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Is V8 100% Vegetable Juice really a good option?

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One of the few healthy things my college cafeteria has on campus is V8 Original juice. I almost enjoy the flavor (it's almost like a Bloody Mary without alcohol, right?), and it obviously covers three servings of my vegetables for the day. But, I don't find it to be very filling, and I was always told you should try not to drink your calories. And, with my diet in mind, I'm beginning to wonder if it's worth the calories.. and the money spent (they're not really bad but water is free). I think the bottle they have is like 70 calories or something, since it's 12 oz, so it's really not that much. But, if there are better ways to spend 70 calories, I'd rather do it that way.

Anyone here drink the 100% Vegetable juice regularly?

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I could never do it because I hate the flavor of drinking my veggies. 

You could always go about just eating the vegetables. The juice has no fiber in it- which is the BIG player in feeling full (protein and fat are both MVPs, but in this case we'll focus on Fiber). sure, V8 has the nutrients of vegetables, but without the roughage, you won't feel full. It is chock full of sodium though, which can lead to bloating and what SEEMS like a jump in the scale. So there's that to take into account.

I, myself, am not a fan of the thought of drinking calories unless you are coming up short on your daily allotment. You'd be able to savor your vegetables, and feel more satisfied, by eating them in the long run.

Or you can have both. No one is stopping you. 


I went to a nutrionist and asked that question and she actually told me the quality of the vegetables they use in the drinks are not that great and it would be better to eat the vegetable.

So I am not sure really........


it's mainly tomato based with a tiny bit of other veggies. If it actually had equal amounts of veggies, it would be a dirty green/brown color and no one would buy it... so yeah you're not exactly getting that much nutrition.

It's better then nothing, like maybe if you're stuck on an airplane and the choice is between a V8 and a Pepsi... but 99% of the time you should eat WHOLE vegetables; you'll get more nutrients as well as fiber-- and plus they taste WAY better. 

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