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Vegetable to go with Tacos

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I'm making tacos tonight when my husband gets home from work, and I can't think of a side dish or vegetable  to have with it obviously I'm wanting something healthy. Any ideas?

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Roast a pepper on the stove and throw it in with some brown rice, canned tomatoes and chillies. Yum!



What about putting veggies in your tacos? I grew up vegetarian so we piled ours HIGH with beans, lettuce, avocado, olives, onions, cilantro, tomatoes and salsa. I still like mine that way even tho I'm not veg anymore.

I'd make a big vegetable salsa/salad type thing with diced cucumber, tomatoes, onions maybe avocado if you like and then a squeeze of lime juice over it! yum! 

I like fresh salsa with celery, bell peppers, and cucumber to dip with!

Hummus with veggies

refried beans!  and, yes, you can make them healthier for you by using no-salt-added canned beans, rinsing them well, then putting the beans in the food processor with a little bit of water and extra-virgin olive oil. (2 tbs water, 1 tsp EVOO)  In a skillet, sautee 1/4 cup finely chopped onion and 1/2 clove garlic in 1tsp EVOO until onions are starting to caramelize and garlic is melting, then add in the processed beans and heat on low until everything's nice and hot. 

another option- hominy!  I dont really have a recipe for this one, because my favorite way to eat it is straight out of the can, but its got a great texture and would go great with tacos.

A side of steamed broccoli goes with everything.

A black bean & corn salad would be good too

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