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Weird healthy bread?

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There are a lot of weird expensive sprouted this and that grain type of breads out there. Are they worth buying and what are the health benefits over 'regular' bread???
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Read the nutritional info! I found a good "white" bread that was lower in cals and had less sugar than a "whole grain" brand. My family doesn't do whole grain and I am not able to afford a set of groceries for me and one for them.
mmmm....Ezekial bread is "sprouted" I think but it's got tons of protein and is good and dense and chewy so that with some PB on it, I'm full for HOURS...LOVE IT!!
calories should not be your primary concern.  you might find a white bread that is only 100 calories a slice, but what are you getting for your 100?  whole grains and sprouted grains may have a few more calories, but they also have fibre and nutrients.  i have several favourites and buy whichever is the best price on a particular day.
Ezekial bread is good.  It is very dense and heavy and is great toasted.  Because it is made with sproated grain I think it is a less processed food.  Processed flour is heavily tampered with.  I have eatensproated grain bread  but now I am on a Natures Own Whole Wheat kick.
When I did my comparison in the store the whole grain I looked at wasn't better at all than the white I bought. Fiber included. What is this Ezekial bread? Again, I buy what the family will eat too.
was it 100% whole grain?  sometimes breads have "whole grain" in the name but contain only a little whole grains.  also, white breads can be "enriched" with nutrients, but you're not getting those nutrients in their natural form.  it's like the difference between supplements and whole foods.

obviously, all whole grain breads are not identical; nor are all white breads.

You would need to be sure the whole grain stated 100% whole grain or 100% whole wheat to get a good comparison.

Ezekial Bread is not made with flour.  I doubt if your family will eat it if they like white bread.....It is not fluffy and white.

Another plus for Ezekiel bread, it has a lower impact on blood sugar levels.  That is really a good thing if you have hypoglycemia like I do!  Even though the calorie count is a little higher it is more nutritious because it doesn't contain any flour and is loaded with good stuff, including protein - so you get more bang for your caloric buck.  You can also get the sprouted grain bagels and muffins.  If you have trouble finding it look in the freezer section, since it doesn't keep as well on the shelf - at home I store it in the fridge.  And I have no problem at all with my family "stealing" it - they would never pass up their squishy white bread for my yummy, chewy Ezekiel bread, 'cause it just looks too healthy!

I am addicted to oatmeal bread. I had never heard of it but found it when looking for something low cal. It is only 35 cal a slice. And probably the tastiest bread I have ever had. Not too sure about any nutritional benefits....but it makes me happy which is a benefit in itself!Laughing
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oatmeal bread? im intrigued! what brand is it and which grocery store did you find this in? thnx!
I found "Ezekial" bread at the grocery store, but they only had it in frozen form! I rather have it fresh. Does this exist??

Oatmeal bread?  I'm intrigued as well.

Tell us more about this "oatmeal bread".

Original Post by nadiarose:

I found "Ezekial" bread at the grocery store, but they only had it in frozen form! I rather have it fresh. Does this exist??

 Ezekiel bread is not heavily processed and contains no preservatives.  This gives it a much shorter "shelf life" than your typical loaf of white bread.  Stores keep it in the freezer simply to preserve its freshness.  

We love Ezekiel bread at our house, too.  It does only come frozen; I don't think it keeps very long once it's thawed.  We also get the Ezekiel sprouted grain english muffins.  Low cals, high nutrients and delicious!

Trouble is, we usually shop at Publix and Ezekiel is only found at Kroger in our area. 

Original Post by echua14:

oatmeal bread? im intrigued! what brand is it and which grocery store did you find this in? thnx!

It is Country Kitchen (not a brand I was familiar with) and we found it at Price Chopper. A couple people I mentioned it to (enthusiastic about my discovery) spoke as if it was a common product so maybe it is other places too.

It is light and a little chewy and has the grains (oatmeal?) in it. I love it.

You can buy fresh "ezekiel" bread from a franchise called Grear Harvest Bread Company.  You can also get a whole wheat from there that's delicious.  They grind their own wheat and grains, which means it truly is the freshest bread available. 

I meant "Great" not "Grear."  Grear Harvest Bread Company closed down b/c it's name made no sense and in its place came "Great Harvest Bread Company."  Wink

Hah!  I love that weird healthy bread.  Whole Foods had "women's bread" and "men's bread" which are both packed with fantastic nutrients and are yummy!
yeah, the french meadow bakery makes womens bread, etc.

 i buy the mens bread, hemp bread, and healthseed spelt bread from them. they are all my favorite. i also like thier kamut wheat bread, brown rice, and cinnamon raisin. i like the mans bread, healthseed and a few others best, hemp bread is alright.

They are all sourdough starter breads, they have no yeast, and they are hence fermented for days when they rise, this is simalar to sprouted bread in that its very easy to digest. Personally, normal whole wheat bread gives me bloating and pain, whole grain sourdough bread from this company, as well as ezekiel sprouted breads dont give me any problem.

no, the womans bread/etc arnt whole grain breads, they are weird "meals" in a slice bread, i dunno..

heres mens bread ingredients: ( its noticebly not whole grain, but more so of a functional food, in bread form) Filtered Water, Stoneground Organic Wheat Flour (wheat Germ Restored), Organic Wheat Gluten, Organic Sesame Seeds, Organic Flaxseed, Organic Oat Fiber, Organic Sprouted Grains (organic Fava Beans, Organic Wheat, Organic Kamut, Organic Spelt, Organic Barley, Organic Quinoa, Organic Amaranth), Organic Unbleached White Flour, Organic Pumpkin Seeds, Organic Low Fat Soy Flour, Organic Millet, Organic Pea Protein, Organic Sunflower Seeds, Sea Salt, Organic Soy Germ Isoflavone Concentrate.

heres another one: its cinnamon spelt:

Organic Spelt Flour (wheat), Filtered Water, Organic Raisins, Sea Salt, Organic Cinnamon.
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