop for them. Once I've planned, I don't usually stray too much from the plan. I'm currently down 15 lbs and still going!

I was just wondering, how do you make your meal plan (or what you eat if you don't plan) well-rounded? How do you make sure you get all of your macronutrients with the right ratios and how do you make sure you get all of your nutrients on target? Do you just "know" what to eat or do you follow some predefined meal plan? Just looking for ideas to get my food "healthier". How do you decide what to eat?

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I usually just try to cover all or most of the major food groups in each meal.  Sure, this doesn't fill my need for every single nutrient, but it gives me a good balance and foundation.  I also try and eat some random fruits and veggies between meals.  It is this "snacking" that fills in the holes with regard to nutrients and vitamins.  So just keep your major food groups in mind when planning meals, and try to hit each group with each meal. 

I really don't think about the micronutrients all that much.  For example, you will never hear me say "oh no, did I get my Vitamin so and so today?".  As long as your meals are well rounded, and you supplement those meals with healthy snacks (and take a multivitamin as well), you will most certainly cover your bases.

That's a good idea. Usually I have a problem with getting veggies into my meals. Sometimes it's tough for meats too because I'm not a fan of cooking every night and sometimes cooking meat can be gross (i.e. raw chicken, ick). But I will try to get all of the food groups in.

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For meats, it doesn't necessarily have to be something that takes a long time to cook.  Any kind of meat, fish, or poultry will do.  So if you have sliced turkey on wheat bread, you have most certainly added a portion of meat.  Same goes for some canned tuna that you put on top of your salad with dinner.  Or maybe you like lox for breakfast, etc.  Any of these are easy ways to incorporate meat into your diet since none of them take any preparation. 

As for fruits and veggies, you would be amazed how often you can sneak some into your meals.  Toss some blueberries into your cereal, put a big tomato slice on your sandwich, mix some carrot sticks into your linguini dish, etc.  All these small servings most certainly add up. 

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