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Vitamins - What are people taking?

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I currently take a womans vitamin and sometimes an extra vitamin C if I am feeling like I might be getting sick.

But what vitamins do people take?  I am curious if I am missing things.

I have no health problems.  And there is not much that feels bad or anything.  Of course I would love have better skin and hair, so if there are vitamins or minerals that are good for that, that would be great.
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i take one a day womens vitamins! i feel fine taking them! I really need them being vegan and all lol!
I take Vitamin C pills and also the Centrum Protegra (I think that's what it's called). Within a week of taking them, I can notice a huge difference in my skin, hair and energy level. Unless you're specifically getting all your nutrients in your diet, I would recommend vitamins and mineral supplements to anyone who can take them... I'm pretty sure that's part of a pregnant woman's "glow"... actually getting all the nutrients she needs! :)
I take these supplements:

  • Wellness Formula
  • 60% EPA & DHA 1000 mg fish oil capsules
  • Cod Liver Oil capsules (for the vitamin D)
  • Garlic capsules (also cook with plenty of garlic)
  • Folic acid, 400 mg
seems like I am forgetting one....
REMEMBER vitamin C pills are not more efective in larger doeses. 60mg is enough. Take viitamin C tablets with Zinc included as Zinc helps the absorbtion of vitamin C

  • vitamin c and zinc tablet
  • echinisia tablet
  • enzyme formula
  • bassets soft and chewy vitamins (LOL)
  • garlic capsule
remember, the people that take vitamins are the people more lickly not to need them!! you should only take them if you realy work out hard or if you are older or in a certain condition. Many people who take them are the people who need them less as they can aquire all they need from a healthy diet! but hay.. makes you feel good to get some extra bits for your bod ah ;)
I don't take any.  I used to think they were necessary, but I've read in the last few months that the way some of the manufacturers put such huge doses into their products can actually cause health problems in some people.  I think if you eat reasonably well you really don't need vitamin supplements.  But, if you do plan to take something, don't take more than the RDA.  The RDA isn't really a *minimum*, it's the recommended exact amount.  Taking 10 times that won't make you healthier, but it can make you sick.
Very true, jenn... a lot of people think that you can't overdose on vitamins and minerals, but you certainly can. Some supplements your body will naturally flush out if you have too much, but others can cause serious problems.
i take one a day womens, which covers most of the bases...i also take a shot of vit C, plus a B-Complex. the b-complex is highly recommended for all women..especially in my age group (im 19). on top of those i eat a viactive calcium chew and two fish oil supplements.
if you're on a diet that's around 1200-1400 cals a day i'm certain you're missing something that vits can cover. just be sure you're getting enough calcium tho! that's the most important thing...
It's the fat soluble vitamins (A, D & K) that are stored in your body and can readily be OD'd with...  Make absolutely sure you don't overdo with those.

The water soluble vitamins will just result in very expensive urine if you overdo it.  Though there may be side effects at a certain point. Like diarrhea with too much vitamin C.  Or flushed & itching skin with too much vitamin B.

I've also heard that the larger you are, the more vitamins you need.  The RDA applies more to healthy weight people.  Don't really know if that's true tho.
I would assume that that's true, erica... don't know by what percentage though.
I take one a day woman's - weight maintenace - probably doesn't maintain anything but green tea is a great anti-oxidant - I also take an extra vit D (1,000 iu) as per my doctor's orders.  :)   
Just read the rest and yes you can over do vitamins.  My Mom had these growths on her legs which we all kind of thought was skin cancer as she is permanently brown caucasian lady - due to all her years as a sun worshipper - and this fall when she fell ill - they discovered it was actually calcium deposits - she was so totally over dosing on calcium because she was diagnosed with Osteoperosis...and she is a nurse as well - this may have damaged her kidneys - it's nothing to fool with - I believe one multi vitamin per day is enough unless your doctor tells you otherwise! 
Just to have someone over the top:

5 grams of C, fish oil, flax oil, DHEA (not for women), Saw palmetto (not for women), l-glutamine, glucosamine/chondroitin, Gamma E, Cayenne, l-Carnitine , Alpha-lipoic acid, Co-Q, calcium, B-50 and a multi.
I take one a day women's multi's.
1/2 of a one-a-day multi-vitamin once a day, 1/2 b-complex + vitamin c one or two times a day, 1/2 iron pill once or twice a day, one or two viactive calcium chews, and i eat flax seeds every day for my omega-3s. sometimes i'll randomly take gingko, green tea, or energy supplements but that's pretty rare. most supplements probably aren't necessary unless you have a condition like osteoperosis/ osteopenia, anemia, energy metabolism problems, work out a ton, don't eat enough, or have a chronic illness, though.
i take a multi-vitamin and glucosamine & chondroitin (for joint health).  generally a womens-specific multi-vit, but i'm not too picky.

if i'm feeling sick i'll take the wellness formula vitamin that was mentioned earlier, plus some extra vit C.
woman's one a day and potassium (medical thing)
one-a-day womens, omega3 capsuls, and lots of iron when my dr. tells me to :-)
thanks for all of the responses.  these are great.  I think I am on a good track for sure with my womens multi one a day and the occasional extra vit C.

I have noticed that my pee is way more yellow...I guess I am getting ride of a lot of minerals?
I'm a vegan and a celiac, though I eat tons of fruit and veggies, so I don't think I need supplements. But I always have everyone on my back saying you don't get this, and that, and this, and that.....I think all vegans have that problem :) So to keep them off my back I take

600mg calcium--I have Lupus and need extra to help my joint

2000mg Vegetarian Glucosamine--Same as above, for the Lupus

200mcg Selenium--Since it's only found in animal products and fortified foods

50mg Zinc--I get colds easily,this helps

100mg Niacin

L-Lysine--It's supposed to help with Lupus, and keeps your metabolism running smoothly

100mg Alpha Lipoic Acid--I have no clue, my mom said I should take it :)

1300mg Alfalfa--It's supposed to have a lot of antioxidents

1500mg MSM--Helps with joints

Brewer's Yeast--Has lots of B vitamins

I also take an extra Melatonin to help me sleep. I don't think I need half the supplements, though all the joint ones really help.
Fish Oil containing 300mg omega-3 = 3/day
Women's Ultra Mega w/ Bone Density (thts calcium 1000mg) = 3/day (suggested 4/day but it's easier for me to just have 1 w/ each of my main meal a day)

Yup, my urine is so yellow too! A trainer in the gym told me tht means I don't have enough water/day, & to drink more water to balance it. When the urine is not as yellow than you shd be good on the water. .... o.0 I guess for me that's a motivation to drink up! And about 1000ml/day later, my urine looks less yellow.
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