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What are some Very VERY VERY Low Calorie Snacks???

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Sometimes I just want to eat something. I am sick of baby carrots. Is there anything I can eat as a snack and not worry about the calories. I just want to chew something, and I am not a fan of gum, it makes me very hungry. So please please please suggest something I can just snack on without too much counting involved :)
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I love skinny cows and other lowfat ice cream bars. I also find fiber one bars taste like a candy bar. Personally, I just can't get myself to buy those 100 cal packs. The boxes are so stinkin light, I just feel like I'm getting so ripped off! I guess if I had the willpower to only eat one package I might have the willpower to make my own little baggies, but of course I probably don't, lol.

I can't see all the fuss over the hostess 100 cal cupcakes. I didn't find them to be near as good as the weight watchers chocolate cakes. That's all just me though and everybody has different tastes.
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i eat low fat yogart mixed with "frozen berries" and "rogers 5 grain granola with raisins" you can do 1/4 cup berries, 100g yogaurt and 1/8 cup granola and your cals with run around 139.5...but it fills you up, gives you energy and it crunchy...i love frozen berries.

the other thing i do is buy frozen fruit mix from costco and use 3/4c of that with 1 cup milk and a banana and you have smoothies!

1% cottage cheese with tomatoes and pepper (sometimes with sliced hard boiled eggs too)

1% cottage cheese with peaches, not sure on cals though

hope it helps!!!
Lite jello!!!!
now i noticed a lot of people are saying sugar free items..... I work at a candy store and i know that almost every single sugar free candy cause a laxitive effect i would only assume that sugar free foods would do the same..... has anyone felt that with the foods???
I am a huge fan of celery stalks dipped in salsa.  Crunchy, packed with flavor, ultra-low in calories, and super filling.  By the time you've really eaten a ton of it you've consumed like 100 calories max.  The salsa I use is 10 calories for two tablespoons and the celery is actually negative calories..

A way to spice up baby carrots (but will add some calories) is to either buy or make hummus and dip the carrots in it. 

I read online that baby food fruit jars make a good snack as well.
Another option is to buy a jar of pickled chilis or peppers.  Four pickled chilis only have 10 calories, and they are so flavor intensive that they tend to satisfy the need to eat something.  Another thing I do is I'll have 4 of them with one laughing cow cheese wedge--the two flavors together taste like jalapeno poppers, but its only 45 calories instead of the hundreds that poppers would regularly be.
I like to flavor things with Stevia (a natural sweetner with no calories, and safe).

I take a little cooked Sweet Potato, a tiny bit of unsweetened light soy milk, some stevia and something else like Cinamon or a tiny bit of pure unsweetened chocolate. It's delicious!

OR Tea (I like Red or Oolong) with Stevia and a very very small amount of unsweetened soy milk...fills you!

Light tofu is also a great midday snack, its very very low in calorie (40 cals per serving) add a small amount of your choice sauce, and you'll feel like you just had a mini-meal with almost no actual calorie!!
Wierd, but the flavor packet in Ramen noodles satisfies my "munchie" feelings.  I dip my finger in it.

I love salt.

zero cals
i like the whole fruit bars, I think by blue bunny.  They are sugar free.

I have bought the toddler munchies for the toddlers at my house, but haven't tried one in all these years.

I am a vegie freak, so I often eat a small can of green beans or peas.

The light and fit yogurt too is excellent, I love yogurt.

Try the white and green tea singles.  Walmart has them for $1.88 for ten and I mix with more than 20 ounces of water.  There are no calories or fat basically it is slightly healthier than water cause of the antioxidants.  The come in raspberry, lemon, and all sorts of flavors. Also  Walmarts brand over by cool-aid (the others are by tea) are the no everything in fruit punch and stuff.  Try freezing these in the freezie makers.  I go through like 3 or more a day and it helps other cravings too.
Glenny's or Genisoy soy chips. Preferably Glenny's.

The barbeque and apple cinnamon flavors are to die for, and 20 crisps is only 110 cals. High protein, to boot!
This may be a bit exotic, and not particularly inexpensive, but I adore the canned hearts of palm and artichoke hearts.  Very low cal, and it's just so yummy to me.  I'd rather have either one of these than chocolate (almost) any day.
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Try putting air popped popcorn in a Ziploc baggie and adding Splenda. Shake and you have a great snack for a sugar fix! Not very nutritious but takes great and low in calories. Be sure to mix when the popcorn is hot!
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Another idea is mixing cottage cheese and light or sugar free apple sauce together. You can add chopped friut or berries.

Another idea is to use it as a dip for celery or any other tasteless veggie or your choice!
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crunchy salad a big bag and eat them one by one...

beetroot and celraic make a change from carrots

tea!!! either herbal, which is basically water, or with sweetner and skim milk, which fills you up a little more.

ice water if you're in a hot place...

dry cereal is great, just make sure its a fairly healthy brand (fiber!) and weigh it out to stop yourself from going mad

cooked peas maybe? eat them one by one... im a pea nut!
My new fav is 3 or 4 Large strawberrys sliced and then I dip them in splenda. I also eat celery, carots, and cucumbers and dip them in fat free ranch dip that I have doctored up with tons of oinon, garlic, and hot sauce. I dont use much of the dip, so I dont feel SO guilty, less than 1/2 tlb. I always have vegys and fruit cut up and ready in the fridge, and I keep it at eye level, so its the first thing I see when I open the door. That way, when I open the fridge, I dont go "searching an roaming" around to find something to eat.
jolly ranchers!
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I personally like munching on nori pieces. You can get them teriyaki flavoured too. The ones I buy are hot and spicy teriyaki and are only 1 cal per sheet. They have a crunch, that salty flavour, and you cant eat too many for the sake of your soon to be burning tongue!
Cucmumber is good sprinkled with lime juice, sea salt and chili powder, celery is good with homemade light pesto, and jicama just needs a squirt of lemon or lime. Jarred roasted red peppers are officially 0 cal.
You just reminded me that I used to eat baby food in high school when I was dieting. The dessert kinds are really good. :)
Fresh mushrooms with melted Kraft Free cheese are to die for.  It's really good if you like gooey cheesy things.

Just crumble the mushrooms and lay a piece of cheese over the top.  Pop in the microwave for 20 seconds and viola, ooey gooey goodness!
Bigelow makes a great Chai Tea. Microwave a cup of it, add a splash of skim milk and some splenda, and you are looking at maybe 20-25 calories! If you like spicy or vingear flavors, I agree with the pickles. Another thing I keep on hand is jars of Cherry Peppers and Pepperocinis. Yummy!
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