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do u eat kinda what u want on Christmas Day and Christmas Eve or no?

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I want to eat Christmas food and stuff cause partly I don't want to be left out while every one is eating pie and stuff); so are u gonna eat kinda what u want or are just gonna stick to your daily calorie intake or healthy eating ruteen? I want to get in the Christmas spirit more but I just don't know if il gain weight from those 2 days-.- will I? Should I eat Christmas food or just my regular day stuff?
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Dec 24 2012 03:14
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I kinda stuffed myself with Chinese food a day early. But tomorrow is another day.

Personally no, I have no desire to eat bad things.

But dont let it ruin your Christmas.

Do you wanna live your whole life always eating the same amount of calories and never enjoying good food just because you went over a "calorie limit"? Millions of people will be stuffing themselves and they all will be fine. So will you.

I used Thanksgiving for "practice" and worked on not eating my favorite foods during the holidays.  I cut out breads/grains, starches, and sugars a few days before the holiday.  I ate however much I wanted within those guidelines -- tons of veggies, some cheese, some meat.  It was tough, and I was jealous of my family members and those people that were eating the "forbidden" foods, but I felt AWESOME after leaving dinner, even though I ate a ton! 

Since Thanksgiving, I've lost a lot of weight just sticking within those guidelines and practicing some portion control.  I'm so happy with my weight loss that I'm going to stick with my guidelines -- I honestly can't even imagine eating breads/grains, starches, sugars right now, and I think the hard part for me is going to stick within appropriate portions.

The thing, for me, with taking breaks is that I've never been able to take a real break.  Some people can, I can't. 

It's my birthday today (the 24th) so we are going out for dinner!


Aha happy b day(:

I don't. I personally don't get all excited for food anymore. 

^ Happy Birthday to the person up there!

Yes!! I eat healthy and work out six days a week all year round. So heck yes I indulge

I say one day won't do any harm especially if you are a regular exerciser and eat well most of the time. When I had bad stages of anorexia I would try to ignore certain foods, it left me moody and felt like I was missing out. Go ahead and enjoy the holiday season with all the yummy foods!

I ate rice crispy treats and a few cookies and veggies,couple bagel chips-I was so scared but did it except I have severe edema right now and hurts to touch. I am used to eating 700-900 daily hoping to fight anorexia after so many years.

we are making a healthy dinner yum!

I always eat what I want to eat on ANY holiday because I am obsessed with salmon, squash, chestnuts, roasted brussels sprouts, salads, etc - Basically I am not "turned on" by unhealthy gravies, desserts, fatty cuts of meat, rice, etc.

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