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What are some weird food combos that you love?

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I love peanut butter and cheddar cheese. yes, together... maybe why I need to count my calories now!
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i love mac and cheese the day after reheated in the micro wave.

i also love shrimp pitas with lettuce, cheese, sour cream and......a half cup of all bran cereal mixed together.
I've got a good one -- bbq potato chips topped with prunes. Yummy. =) My roommate thinks I'm insane! (I eat the fat free pringles chips, btw.)
My brother likes brocolli and ketchup. (eww!!)

I personally like dipping lots of things in ranch. Peanut butter, cinnamon/cinnamon sugar, banana, and honey also are pretty good, surpisingly.
i love brocolli and egg white omlettes with bocolli in them got me started on that :-)

orange juice and popcorn...not mixed, just together
My friend butch's mom (butch is in his late 60's - ma is in her 80's) fries her potatoes and then adds onions, - so far so good...  but then she piles on cottage cheese and ketchup...  sounds and looks awful..  but..  mmmmmmmmm
Peanut butter & Jelly on white bread, potato chips in the middle!  Ummmmmy!!
I love to put yogurt in my tomato soup.  Also cabbage fried with hot sesame oil and sunflower seeds in it.  ymmm
I had wet weetbix, microwaved with apricots. Hot Weetbix wet with water is one of my favs. Just enough water to moisten and bing up!

My friend used to put tomato sauce on everything - from veggies, to 2 min noodles, to mum's congee!! Sweet or sour she piled it on!

I love samwhiches that use 'normal' foods on it. Instead of salad and cuts of meat, i pile on cut up fishfillets, mashed potato or pumpkin, corn, anything!!!
i think my wierdest combo is mixing mayo and ketchup and dipping fries in it!! its soooo good
My daughter and husband eat their grilled cheese sandwhiches dipped in ketchup-   I love mashed potatoes mixed with peas- and when I eat a muffin from costco- I like to take a bite and then drink grape juice right after-  My grandpa used to place a slice of white bread in a glass of milk and then eat the bread after it was soaked in the milk...
i just saw this thread for the first time, and ijust had to say, il ove pb and cheddar too! i used to eat it all the time! just slices of extra sharp chedar with natural peanut butter spread on top. yum!
Before I was watching my intake I would have this for breakfast once in a blue moon, Steak with thick peanutbutter on top and then a layer of bacon stuck in the peanut butter, and then a sunny side up egg on top and put it in a bun, soooooo good.


o ya i forgot the steak is usually left over so to re heat it you have to fry it in the pan with the bacon greese :) Basicly this is an instructon on how to have a heart attack but you would go out with a smile on your face.
Rice wth ketchup, noodles with ketchup, when i was little i would eat bread with ketchup and mustard. I like pb and bananas on a tortilla. Nesquick chocolate milk with cheddar cheese (has to be extra sharp though)
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Whenever I have either peanut butter or tomatoe juice I crave the other. I Love the two of them together. If I have the peanut butter on crackers then I take a drink while I still have cracker in my mouth and if I have it on bread I dip then bite then drink.
Is poutine considered weird outside of Canada? I never knew...

My weird one is sweet and sour sauce on cheese pizza. yum! seriously.. try it!

I also used to like vanilla ice cream on vegetable mr.noodles (which I don't eat anymore since CC has taught me about MSG) 

Are peanut-butter and molasses sandwiches considered weird? mmm
oh and Kraft dinner mixed with baked beans, with ketchup on top.
My husband loves peanut butter & Cheese Whiz.

I am pretty tame with my food.. a little ketchup on scrambled eggs, and some Bailey's in my Daquaries.
My oldest daughter puts bar b que sauce on about anything.  She always asks for BBq instead of cocktail sauce for shrimp and fish.

Growing up we used to dip homemade fudge into popcorn - that was yummy

When my kids were little I'd give them frozen peas or corn uncooked and they would eat them right out of the freezer in the bag - to this day they still prefer frozen over cooked LOL

I don't really have any others strange food combos.  In fact I stick with meat and potatos every time.
hah i definitely liked broccoli and ketchup when i was younger
ketchup with anything... and how bout this: weetabix spread with cream cheese and jam.
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