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Your Weight Loss Grocery Lists

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We all have those "weight loss" items that we keep in the house or replenish every time we go to the grocery store. What are yours? What do you think your list says about you?


Here are mine:


- Edamame

- Myoplex Protein Shakes (really amazing for those days when I don't have time to eat breakfast)

- Fiber Chewables and Fiber powder

- Cilantro

- Oranges

- Apples

- Avocados

- Whole Grain, fiber-enriched bread

- Summer sausage (not really a weight loss product per se, but it's the only thing I like on sandwiches, so if I can eat more sandwiches it keeps me from going out)

- Almonds

- Tomatoes

- Enviga (to help me with my caffeine addiction, or for an extra boost, but I rarely buy it)

- Gallons of distilled water (we have really hard water that tastes horrible)

- Loose leaf peppermint tea

- Bananas

- B-Complex vitamins, ginseng (for those low energy days), evening primrose oil, flax seed oil, C, D, E, and beta carotene.


What my list says about me:

A big part of why I gain weight is because I have a slow digestive system. My body is really prone to bacterial imbalances and dehydration. That's why I stock up on fiber, water, and peppermint tea. The Enviga is for those days where I try to cut calories a bit more than usual while still having energy. I'm a mix of an apple and pear shape, and I do have a "spare tire" even though my waist is smaller than the rest of my body. For this reason, I try to get slightly more protein and fiber in my diet than carbohydrates, but that's hard to do when you're really busy, so I try to keep stuff on hand that I can grab and eat, like almonds, Myoplex shakes (only 120 calories with 17g of protein, which I take with extra fiber). My body functions at its best when I have a high volume of monounsaturated fats (hence the avocado, almonds) in conjunction with fiber. I'm borderline hypothyroid which leads to a defiency of B vitamins in the system. The other vitamins I take as needed when I feel like my body needs a boost or my system isn't balanced. I also function best when I eat a lot of raw fruits, so I guess my body needs sugar.


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Eggs (18 packs, I go through eggs like mad)

Heavy cream

Various types of salami (I like genoa and hungarian the best)


Baby spinach


Roasted almonds

Cheddar cheese

What my list says about me:

Low carb dieter obviously, following the Anabolic Diet.  Love it all, especially the fact that my food can look like those choices and I can still make progress.  However, when I hit the grocery store on Sundays I buy 5-6 pieces of large fruit, and often other sweets :D

Here are mine:

 - Laughing cow light cheese

- Low calorie tortillas (70 cal per tortilla)

- Tomato basil parmesan boca burgers

- Campbell's light soups

- Little debbies 100 calorie snack cakes

- Fat free or no sugar added ice creams 

- F/F cottage cheese

- S/F jell-o pudding cups

- F/F Kraft shredded cheeses

- Big bags of frozen veggies

- Bernieo's 

- Amir Foods roasted red pepper hommus 

- Baby carrots

- Tofu

- Shirataki noodles

- Mini pretzel twists

- I can't believe it's not butter spray

- Quaker quick oats

- Ground cinnamon

- Splenda

- Cheerieos

- Rice Chex

- 8th continent light original soy milk 

- Skippy natural super chunk peanut butter

- Smucker's sugar free jam

- Nickle's bakery light wheat bread

- Chi Chi's salsa

- Canned chick peas

- Ken's Steak House balsamic spray

- F/F miracle whip

- Hershey's s/f chocolate syrup

- Frank's red hot

- Garlic salt

- Organic jarred garlic

- Mexican Chili powder

- Italian seasonings

- Mrs. Dash table blend

-Contadina tomato sauce



What my list says about me:

I try to eat the lighter, lower calorie versions of some of my all time favorite things! I feel better about myself when I buy a carton of blue bunny f/f brownie sunday ice cream instead of a carton of bryers snicker ice cream. Also f/f cheese is wonderful and satisfying even to a huge cheese freak like myself. My list also shows that I have an interesting pallet and like to combined unconventional things and get creative. I hate boring food, that must be why I have tons of seasonings and food additives to my list :-). I try to buy things that are better for me and low in calories that wont parish quickly and let me stretch my money too.

- Canned Tomato Paste

- Canned Green Beans

- Canned Button Mushrooms & Straw Mushrooms

- 1 pound of boxed Spinach

- Cherry Tomatoes

- Bell Peppers

- Spaghetti Squash

- Eggplant

- Onions

- Egg Whites

- Salmon Bell Fillets

- Eel Sashimi

- Salmon Sashimi 

String Cheese

Fiber bars

High fiber cereal

Whole Grain Bread

Deli sliced Turkey

All natural Apple sauce

Green Giant singles vegatable steamers

Skim Milk

Rice Chips

Light Popcorn

Fruit ( varies)

Dark Chocolate bar ( for cravings one square is 70 calories and rich enough you don't need more)

Boneless skinless chicken breasts

Whole grain pasta

Ground buffalo ( much leaner then ground beef)

