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What are some Very VERY VERY Low Calorie Snacks???

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Sometimes I just want to eat something. I am sick of baby carrots. Is there anything I can eat as a snack and not worry about the calories. I just want to chew something, and I am not a fan of gum, it makes me very hungry. So please please please suggest something I can just snack on without too much counting involved :)
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sliced raw red bell peppers. they're crunchy and sweet and only 30cal/serving.

i don't really think i like peppers, but i might try. How much is a serving? a cup?
SLICED APPLES!!! great to munch on!! I used them to lose weight.
can i eat too many apples? i want an almost free food :)that i don't have to worry about counting
I like frozen grapes or just about any kind of berry. They aren't easy to eat so you can't eat just a ton of them all at once. It takes awhile to eat a full serving of them. They aren't quite the crunch I normally crave, but for some reason they just work for me.
Raspberries. 1 calorie a berry.
I've wondering about this too. Is there anything other than fruit and veggies?? I feel like that's all I've been eating these days and it's really driving me crazy.
Plain rice cakes aren't bad, but the calories are still a little high for the type of snacking I tend to do. They do have a crunch though.
I personally love raw broccoli.

However, I realize not everyone shares this love.

But it's very low-cal, and might be worth a try, for you.
Ooh!  And dill pickles are good, too!  A little high on sodium, but only 5 cals a spear!
Laughing Cow Light Cheese wedge - 35 calories -
Babybel light cheese - 50 calories
Small orange - 45 calories
olives I eat the almond stuffed ones 2 are 25 calories

My favorite snack lately is low fat cottage cheese (90 calories) with hot sauce mixed in and I dip bell pepper strips in it (30 calories)
If you're looking for something you don't have to count, that's going to depend on how much of it you eat.  Raw vegetables, like celery, cucumbers, broccoli, cauliflower and radishes are about the lowest.  Carrots are a little higher, but it would be hard to eat too many of them.

I suggest you make yourself a "munchy bag".  I have one in the refrigerator at all times.  It contains celery and carrot sticks, radishes, and any other raw vegetables I have.  If I feel munchy I grab a few.  I do, however count these.  I weigh them out as I prepare them and log the entire amount as a snack.  That way I don't have to be counting and weighing all day long.  My munchies for the day are raw zucchini, green beans, and carrots.

The usual, default serving size when you search for a vegetable, is one cup, and it usually states how the vegetable is cut up (strips, cubes, etc)  I weigh mine.
I like sugar-free Fudgsicles... 40 cals in each and they last a while, with the added bonus of getting your chocolate fix :) Cucumbers and tomatoes are my other favorites.
boiled eggs with yolks removed

17 cals per egg white - great source of protein
thanks for the awesome suggestions, keep them coming :)
TOTALLY SUGAR FREE JELLO!!! You can buy them in the snack pack for 5 cals per cup or buy a whole box and you make at home... and it's 10 cals for a 1/2 of a cup.  I throw some light whipped topping on it and sometimes I'll make my own and put fresh fruit in it! It's so yummy... I feel it's almost a sin to eat it =P But it's very low in calories!
sugar free jello owns.

Also (cause I'm a salt freak and I want snacks to taste like real food) take a leaf of lettuce, lay on one deli slice of turkey. spread a little mustard down the middle.  roll, and eat.  repeat.

jicama (say HICK-a-muh) is a sweet root veggie that you can cut into cubes and is.. refreshing... to eat when you're tired of baby carrots.  it's still along the baby carrot principle, though.  actually, i really don't like jicama, but lots of people do, so give it a shot.
i love those laughing cow light swiss.  i sometimes have them with apples mmmmm.  they are like 30 calories a slice and pretty satisfying.  i think i may try some one veggies like celery or carrots next. 

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