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I've been hearing a lot about these vitamuffins and vitabrownies. Does anyone know if they sell them in Wal-Mart? Cuz that's where I do all of my grocery shopping. Or do you know of any other healthier brownie options?
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I heard about them here got some the other day.

They are really small! And dont taste so good... (they arent like a muffin you would get from a bakery... more fake / airy... has some kind of strange liquid residue also *i guess their idea of moist?*)

So, overall, its not the best find for 100 calories. An apple or banana is a MUCH better return for the same amount of calories.
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How disappointing. ='(
The Vitamuffins I tried were not like that at all! They were only slightly moist, and NOT liquidy whatsoever. Nor were they "light and airy" like you might expect "diet" foods to be.

They also come in a lot of different flavors and sizes, and are chock-full of vitamins and minerals!
I didnt mean they were runny or anything, but they had a strange liquid film on / within them (reminded me of the greesy film from a hostess cupcake).
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What about the vitabrownies? They seem like a good find if they're good size brownies that are healthy and have lots of fiber in them. But do you guys know if they sell them at Wal-Mart?

If not I guess I could always make home made ones or I wonder if they have that No pudge brownie mix there.

haha k so I had the vitamuffins a few times for breakfast, I liked them at the time (maybe its because i was absolutely starving the times that i ate them so dirt would have tasted good) but i had one yesterday and i threw it away after 2 bites.

the chocolate muffin tastes really.....healthy?i dont know how to explain it? its just not very appetizing

no pudge brownies on the other hand, ARE FREAKING AMAZING.

i make them ALL THe time. either in the oven or single servings in the microwave with cool whip.

they dont have the "vitamins" and health benefits of the vitamuffin but if im in the mood to have chocolate im not exaclty thinking about vitamins
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Thanks everyone. BUT I'd still like to know if you can find this stuff at Wal-Mart. =)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE vitamuffins. unfortunately (for you) i have never seen them in walmart. i live in south texas so they carry them at HEB. if you go to their website they have a store locator. I am kind of sad though that they stopped carrying the bluebran and now only carry the deep chocolate. i'm not sad about the chocolate part though :)
I have never seen vitamuffins at Walmart -- usually the higher end grocery stores (they're not cheap) have them in the freezer department.  Love, love, love the deep chocolate ones!
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Well do they have them at Whole Foods Market? I plan on going there next Saturday.
Whole Foods usually has them, yes.
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I absolutely LOVE vitamuffins/tops/brownies...the company has excellent service and make a wonderful product. I have a vita "thing", the don't carry them in WalMart, but do have a store locator on their site, or you can order them directly from the site along with the mixes if you want...I love all of their products, and they are so good for you...highly reccomend them!
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just so you know the website is (although you probably know this already)....good luck and enjoy! :-)
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So then they are worth purchasing?

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for me unquestionably yes1 lol :-)

OMG..I LOVE vitamuffins.  I make one batch every two weeks and keep them in the fridge.  They are a great little snack (personally) if I'm craving for chocolate.  Plus...Hungry-Girl has a ton of great chocolate "cake" type recipes to us them with, like a chocolate triple layer cake....mmmmmm cool whip, vitamuffin and non-fat pudding...if you use almond breeze, you cam make the cake for well under 200 calories. :)

I usually get them at Shaws in their whole foods section, but I also pay about $5.50 a box.  

try farm fresh!

The "healthiest brownie" option I've seen other then a Vitalicious brownie is the simple recipe I saw on

1 package devil's food cake mix

1 15 ounce can pumpkin

Mix, put in pan, bake according to directions.  I've also seen recipes using an actual brownie mix and pumpkin, and I tried it, but they wound up being too fudgy for my taste (as I prefer more cake like brownies).

BTW:  I myself am almost addicted to the deep chocolate vitatops.  I don't see the film loriklorik was talking about, and they're always moist.  I order them directly from the website - their customer service is excellent.

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I'm probably in the minority here, but I don't really think people should look for ways to eat muffins and brownies on a routine basis.


Original Post by dm84:

I'm probably in the minority here, but I don't really think people should look for ways to eat muffins and brownies on a routine basis.

I would say that you are correct about being in the minority.  I've seen similar opinions, that it just reinforces a person's addiction/tendency to eat sweet things, and that it would be better for them overall if they just cut their dependency on artificial sweet stuff and stuck to naturally sweet things like fruit.  And I can see that side of the argument.  If it works for some, then great!

However, from my experience, access to low cal sweet options has enabled me to stick to my healthy eating (although not as healthy as others), lose the weight, and keep it off without feeling like I've deprived myself.  Since I've also read that feeling over deprived is one of the reasons why people typically go off their diets/healthy eating resolutions in the first place, access to them isn't necessarily a bad thing.  (And it's really not that different than looking for lower cal versions of pizza, or any other traditionally "bad for you" items.)

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