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Does Vitamin water (zero) count as water?

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According to the logs I should be drinking 8 glasses of water a day. Does drinking Vitamin water zero count as drinking water, or do I need to be drinking plain water as well?

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well vitamin water would count as water.. but it kind of defeats the purpose since you are ultimately drinking artificial sweeteners (toxins)

the purpose of drinking water is to help flush out toxins from your system

a vitamin water once in a while is okay, but you should be drinking pure water or unsweetened tea 95% of the time.

if you are drinking vitamin water as the only source of fluid, then I guess it is better then no water... but keep in mind, that stuff can get rather expensive, especially if you drink them often.



I agree it is expensive. Funny enough my neurologist has me drinking 4 bottles of this a day (in conjunction with medication to ease the severity of migraines). According to her water is a great cleanser, but not a good hydrator. Where the extra electrolyte of vitamin water help. I guess I will make it a point to drink water as well... Tongue out

electrolytes are essentially electrically charged particles that help to maintain osmotic pressure within the body and balance pH

electrolytes include sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium... all of which are available through food. 

the main component in sports drinks to 'hydrate' is sodium and potassium.. same goes for things like pedialyte that help treat dehydration associated with diarrhea 

look up recipes for homemade "gatorade", you'll find that most of them are composed of water, salt, lemon juice, and sugar.. if you're watching calories, then i would suggest limiting the sugar, and substituting stevia (a natural sweetener) instead.

it will save you money in the long run, and provide the same benefits... those drinks are more hype than anything. (and you should be getting the majority of your vitamins from food anyways)

You do know that Stevia (truvia) is what they use to sweeten the vitamin water zero and does not contain sodium as gatorade does. And while food does contain those particular elements (sodium, calcium, potassium and magnesium) is definitely not my issue Embarassed, however drinking enough is, and through many migraine journals, not drinking is one thing (of many) that contributes to my migraines. I will stay the course as to what my physician has told me to follow. 

I definitely appreciate the advice and information.

Original Post by sgbear98:

According to her water is a great cleanser, but not a good hydrator. Where the extra electrolyte of vitamin water help.

Try coconut water (not cheap) or regular water with a pinch of salt (cheap/free).

if your problem is that you don't drink enough, why are you worried about electrolyte balance?

people who drink TOO much water should be more concerned about electrolytes and fluid balance since they would be putting off the balance by flushing the electrolytes out of their system

you should be learning how to drink more water without the incentive of sweeteners and over hyped vitamin substitutes

instead you could try setting an alarm on your phone to go off every hour, and drink a glass of water at that time

or putting 8 arm bracelets on your right arm and transferring them over to your left when you have a glass of water is also a suggestion

or just getting into the habit of drinking a glass before and after every meal or snack. 


actually the original question was merely if vitamin water counted as drinking water. It honestly wasn't meant to be anything more complicated than that.  I have come to terms with everything else. I know how it effects me when I don't drink enough, problem is I just don't like drinking...anything for that matter, but that is just me. I don't have any concern for electrolytes this is just what the doctor told me to justify the change. It could have sprinkles and star dust for all I care as long as it helps the migraines Wink.

Then yes, it counts as water

Try skinny water! its amazing and I believe is more nutritious than vitamin water. and i log my skinny water because of the vitamins in it and then i count it on my water chart because it is a liquid if you click on the "?" next to the glass of water it tells you to chart any liquids you drink

I suffer from migraines if I don't drink water right before bed. I drink a ton throughout the day (usually 10 8oz glasses), but still manage to get them. I've also noticed I get them from too much salt in my diet (which dehyrates me). I steer clear of artificial sweeteners, mainly because they are toxins and make me feel sick, but I feel like you'd be better off drinking 1 bottle of full-calorie vitamin water with more "real" ingredients than all the chemicals in the zero calorie ones.

Thank you Kjean for telling me about the "?" !!!! goofey me never thought of clicking it. Embarassed

I will have to look up skinny water, I have never heard of it before. (Watch now it will be


Radiotete~ I am sorry to hear you suffer with them as well. I hope you are able to find a regime that controls your migraines for you. I have given up alot of bad habits for one reason or another, salt is one I have yet to even muster an effort to. I suppose at some point I should address it. 

I count my flavored water (propel) as water but I also log the sodium content. I find I drink more water and eat less but the trade off is the salt intake.

Ahh I used to drink propel. But I admit the salt content was too high. I already have a salt laden diet..I didn't need any helpers. Innocent

But there is and always will be that fine line between what is right and what is wrong, and I find that line is where we have to look to find what "works" for us individually.

You're welcome! and skinny water is a new company I think on the west coast. I emailed them asking for coupons and they hand wrote me a letter with coupons. i was so excited haha they are in the stores around me on the east coast but just a small amount of them. i love them and they diffinately taste healthy to me but i'm no expert :)

Wow hand written. That is a small company!! Laughing  But I think that is fantastic. When a company is new or small they still care about the customer, their input and experiences. I hope I will be able to find it to try.


Bottom line. Don't over think this. Drink water and if it has a few falvorings added to it you not going to die and it won't make a big blip on the diet radar. There are much worse things you could be drinking. Next question?

I gave pepsi up about 2 years ago and drink vitamin water 0 and with that change and light exercising I have lost a bit over 50 pounds. I did try to diet at first and then ate what I wanted to in small meals. During the week I get to busy at work to eat anything. I do eat a nice healthy dinner. This was in the course of 2 years.  I am a big fan of vitamin water 0 and it possibly could of saved my life. Soda is horrible for you. I feel so much better now and at age 46 then I did in my 20's. Funny thing is most of the time I'm not a serious dieter but when I started to feel better I noticed weight loss. Now I wear a size 9 in juniors!! A size 9 at 46?  I feel great. I have about 10 pounds of vanity weight but not going to beat myself up over that. 

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