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I want to eat chicken again!

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I have been vegetarian for quite some time... well... not that long... about a year. I have been thinking of integrating chicken and turkey back into my healthy eating plan. (that was the only meat I really ate in the first place...)  I'm nervous that my stomach will not agree with me if I eat it. My friend told me that meat will make me nauseous if I try to eat it again... but it is sooo difficult for me to find filling vegetarian dishes at restaurants or to go over to my family's house for dinner where I cannot eat the meat dishes...

my question is, again, will I get nauseous if I slowly integrate chicken and such back into my diet?

any suggestions are welcome! :)
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My mom was vegetarian for 27 years, then after a knee injury and the need for more protein she began eating meat.

The first month was pretty brutal for her if I remember correctly. You'll have to start off slow, I wouldn't recommend ordering a giant steak or anything. Your stomach will disagree with you at first but after while it should even out.

I can't say if there is anything you should eat with the meat or not to help the stomach adjust, I would look stuff up I'm sure there are lots of websites out there that explain how to do this. Good luck!
Good for you.  Vegetarians make me nervous.  Just kidding!  Good luck though.  I wish I could help you.
I had to start eating meat again after 8 years as a vegetarian. This was for medical reasons that I won't go into here.

I had absolutely no problem with eating meat again.  I know that some people have said they experience some digestive distress, but I didn't.  Go slow.  Add just a few ounces a week until you get to the level you want. 
I don't believe you'll have too much trouble... you've only been eating vegetarian for a year... I do believe that most stomach distress people have is because they're eating fast food/fried food, not the fact that it's chicken. 

You can always do what I do... I'm a "semi-veg" ... which means that I occasionally enjoy meat/chicken, but mostly eat vegetarian.  In fact, when you look at cultures that use meat as an ingredient in dishes, rather than the featured ingredient... it's a much healthier way to eat.  Eat vegetarian when you can... and when you're out and there's not a decent veg choice...then go for a healthier chicken dish...
I am not a veg, but I would just try incorporating things slowly... like maybe eggs first and a little chicken, but not much. Baby steps :)
I don't think so... you should be fine.

I was raised as a vegetarian, as were my sisters.  My younger sister began to eat meat again when she was older and never had a problem.  My older sister began to eat meat recently, but in moderation.  She was also fine.
I was a vegetarian for 3 years and I started incorperating chicken into my diet again. I had no issues, but I also started slow. I would add a little more each week, I didn't just grab a large piece of fried chicken!

Adding a little bit of meat back in my diet has aided me in my weight loss journey. Keep in mind I only eat lean meat and in small quantities. But it helps keep me fuller longer!
Start with some boiled chicken.  You can shred it easily and put it in with a salad and see how you react.   You may be perfectly fine with it... you may have some stomach girgling... only you will be able to find this out.

A lot of the people who say you'll have terrible stomach problems are vegetarians who obviously want to scare you into not trying meat again.  There are a lot of good vegetarians out there I'm sure... but there are a lot of extreme ones that consider it against God to eat meat (even though God through Jesus provided fish and bread to the masses and ate meat).

So hey you'll probably not even have any problems.   Just don't go hog wild on fried chicken.  That can be bad for anyone .. even long time meat eaters due to all the greese.   Plus it's a lot higher in calories.
Actually, funny story. Really. When some friends joke with me about eating meat again (it's been about 10 years), they are always the ones that say I'd probably be sick to my stomach as anything. And they eat meat.

It strikes me that you don't really know many vegetarians in life, and I have to confess, your comment really took me aback. It really sounds like you are putting every single vegetarian into the whole activist category, and threw in that "I'm sure there's a lot of good vegetarians out there" for good measure. How would you feel if I said, "well, you'll get all those southerners that are really stupid, shoot coons and eat them for dinner, marry their sisters..but I'm sure they're not all like that." Silly, isn't it? You really should branch out and try to get to know more vegetarians if you really feel that way. Because I have to tell you-it really comes across that you do.
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I'm vegetarian and have been basically most of my life.  I have also considered introducing chicken into my diet - really just so i can have more variety to choose from and its a healthy meat to choose.  I pick at it every now and then but my stomach can't really handle much more than that.  I've never been able to eat an entire meal based around meat but i'm not sure if its my stomach or a mental thing??  do you know what i mean??  I do think that it would have to be a gradual introduction as it would be kinder on your digestive system for a start.  also, choose good quality meat that you will enjoy....

I have some vegetarian friends... even vegans... even probo sobo lacto something or other vegetarians.  Some are really cool about it... some are not and would make stuff up to keep people from eating meat.   I've seen both sides.  Even people who don't eat certain things because of whatever.... like one friend that doesn't eat chocolate because of the slave labor used to harvest the coco beans that go into some percentage of what comes into the US.   Nicely he doesn't care if I eat it or not... but he did give me an earful about what was going on and so on.