Mixed vegtables


Whole grain wraps


Whole grain tortiia chips



All Natural no sugar added rasberry preserves

What it says about me: I like to have a routine work week, I eat cereal and yogurt in the morning, a banana for a snack, a turkey sanwich for lunch and vegtables for lunch and dinner varies. I stock up on lots of those items. I do have cravings so I buy healthier versions and eat less. On the weekends I like more of a variety so I like to have different options avaiable. I also have more time to cook so I can get more creative. There are so many things you can do with a chicken breast it's crazy! :)

 I try always to stick with high fiber and low fat and lots of water that seems to be the healthiest way to lose weight for me so far. I never feel hungry I think the extra fiber helps with that. My digestion is getting better to. I used to eat alot of highly prosessed foods and drink alot of pop.

unsweetened soy milk

instant skim milk powder for my coffee

stevia or splenda

low-fat cheese (i LOVE babybel light and string cheese)

Dry cottage cheese - it has less sodium and sugar than regular cottage cheese

apples or pears




natural whole almonds



whole wheat tortillas (Body Wise by Dempster's)

egg whites and whole eggs

red, green, and yellow peppers

chocolate whey powder

sugar-free jello powder

canned tomatoes - no salt added



myoplex lite nutrition bars

quaker weight control oatmeal

Kashi GOLEAN cereal

salmon and tuna

pork tenderloin

sirloin steak

boneless chicken and turkey breasts

frozen vegetables - brussel sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli

wheat germ, hemp nut seed, flax seeds

sweet potatos

canned or dried beans (black, garbanzo, kidney, lentils)

kashi chewy granola bars

What my list says about me?  I am really conscious about keeping sugar and sodium levels fairly low.  Also, I need a lot of protein - because it helps build muscle, which gets rid of fat.  I eat a lot of vegetables and whole grains to increase my fiber intake which makes me feel full longer as well.  A lot of my food is 'snackable' - so I can eat small meals throughout the day.

I use this as the basis for my list

When I first joined CC, one of the members gave me the link and told me to cross off any foods I don't like or don't want to eat, then buy as many of the remaining items as I could each week.  I've continued to do that and have tried all kinds of new, fresh foods as a result.  I get a few of them frozen or canned (especially canned tomatoes and canned tuna, both no salt added.)  I try my best to follow the food pyramid system to keep it all balanced.

the rest of my list for the grocery store is just a few packaged items to stock my pantry

Uncle Sam Original cereal
Farina hot cereal
Light mayonnaise
different kinds of vinegars
low sodium soy sauce
Hint of salt Triscuits crackers
Rice cakes
Fruit spread

There are a few more, but that's the basics.


pears (sometimes)

bagged salad

marinade for chicken

fruit cups or applesauce

canned veggies - corn or string beans mostly


bottled water

honey nut cheerios


sweet & salty nut bars

cashews (very rarely now cause i have no portion control)

chex mix or cheddar cheese rice cakes

frozen dinners (good for when i'm craving pasta or pizza)

2% american cheese


2% or vanilla soy milk

Sara Lee's whole wheat bread

frozen drummettes

my list says that i'm trying to choose the lesser evil when i'm craving not so good for me foods. i also rarely buy dessert, cookies, or crackers because i will want to go all out with the full fat version so it's best to not have around at all.

Original Post by kortlynmoore:

Here are mine:

 - Laughing cow light cheese

- Low calorie tortillas (70 cal per tortilla)

- Tomato basil parmesan boca burgers

- Campbell's light soups


- Fat free or no sugar added ice creams 

- F/F cottage cheese

- S/F jell-o pudding cups

- F/F Kraft shredded cheeses

- Big bags of frozen veggies



- Tofu

- Shirataki noodles

- I can't believe it's not butter spray


- Ground cinnamon

- Splenda


- 8th continent light original soy milk 


- Smucker's sugar free jam

- Nickle's bakery light wheat bread

- Chi Chi's salsa

- Canned chick peas

- Ken's Steak House balsamic spray

- F/F miracle whip

- Frank's red hot

- Garlic salt


- Mexican Chili powder

- Italian seasonings

- Mrs. Dash table blend




 Did you steal my grocery list haha Wink That is about 90% of my shopping list, I also like Fat Free Feta, greek yogurt (any brand) FF Whip Cream, Glennys Soy Crisps, Mushrooms, Quorn Patties, Canned tuna, Salmon, Imitation Crab

and oh yea my diet ice tea

My items:

sugar free jello

Fresh express pre-cut lettuce bags

baby carrots


perdue perfect portion chicken

99% fat free ground turkey

chopped frozen spinach

birdseye steamfresh veggies

grape tomatoes

kashi go lean cereal

skim milk

sweet and low (for my coffee)

flavored water

diet coke

weight watchers pita bread

low fat turkey slices

low fat ham slices

fat free cheese

activia fat free yogurt

black pepper

And.. what i buy online:

k-cups for my keuring brewer off

apple soy rocks bars from


Whole peeled tomatoes


Kidney and Black beans


Hot sauce


Tomato paste


Skim milk


Pallet of eggs








Peppers if they have them



Fiber one

Sliced bread

Sliced cheese

Fish (purchased day of)

What this says about me:  Well I've about run the gammet on the choices I have in Cape Verde, Africa.  This says I'm trying really, really hard to have a healthy diet in a country with limited food choices.  It says I eat a lot of stuff with beans, onions and tomatoes, plus lots of dishes that are cabbage based.  It also says that as much as I wished we had whole wheat or whole grain or brown anything here, I still try to get a balance with some more refined carbs.  It also says we have a pretty limited selection of veggies and pretty much no fruit this time of year lol.  However it also says that I can walk to the corner any day at noon and know i can at least buy mackerel fresh from the ocean, and pretty much every month except Feb. I can buy fresh tuna, snapper, grouper, amberjack and grunt (which I just made last night and OMG was it fabulous!).



