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The Verdict on V8 Fusion?

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I read about this product somewhere else online, and bought a couple of flavors.  I thought this would be a good addition to my diet since I have trouble remembering to eat actual fruits & veggies and they often spoil on me when I do buy them.  Didn't find much on this product in my search.

I really enjoy a glass with my cottage cheese before I hit the sack.

Does this type of carb/the high amount of sugar make this a bad choice before bed?

It says its 100% juice so does that mean that all of the sugar is natural from the fruits and not added?

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Unfortunately I have no answer for you :( sorry!

But I do think that you ask a very good question!  I used to drink V8 when I lived at home w/ my parents, but I haven't had any in a long time.  And while at college I get enough fruits but definitely not enough veggies (just about carrots and sometimes potatoes and broccoli...rare treats!).

If this drink is really as good health-wise as it sounds..I think I'll have to remember to go out and buy some!
Also I saw someone mention that they knew V8 drinks to be high in sodium.  Well this stuff only has...  I beleive it was 80 mg?   So that's not bad at all.
why not just eat real fruits and veggies? that way you're not getting additives and you're getting lots of fiber!
Well I have to say I am surprised.  V8 Fusion has no preservitves and no HFCS and the only real additives are vitamins.  Much better then I thought.  If you don't have a problem with the sugar and you like it and don't over do it then I see no problem.

First of all....BUMP!

Secondly, I am also curious about this drink. I just heard about it and have started putting it in my daily diet. I'm pretty picky and don't "do" most veggies although I have become less picky as I get older. This seems like a very good substitute for myself and others like me, although after I put it into the CC it gave it a C+ rating on the LITE Strawberry/Banana due to high sugar.

Anyone else think the C+ is a bit low?

I think for something that tastes so great, it's okay in small doses. I try to drink just 6 oz instead of 8. Sure it's not as good as eating fruit and veggies but oh well.
I'm sure it's great, except you probably don't get the healthsome fiber that comes from fruit and vegetables that haven't been processed.
It really doesn't add that many vitamins for the calories. And as everyone else is saying there is no fiber.

If you have a bad time keeping veggies fresh get frozen ones. They aren't as good for you as fresh but they are better than no veggies.
That is one downfall I did notice on the label...0 grams of fiber.

Fiber issue aside, I still think it is great for people on the go or people who don't like to munch on fruits and only eat vegi if it's incorporated in a dish. Trust me, it is very easy to make idealistic comments but I personally know some who are like that.

Although, due to the sugar content it is better to have it during the day than night time, your body will use the energy from the sugar than storing it while you rest.

I just got the V8 Fusion (alternative drink from those concentrated fruit juices for household - personally I like to munch on the real thing). And when I buy V8, I get them in small cans and low sodium kind.

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Well I for one do not seem to get enough real fruits and veggies on a regular basis. I'll eat a couple of bananas a day and eat vegetables once in a while or if they're already mixed into something like a frozen dinner, progresso soup, or pot pie, etc.

I am gonna give it a try and see what happens. I can get fiber elsewhere.
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The V8 Fusion products are not a substitute for fruits and vegetables.  They are made from fruit JUICES, not fruits and vegetables.

They are also packed with a sickening amount of sugar, in the form of condensed juices (which just means that they boiled a juice down to sugar).

"I always buy fresh fuit and vegetables but they go bad on me before I get to eat them" is a pretty poor exceuse; you can buy FROZEN fruit for less money than fresh fruit.

You probably have a blender hiding in a closet at your house that hasn't seen the light of day since you whipped up pina coladas for a barbecue ten years ago; use that to blend frozen fruit and non-fat yogurt together.

That's a LOT more nutritious than this V8 sugary concoction.

Nutritionists agree that fruit juices are okay but not great, especially when you choose juices that aren't clear, like choosing orange juice over apple juice, but they also warn that you can't substitute juices for the recommended daily allowances of fruits and vegetables.

That's what you're doing here.

The original V8 juice actually contains a great deal of vegetable matter and does supply a serving of the RDA, but this stuff really seems like an overly-sweet treat that you'd be better off avoiding.



The original V8 tomato juice is really just ground up veggies, not just juice, so I think you are getting at least some of the fiber and stuff that you would get from the veggies themselves.  The only thing bad about is they add a lot of salt, but there is a low sodium variety that is better. 

However, I think the V8 fusion is only juice, which isn't particularly good for you.  You are just getting all the sugar and none of the fiber from the fruits and veggies.  Like someone said previously, buy frozen and if you like drinks, make smoothies.  It's easy to make those directly out of still frozen fruits and veggies.

The original V8 is not made from ground up vegetables like you see in the commercials.  It's made from processed (heated) juice concentrate...

Just add some Benefiber or something, then you have taste,vitamins and fiber.

yea unfortunantly the original V8 is from concentrate. It says it in the ingrediants. ahh well. I love the V8 w. tabasco though. So delic. Sodium isnt an issue plus 8oz is enough for me anyway. I havnt tried the V8 Fusion yet so I dont know if Id like it.

I know it's been awhile since anyone has responded to this but here it is, 2014, seven years after your post and guess what, V8 fusion isn't bad for you at all. Here's how I worked it into my diet, and got the fiber. My dietitian recommended for this diabetic, to have one for breakfast and one for lunch, with some protein. Also I add flavorless fiber powder to my drink, to incorporate some fiber into it. Strained fruits and vegies like these have no fiber, so why not just add some? Since I've been doing this, I'm getting more vitamins, more fiber, less sugar than sodas by far and the sodium is not terrible in these beverages. I drink the banana strawberry 8oz cans. You can't even tell you added the powdered fiber. So if you are a heavy soda/pop drinker, these are 1000 times better for you. Of course as always, use everything in moderation and water is still the best choice for you, I prefer Smart Water, it's just filtered with added ions. Enjoy your V8 fusions! 

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