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Walden Farms products...No calories??

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I came across a web page of waldenfarms ( and apparently they make peanut butter, salad dressings, pasta name it and they are all supposed to be calorie free...I'm curious if anyone has tried any of these products...i cant imagine calorie free Alfredo sauce tasting very good, ha but if it does it would for sure be worth trying!  so if you ever tried any of the waldenfarm products i would love to hear some feedback!  Thanks.
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I tried their french dressing.  Ended up throwing it away.  Just tasted awful to me.  I do know that other people do use and like their products, but I just can't wrap my head around the "no calories" thing.  They aren't made from fat, protien, OR carbs?  Then what the heck am I eating?

 Seriously, anyone have an idea how them make their stuff 0 calorie without using magic?

I have the exact same problem! these products are calorie, carb, gluten, sugar, cholesterol and fat free...and i couldn't find the ingredients for these products anywhere...which is so weird!  I would love to hear what these products are made out of, if anyone knows!
I tried the dressing once, I will just stick with the low fat regular dressings that have calories in them. The taste is something I have never tasted in my life and it sorta had a gasoline smell to it when I first opened the bottle. YUCK its making me sick to my stomach just thinking about it.
Some of their salad dressings are alright, I used some of the honey dijon kind tonight. The ingredients are basically water, dijon mustard, vinegar and spices. The label warns that it contains trace calories, but the serving size is 2 tbsp. and in order for it to be labeled calorie-free it must be 2 or less calories for that serving there can't be too many calories in it. I wouldn't want to use a ton of the dressing but they do make some pretty decent flavors.

The alfredo sauce is dreadful, simply dreadful.

But I LOVE LOVE LOVE thier balsamic vinaigrette, ranch dressing, individual serving size dressing packets, their raspberry fruit spread, their peanut butter spread, the caramel dip (heavenly drizzled over apple slices), their blueberry syrup and their chocolate syrup.  Their scampi sauce isn't bad (I use it for stir fry) and their cocktail sauce is decent (I add more lemon and some chili sauce to zip it up.)

=^..^= MOLLY

I tried the honey dijon dressing and I'll probably just throw it away...I got that same "what *is* that weird flavour and texture (the latter from the cellulose used to thicken it, I guess). It may be low or no calories, carbs, etc. etc. but it sure isn't low sodium...another reason for me to avoid it.
YUP ME TOO!! I tried the honey dijon dressing and coulda HURLED--it was beyond nastY----
  sorry to anyone who is a fan!
guess we've ruled out WALDEN FARMS HONEY DIJON---it's iiicky
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I know this is a very old thread, but I just wanted to offer the link to Waldon Farm's nutrition labels, including the ingredients.

After a year of looking, I finally found a store near me that carries Walden Farms. I bought one bottle of the Honey Dijon dressing and it tastes fine to me.

Not great, but not any worse than most low-cal dressings (and I got used to that a long time ago).

I see how people want to vomit at the pure second most of their spread products taste (Chocolate Dip, Mayo, Raspberry, Carmel, Blueberry, etc) BUT their salad dressing pretty much ALL (especially the creamy italian) of the dressing taste just as good as any fat free dressing does for me and I love using them for all sorts of things~

(The only one I find a bit off is the caesar but its still alright, though that is the one I prefer to take the calories of my fat free 'La Madeline' bought for, just because it is 100s of times better ^^ )

I don't know what exactly it is, but something about this company doesn't sit well with me......

it's got alot to do with the "if its too good to be true" adage. The products are high in sodium and splenda, and based on the chocolate sauce I tried, it kinda of weirds me out that they are virtually zero everything (cals, carbs, fat, etc). In my little opinion, the products are about 2 degrees from plastic.


I'm telling you, it's a bad gut feeling.

I've tired there caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, and peanut butter spread. I thought the caramel sauce was ok, but both the chocolate sauce and peanut butter spread were disgusting. I tried to like it because I paid so much for the jar of stuff, but I ended up throwing it out. I'd just stick to low fat PB, PB2, or lite caramel/chocolate sauce.

10bysummer- I aggee with you- something about this company kind of weirds me out. It does just seem too good to be true. There's got to be something fishy going on...



So here's the Skinny or info on this stuff.  Government regulations provide the manufacturer (Walden Farms) the opportunity to say Zero "0" calories for any single serving item which is 5 calories or less. 

Walden Farms is following the guidelines setforth by our government when stating that their products have Zero "0" calories when they in fact are 5 or less per serving. 

According to a Customer Service Representative at Walden Farms their products have approximately 3-4 calories per serving.  So if you are like me and you use 4 servings of a particular sauce/topping etc. you can just calculate that you are consuming about 15-20 calories.

As far as taste goes, I am a fan just because I use other products to fix them up.  I will put pb2 or flavored syrups in the Peanut butter or jellies.  Sometimes I will sweeten with Erithirol or Whey Low.  

Feel Free to contact me through livestrong or fatsecret if you have any questions.



ranch dressing is repulsive i mean absolutely horrendous. i was sooo dissapointed, and mad that i spent 3.50 on something i threw awayYell

Now why would yall wanna consume something that uses sodium benzoate as a preservative? It can be converted in your body to benzene, a serious carcinogen. :/ Better to eat an extra 100-200 calories of real food, peeps. Our society is so preoccupied with calories that many people exhibit almost no interest in eating *real* foods anymore.

Original Post by healthy_anya:

Now why would yall wanna consume something that uses sodium benzoate as a preservative? It can be converted in your body to benzene, a serious carcinogen. :/ Better to eat an extra 100-200 calories of real food, peeps. Our society is so preoccupied with calories that many people exhibit almost no interest in eating *real* foods anymore.


I completely agree. Give me a few more calories in some homemade (and delicious) dressing made from olive oil and balsamic vinegar & some seasonings. I know what I'm putting in my body is good for me.

LOW CALORIES DOES NOT = HEALTHY. Sometimes those two things are synonymous (Celery for example), but if I read a label and it has more than one ingredient that I don't know what it is, I stay as far away as possible.

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