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Watching people eat fattening foods

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for some reason, since I've dramatically changed my diet and only eat healthy... I still get pleasure in watching other people eat fattening foods and being by the amazing smell. is that weird hahaa
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It might be a little weird.

As of a week ago, you were still undereating (and have been for some time, I believe), so perhaps it's related to that.

i don't think it is! :D i do that too hehe. i think it's more of a feeling of pride though for me. it's like i feel proud of myself for making the right choices in my diet, and staying healthy while other people aren't :) but if your pleased by the smell, why not have a bite? it won't hurt! x ali

wait how would you know if I was undereating ? lol

yeah girl, people watch like hawks around here. don't say one thing in one post and forget or change your mind in another! there will be hell to pay! LOL

and, I actually have a different feeling... I'm learning not to do this - but judgement tends to come into play - especially when the people are super skinny and eating junk! but even when people are super overweight! I'm just being transparent... I'm working very hard to not feel that way and realize everyone is on their own journey with health.

oh my gosh I can't believe people remember what I post.... is there any way I can make it private because this is scary haha and very private to me

I didn't remember.

Before I replied, I took a look at your old threads (and no, you can't make them private) to make sure that I wasn't going to give advice to someone who was dealing with undereating or an eating disorder. Once I looked at your list of topics, I realized that not only have you written about undereating multiple times, but I have been one of the people responding, telling you that you need to eat more.

I'm not trying to be mean, nor am I trying to give you "hell" as mrssummersmith suggests. I am, perhaps ineloquently, showing concern for someone who is developing a number of unhealthy tendencies.

You say in your opening post that you changed your diet and "only eat healthy". Based on your posting history, I don't think you are only eating healthy. I think you are a teenager who is eating too little, and that you are reaching a point where you are trying to vicariously enjoy through others the food that you are denying to yourself.

If you can tell me that you are now eating a minimum of 1800 calories every day, then perhaps I'm mistaken.

Original Post by nicolexette:

oh my gosh I can't believe people remember what I post.... is there any way I can make it private because this is scary haha and very private to me

We don't... unless you post a lot, or there is something memorable about you. I personally don't pay attention to random users unless there is something about them that I remember.

But many of us will look at previous posts (that are easily available at the bottom of your profile) if something seems 'fishy' or suspicious in the thread. 

For example, this one. People with normal eating habits probably wouldn't enjoy watching others eat food that they don't allow themselves. Since there are many people on this site with or recovering from eating disorders, this type of comment throws up a red flag

If I am suspicious that someone has disordered eating behaviors I may check their history before I respond to make sure I'm not enabling further behavior.  



oh okay sorry! thanks so much though for the advice you guys give :) Everybody on this site has honestly helped me so much and I appreciate it! haha I use this site more than Facebook now!!

I was just jabbing a little at the intensity of the threads and the judgement I see. I know its generally in good concern for people, but sometimes it just really amazes me. I wasn't saying you were giving her hell... that was nothing compared to some of the threads I've been terrified to participate in.

I simply don't think its always smart to give advice or assume, based on snap shots of others' posts in threads, someone's overall diet and exercise. I guess I've been victim to not so encouraging remarks along this very person journey. It's hard to put all of yourself out there in one post or thread... and without an adequate amount of information... crappy advice and bad judgement have come on too many.

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