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I want a doughnut!!!!!!!

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I'm craving doughnuts. I always study at this one cafe that has the most beautiful doughnuts. They look soo good. I know they're so bad for me so I won't eat one, but does anyone have any ideas for alternatives? anything that might help quiet this craving....
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if you want a donut, what i would do is buy one with a tasty black coffee and eat half. savour every bite and move on. but if that isn;t an option maybe a 100 calorie chocolate bar or something?
Yeah, you should just treat yourself sometime; eat half, and save the rest for later. I can't think of any good doughnut-y alternatives... sorry. ;)
Nov 28 2007 17:07
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I keep a donut reserve in the freezer.  Good quality donut-shop chocolate iced old fashioneds.  Every once in a while I pull out a half and nuke it for 20 seconds and eat it with a cup of coffee.  It gets counted as 140 calories, of course.
If you want one THAT BAD, don't obsess about it - next time you go to the cafe to study, buy yourself ONE doughnut and savour it... then put it in your food log. Almost anything (within reason) can be fitted into a sensible eating plan every now and then. :)

Get yourself a doughnut! I love doughnuts, so I eat them occasionally, and only when they are REALLY good ones - if I take a bite of a doughnut and realize it is mediocre I just throw it out.

I always remind myself that your average doughnut has fewer calories than your average bagel. And I like doughnuts much more.  

donuts definitely don't have an alternative. Everyone in a while I have to have a few timbits (er... "donut-holes") and they seem to tide me over til the next craving hits a few months later.

Maybe get a little one - unglazed/forsted/sugared. But be sure to count the calories in your days total.

Or, perhaps you could get some low fat ice cream, pudding, yogourt, fruit... anything else.
Did you know that Timbits have 70 calories each? A full Boston Creme only had about 250! If you're eating "a few timbits", you might as well get a full donut. I was making that mistake, thinking Timbits had only 50.
Have the donut! Log the calories and do a little extra exercise, or make up for it in all high nutritional foods today. Just make up for it somewhere else! I think part of sticking to a lifetime plan means allowing ourselves some of the things we enjoy...just in moderation!
a crispy creme is only 220 calories or so, for the basic glazed. indulge in one, there is no harm in treating yourself once in a while.
doughnut cravings are ok. they cant go much higher than 250 calories, 300 if they're creamy or very sugary. Plus, i find its always nice to actually feel satisfied rather than think no way i cant eat that. and coffee goes very well with donuts, also it fills u up.

However, make sure you are really craving it before you eat it. If you are just craving it because you are thinking about it, you might not really be craving it...and if you're not really craving it, you might feel unsatisfied by it. I'm sure this is a 'geniune' craving and im not suggesting it isnt! :)

lets yourself have treats occasionally
like maybe one day, instead of eating your usual apple with low-fat cottage cheese and whole grain whatever for a snack, let yourself have a doughnut

the craving wont go away

when i crave something, i try to fit it in one of my days that week

or else i end up binging on something else 

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If you crave donuts once in a while, than treat yourself to one.

However, if you are like me, I wouldn't. If someone put a dozen donuts in front of me right now, I would eat them all at once, right now. I would reprimand myself through every bite, and feel liek a complete **** afterwards (and see how I know it beforehand too) but I will still eat them all.
And at the end of the box, I would probably still want more. Craving still there...... so whats the point in consuming like 2000 calories if i still want more at the end of it....

but if one donut can make you happy :) than go for it.

I think one (or two or three, etc) donut would make me even more miserable at the end knowing that I can't have more when I clearly want it.

if you want a doughnut, go buy one.

one doughnut isn't going to hurt you, make you gain weight or sabotage all your progress. as long as eating the doughnut doesn't lead you to binge big time, have it. it's better to not deprive yourself, or else you'll end up binging.

alternatives could be:

  • those tiny little weight watcher cakes (but they ARE tiny)
  • cadbury thins (100 cals per bar and they have flavours like mint, dark chocolate, milk chocolate and toffee)
  • fun-sized chocolate bars (watch how many you eat though)
  • kit-kat, coffee crisp and aero singles (range from 80-100 cals)
  • those 100 calorie thinsation cookies
  • special k cereal bites
  • all bran snack bites
  • nutri-grain munchems
  • rice cakes (chocolate chip, caramel, etc)low-calorie hot chocolate
  • no pudge brownies
  • etc
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