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What are some "weird" things/food combos you do?

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I like to add extra nuts or granola to my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Mix salsa or Tabasco with cottage cheese

Sprinkle salt on my watermelon

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salt on watermelon- are you for real?!

banana and jam sandwhiches

omg cold baked beans and cornflakes are awesome and give so much energy its unbelieveable!

Ketchup on chips or pretzals.

oh, and oatmeal in my tea. drink the tea, and by the time that's done you have some perfectly cooked oats to munch on. raw cauliflower with salsa. honey dew melon with powdered ginger root on top. (I promise--this is AMAZING).

Hot milk, Crushed bread, Jam and sugar (sounds rank, but its really amazing, as long as you try and forget about what youve actually combined). Mush it all up in the micro and enjoy!

oh and the best way to eat a penguin bar (uk and ireland readers will know what this is, not too sure about the usa'ers) well, here it is: make a cup of tea: open up penguin wrapper, take a bite from each end of the chocolate bar and THEN use the bar as a straw for your tea. OMG. The bar just melts! sooo good (note, the bar melts pretty fast so a) get into your mouth quick b) have a napkin to hand and c) have another penguin bar ready because the experience ends too fast. :)

I'm pretty sure I could add pb to ANYTHING.

I like to use cereal instead of croutons on my salad :)


I've never tried melon with black pepper, but I love the idea!

I don't really consider this weird, but I love pairing different kinds of fruit (or even jam) with different kinds of cheese. Cantaloupe with dry-cured ham is also heavenly.

EDIT: Oh, right, and some dried hot chili pepper in my dark, creamy hot chocolate, please.

cheese pizza with a drizzle of honey

yogurt sandwiches

cheese and pb sandwiches

potato chips crumbled on top of a milkshake

soggy toll house crackers mixed in a banana and pb milkshake

left over almost stale cake soaked in almond milk and mixed with icecream

ham and grape jelly roll ups

onion rolls filled with peanut butter and jelly

sweet potato casserole mixed in vanilla bean ice cream (super sugar rush)

marshmellos melted on a plate of buttery crackers

I love sweet and salty







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 lol literally ate both of these combos today :)


(I think all of us CCers can agree)

Plus certain burnt/stale foods.

This sums up two whole pages of this thread...

suspendue_lahaut omg as a kid i ate ketchup on everything, chips, chicken, rice, pasta, peas, potato, fish, everything. a abit like youu?

  • crumpets with pb and honey
  • crumpets with hummus
  • foccacia with philedelphia, fish fillet on top and fried mushrooms on top
  • brioche with loads of hummus, topped with salmon fillet
  • ready brek with weetabix, 200ml hot milk and a cappucino flapjack broken in
  • ketchup sandwhiches
  • ready brek in sweet yoghurt with nuts
  • pancake topped 6 tbsp mixed fruit jam, honey roasted peanuts and walnuts
  • crunchy nut cornflakes and baked beans
  • oats with cereal bars broken inside
  • spinache and cold baked beans
  • sunbites dipped in EVOO&Mayonaise

Peanut butter, bologna, and mustard sandwiches.

Yellow American cheese, and Blackberry preserves sandwiches...This one has to be on white bread though!

Confetti cake poptarts spread with white chocolate Peanut butter

Vanilla yogurt, granola, dried cranberries, dried pineapple, white chocolate pb, pistachio nuts, and mango all mixed together

Frozen grapes, bananas, berries, peaches, mango, etc..

Frozen whipped cream eaten with canned peaches...MMMMMMM

pure half n half eaten with peaches

Banana rolled in cereal

mape syrup on vanilla ice cream

pizza rolls dipped in spaghhetti sauce.

eggs, cabbage, onion, and bacon fried together in olive oil

Basically any canned vegetable eaten straight from the can dipped in italian dressing or Spicy mustard.

Italian dressing mixed with spicy mustard and used as a salad dressing

saltine crackers broken up on ice cream

a bunch of different ice cream flavors mixed

Nutella, white chocolate Pb, banana, apple, and peach jelly sandwiches

fruit salad mixed with lemon pudding

apples in lemon juice

apples in brown sugar

yogurt put in the freezer with a stick in it and eaten like a popsicle

Nutty bars dipped in white chocolate pb

Waffles spread with Pb and topped with chocolate chips

Toast with butter and maple syrup.

chocolate chip cookies broken up and dropped in milk and eaten with a spoon

Subway sandwiches dipped in spaghetti sauce

Vanilla frosting eaten on nutty bars

a whole bunch of mixed cereals with milk, berries, and banana, heated up in the microwave

ramen noodles made into maccaroni and cheese

ramen noodles, cabbage, and other veggies fried in butter

egg sandwiches with olive oil drizzled all over the egg.

Sausage dipped in ketchup.

toast with gravy

celery with strawberry cream cheese and dried cranberries

canned soup that isnt supposed to have water added eaten cold from the can

spaghettios eaten cold from the can

watermellon mixed with orange sherbert

grapefruit with brown sugar

cookie dough dipped in powdered sugar

melted butter and sugar spread on toast with cinnamon

Jelly and fruit sandwiches

Hummus and avacado sandwiches

Hummus and veggie sandwiches

Avacado bacon sandwiches

iced tea and lemonade mixed

granola bars broken up and eaten like cereal

vegetables dipped in mustard




I haven't done this since I was in IP, but I used to like dipping my scrambled eggs in cream cheese when the nurses weren't looking :P (they didn't like us making weird combos)

I just had a rice cake with fat free cottage cheese spread on top, then topped with thin slice of red onion and a slice of homegrown tomato. I had 4 of these little guys, and the resulting calories & sodium were minimal. And, it was yummy.

Looking back, some fresh ground black pepper would have been good on top, too.

Mustard.On everything! Oh and Crystal hot sauce! :)

Eggs with SF maple syrup is good too!

Love cottage cheese with spaghetti sauce. Kind of like lasagna effect going on....

Avacado or tofu blended up with cocoa and stevia. Chocolaty pudding!

Protein powder and eggs mixed up - grilled like a pancake and topped with sf syrup. Low protein, easy pancakes.

I used to eat a whole head of lettuce dipped in ketchup or bbq sauce.


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