-green leaf lettuce






-greek yogurt

-peanut butter

-whole wheat pasta, english muffins, bagels, bread, tortillas




-black beans

-peppermint tea, green tea, fruit teas, any kind of tea!


I think it says I like simple things, and i love fruit and carbs. ahaha

My "Must Haves"?

Fiber one cereal

8th Continent light vanilla soymilk (for the fiber one)


Splenda Brown sugar blend (for the oatmeal)

cream of wheat maple and brown sugar

Coffeemate sugar free flavored creamer

Coffee (to go with the creamer)

Atkins Advantage shakes.

I guess this says I really like foods that are generally consumed for breakfast. Cereal freak? Carb Freak? Probably both. And That I am trying to Get some protein into my diet as well! Haha

I keep forgetting that I have instant cream of wheat!!!

My MUST HAVE list:

- frozen veggies (spinach, broccoli, cali mix)

- canned tuna

- nonfat cheddar cheese slices (all kraft flavors taste the same, but this one tastes a little bit MORE like "cheese" to me.  Not  cheddar, but cheese!)

- wheat bread

- whatever fruit I can get

- brown rice

- 150 calorie microwave-brownie things by betty crocker

- V8

About Me:

     I'm a college student with no car and limited ability to get to a supermarket other than the on-campus convenience store which doesn't even STOCK veggies.  /my life.  So I stock up on brown rice and frozen stuff when I can and then do my best for another month.

Crazy Recipe Time!  1/2 of a bottle of V8 + microwave = tomato soup.

green apple
navel oranges
seedless watermelon
baby carrots
assorted peppers (red, green, yellow)
spinach leaves

frozen strawberries, blueberries
frozen steam fresh veggies
frozen butter, lima, speckled beans

brown rice
chicken broth
beef broth

ground turkey
turkey chops
chicken sausages

whole wheat bread [sara lee 45 calorie slices]
whole wheat wraps
sliced deli turkey and chicken
2% cheddar cheese

low fat strawberry yogurt
fat free or 2% milk

fiber one cereal
oatmeal plain and flavored
skippy's all natural peanut butter

blue diamond vanilla bean almonds

what my list says about me:  i don't eat red meat or pork, so anything that can be substituted with chicken or turkey, i do that.  i don't snack on lower calorie "bad" foods or buy junk food to eat in moderation.  i just don't eat it at all.  i try to balance every meal with a food from each group.  i pack my lunches almost everyday, eat breakfast at home or make a shake before leaving the house, and i try to cook at least three times a week.  the other two nights i have school and pack enough in my lunch box to last me through the evening. 

  • Various fruits as they go seasonally and on sale - now I choose from oranges, grapefruit, and apples. Occasionally cantaloupe and kiwi.
  • Various vegetables as they go seasonally and on sale - now I choose from cabbage, squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, avocados, broccoli, and cauliflower
  • Leafy vegetable - rotate between collards, mustard green, romaine, and green/red leaf
  • Carrots
  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Various cuts of meat as they go on sale - usually lean ground beef, lean ground turkey, different cuts of beef, and fish fillets. If I get a good deal, canned tuna.
  • Eggs
  • Oatmeal
  • Cereal as it goes on sale - rotate between Kashi, certain Fiber One cereals, and All-Bran
  • Skim milk/1% milk
  • Various legumes/pulses as they go on sale - usually chickpeas, lentils or black beans

What this says about me: I try to eat as cheaply as I can as a college student. Luckily I am very willing to cook and experiment with different recipes. I add to that list if there are other things on sale, such as nuts or cheeses, or if I'm out of something I use irregularly or in small quantities, such as whole wheat flour, sugar, soy sauce, oil, etc.

  • Eggs
  • Egg whites
  • Chicken Breast
  • Beef
  • Fish
  • Shrimp
  • whole wheat pasta
  • Oatmeal
  • Raisins
  • Skim milk
  • sprouted grain bread
  • Bananas
  • Apples
  • Green peppers
  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Any other veg/fruit that is on sale or looks good
  • Fibre First Cereal
  • Fat Free organic yogurt
  • Whatever I need to make the meals that pop into my head at the time :)
  • Garbage food as requested by my OH

What it says about me?  I try to eat very un-processed foods as much as possible, enjoy veggies and lean protein, and am VERY boring ;)

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