And um you just insulted all southerners by saying what you did.  I hope you realize that you can't say stuff like that without insulting people.   Putting "What if" in front of something doesn't block what you said.
Well, I wrote that on purpose, as an example of the way you made me feel. Do you understand where I'm coming from? It really came across to me like you think all vegetarians are militant activists. I'm glad you got my point-you can't really say what you said without insulting someone just because you put what if in front of it.

And even so, I was insulted. So I'm glad you got my point. But for the record, I don't really think that of southerners. I'm sure that doesn't have to be said, though.
Well, I wrote that on purpose, as an example of the way you made me feel. Do you understand where I'm coming from? It really came across to me like you think all vegetarians are militant activists. I'm glad you got my point-you can't really say what you said without insulting someone just because you put what if in front of it.

And even so, I was insulted. So I'm glad you got my point. But for the record, I don't really think that of southerners. I'm sure that doesn't have to be said, though.
Settle down ladies. Stick to the point and if someone affends you then say so but the generalization towards another culture you do not like to make your point is just right and it creates a snow ball offect of contaversy. Unless that is what you are trying to get! I have lived around the world. Born in the north, raised in the west and lived in multiple states in the south as well as other countries. Not Healthy!!

Eating meat again is in your mind. Like riding a bike you have to tell your self you can do it AND THAT IT ISN't a BAD thing. If you have told yourslef this whole time that meat is bad and accually believe it then you will have a bit of a hard time at first.

Idea; grill your meats as well as bake. Get a couple of different seasoned meats, Both chicken and turkey, cook them and put in contained. I am a Meat guy who has cut back to 20% of my intake compared to 80 % before. You can cut up just a littel or alot for any meal. Put in spagette, alfrado or other sauces as well as salads which is a better part of over 1/2 my intake now. I have lost alot of fat and gain more in lean muscle with this. I know it works at least for me.
Sorry NOT RIGHT is what I ment to say
I understand that each of you (dreaasha and nightc1) are trying to make your point, but please keep in mind the feelings of others when composing your posts.
Often times what we intend to be perceived a certain way can be misconstrude.


Yeah, I guess everyone is different
i think the only reason youd have a big problem, is if mentally you block yourself from eating it. i mean you eat it and you want to but in the back of your mind, you're saying "It'll make me sick" (and this can be subcioncious). So if you have the right mentality going into it, you'll be right.
My ex-veggo frriend went from no meat to meat pies and sausage rolls (prolyl the worse type of meat!) She had to do it as the vegetarian option where she had to eat would always be the same - cheesey, oily pasta, or fried shrivlled veggies. No protein, no tofu or anything. Oh, or dried quiche (so you're stuffed if you're a vegan) It was always really unhealthy and she was just getting too sick. She eats "normally" (her words) now.
I gave up on meat for a while. because what I had access to was really poor quality. So i ate it about three times a week, in tiny portions. But the nutritionist has put me to TWICE A DAY (i just manage once and the momnet) (smaller portions too, dont worry) and my tummy handled that fine
To the OP - I agree with what most everyone else has said.  Introduce it slowly, just like you would any new food that you know may cause adverse affects to your digestive system.  (Similar to when people start eating more fiber.  If you go from 5 grams a day to 40, you'll be in trouble! ;) )

And, I'm not trying to pick on you nightc1.  But, when you say that some of your friends will make stuff up to keep people from eating meat, you might consider that they aren't saying things they think are untrue.  When people are passionate about something, if they are told one thing by someone they may take it at face value without doing research.  So, some of your friends may truly believe whatever it is that they say, and may be sharing the info with honest intent. 

There are hundreds of thousands of people who believe you cannot be truly healthy without eating meat and dairy products.  Is this true?  Not necessarily.  But when those people tell others that it's necessary for them to eat meat, they are saying what they think is the honest truth, and are not maliciously trying to make people eat meat.  :)  Just like many vegetarians believe truly that it is detrimental (either to people or animals or both) to eat meat, so when they say someone shouldn't, it's their honest truth.

Just something to think about from the other side of the coin.
I was a vegitarian for 3 years. I was laco ovo veg. Due to some health problems and adding 30lbs on me in the mean time (due to anti-depressants I was on), I had to change my diet to include more protien, by my doctor's recomendation, more meat. So my doc told me at first I had to have one serving a day to get used to it, then have 1 serving at each meal which I still don't do. I always hated the taste of meat, except for grilled chicken and chicken gumbo.

When I started eating meat after 3 years of pure veggies, I was a bit sick at first. My stomach was in knots for a few days or so and I'd run to the bathroom when I normally wouldn't, really wierd for me. But if you take it slow and slowly incorperate it into your diet, it shouldn't be too bad. 

 Have a small peice today, and try another small peice tomarrow, and slowly getting to a 'normal' serving. that should reduce your 'problems'.
Well, when I started eating meat after maybe a year of vegetarianism, I definitely felt it!!! Keep in mind, I do not usually have a delicate stomach, and I only abstained from meat for a year. I started with just a bit of chicken, not even a full serving, and definitely had trouble digesting it. In fact, it took about two weeks to get a bit more used to it. After a month I was completely normal. So I think even if you take it slow, you will still have some issues, but it's not unbearable or anything.
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