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WAY too much Crystal Light? >.

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Hi everyone :D
well, see... I have this question.
I do drink the recommended amount of water everyday... but when I get the need to eat more..*even though Im full * I drink  water with crystal light... but I've noticed that ..i drink WAY TOO MUCH.
could It affect weight loss? O_o ..
because know "everything in moderation" xD and I've been eating like crazy this past weeks..gaining a few lbs.. T_T

thanks in advance :D


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I am confused about what you're asking....are you asking if Crystal Light is making you gain weight?  You also said you've been "eating like crazy these past few weeks"

If you've gained it's because of the food, not the Crystal Light...

If you're asking if it's "too much" then I don't know how anyone could answer that didn't say how much you are drinking exactly.  If you get enough water then I'm pretty sure it's not too much.  I try to avoid artificial sweetners because they make me all bloaty and gross :) But if they don't hurt your stomach then I would think it's safe to say that it's better to be drinking Crystal Light rather than overeating for no reason.

no no, I don't blame crystal light for my weight gain thats for sure. >.<

I just wanted to know if It could affect my weight loss... because I drink more than 34 oz a day [1 liter ] D:

thankyou :D

 minutexwatlz ~ I used to drink a ton of Crystal Light and I gained 8 lbs over a 3 month period. Once I read an article about it causing weight gain I stopped drinking it and lost 6 lbs in a month. I didn't do anything different but switch to drinking plain water. Hope my 2 cents help you out!

I am actually having a completely different experience with crystal light. When I drink it, I get in all of my water intake for the day and I don't eat as much. On days where I don't have it because I've ran out, I notice I eat a LOT more. And I don't think it makes you retain any water to alter your weight because I'm still losing weight just fine. I LOVE Crystal Light!

It could cause weight gain if you are drinking too much of it because 1 packet is 10 calories (usually 2 servings in a little packet each 5 cals.) so if you don't count them in your daily intake and go over your limit in time it could cause it.

It could be the artificial sweeteners in the Crystal Light causing sugar/carb cravings. I cut out diet soda and my cravings nearly vanished altogether. That's probably a more likely cause for weight gain than the actual calories in Crystal Light.

o_o ...

maybe I ought to limit my crystal light intake.
I drink it to cut my cravings mostly... but then I just want more and more..and well, end up drinking more than I should.
same thing with coffee... gee! >.<

thanks everyone!! :D

Good luck!! Sorry I didn't understand your question >.<

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