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UK Fish and Chips, calorie help.

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does anyone have an idea of guess of how many calories are in a standard fish and chips?

My local chip shop gives me ...

149 g of battered haddock
201g of chips

does any one have any idea how to calculate the calories for this?

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just in case you don't know what fish and chips are ...
here's a fish and chips platter - could be used as an estimate.  It shows a serving as 290g, so you could use another fraction of a serving to get it up to the 350g.  However, this doesnt specify the type of fish or anything... 7844.html

and are there really people who dont know what fish and chips are? 
i bet most do know what fish and chips are, but how many know about bangers and mash? worth a trip to the uk just for that! hmmm, maybe it's time to start planning a maintenance day and a trip!
Here's the listing for breaded or battered fried fish 047.html

Then just look up french fries

That way you can get the amounts in correctly
Aren't bangers and mash just sausage and potatos?  When I was in London, I ate mostly Indian food, go figure.

I don't know- but i'm really looking forward to a chip buttie with loads of brown sauce (hold the fish) I'm going home to Scotland to see my family in August and thats probably the first thing i'll eat when i get off the plane- calories be dammned- i cant wait!!!!!!
MASHED POTATOOS AND SAUAGES..yeh. haha my god thats strange peeps not knowing that or chips! then again i had no idea rubebagus or whatver it is was swede, i spent AGES looking swede up on here till someone told me the US call it something else -.-"

o.0 fish and chips large potion i DO know the caloires. Reused oil, you think its low? bah

1,045 calories and 65g of fat per large potation of fish and chips. medium is arounf 800 and 50g i think
i am soo having fish and chips as soon as i go back to england, with a side of onions rings and a deep fat fried mars bar lol (ill shar with my friends so its no as bad as when i used to eat a whole thing by myself!! (admitadly i could never finish the chips)
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