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Weighing Poultry or Meat

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I eat a lot of chicken, and I've noticed quit a difference in the calories between weighing the chicken raw as apposed to cooked, do to the water in the raw chicken it weighs more, but which is the right weight and calories?

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Stick to one method and be consistent about it.

So if you choose to weigh food before it being cooked, then do the same for all. I find it easier to just count food after they're cooked cuz thats what getting into your body anyway.

I weigh all my food after it's cooked.

I think it's 1.62 calories per gram of cooked chicken, breast, skinless, boneless. As for raw it's calorie per gram.

I weigh mine cooked, or I measure by cup to double check :)

All the the stats regarding calories in meat are after being cooked. So weigh it after it is cooked. 

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