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How to "tweak" my favorite breakfast to make it healthier?

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In the mornings there is nothing I enjoy more than pancakes with butter and syrup with a side of sausage. Obviously this isn't a healthy choice but I don't know if I could give it up entirely. I would like some ideas on substitutes or healthier alternatives. Thank you! 

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Maybe you should replace the pancakes with rice cakes, and get rid of the sausage all together. Probably the butter too, and make the syrup no sugar. In other words, have some self control!

Good luck with your fitness goals in 2011. Remember lift hard and take a multi.

Thanks for your reply but I'll wait for some other suggestions. I don't think replacing what I'd prefer to eat for something so drastically different would help me. You see, I have been bulimic for over 10 years and so far the only thing that helps my binge/purge cycle is to eat "regular" foods in moderation. I don't have this breakfast everyday obviously... I don't assosiated starvation or deprivation with self-control... not anymore anyway... It took years of therapy and alot of meds to get to where I am. I'm alot happier, just would like to slim down in a better fashion than purging and starving myself. I just would like a healthier alternative, not a completely different meal. 

Try making some variations on pancakes

(there are tons of recipes, but here are some ideas: ectly_healthy_pancake_recipes )

Peanut butter (or your favorite nut butter) is AH-mazing with pancakes, and provides healthy fats and proteins.

Opt for honey over syrup (fresh fruit would be even better, if you'd like).

Lastly, try low fat turkey/chicken sausage in place of your regular (you can cut over half of the grease this way.  Eggs would also be a great substitute, but they're quite a bit different than sausage (obviously:P).

These little changes will give you a meal that appears/tastes similar to the original, but is much healthier!

Maybe whole wheat pancakes with margarine and lite syrup (or a smaller amount of real syrup which I think tastes better).. along with turkey or veggie sausage..

Or you could just do the same you've always done with the pancakes and just alternate it with other breakfasts as well. I don't think having that a couple times a week is unhealthy at all.

Buy a whole grain or multi-grain pancake mix. Or you could even make your own pancakes with whole wheat flour or brown rice flour. Use raw honey instead of syrup. Add fresh fruit if you want... As for your sausages, buy a low or reduced fat turkey, chicken, or veggie sausage. They taste just as good. 

Sometimes I make whole wheat pancakes from scratch. But I find it a lot easier to just use a whole grain mix. I follow the directions just as they are except instead of using 1 whole egg, I use 2-3 egg whites. Sometimes I add almonds or blueberries to the pancake mix. So delicious! 

Pay attention to serving sizes and you should be good. Gluck. 

Do you make your own pancakes? You could make a few batches and freeze, or mix up the dry ingredients for your own pancake mix.. Look up recipes for something like zucchini, apple, flax, or maybe banana pancakes.. include cinnamon, allspice.. some fruit.. depends what you consider healthy though

I also LOVE pancakes so what I do is make my own. Usually banana or apple, I substitute some of the flour for oats (making it much slower to digest since oats are full of fiber) and covering the pancake with applesauce. They are still delicious but you don't get all the "guilt" calories that come from eating butter and syrup. 

Ok a healther pancake, which I feed my kids. Far less sugar, more fiber, more protien than normal pancakes and my now 19 and 22 year old still ask for them.  I make a big batch and freeze them for their dorm rooms.  Quick easy and satasfies the morning fix. 

3/4 cups all purpose flour

3/4 cups whole wheat flour

3 Tablespoons Nevella sweetner

1¾ tablespoons baking powder

1/2 teaspoon salt

1½ cups Almond milk

3 tablespoons melted no salt butter

2 egg beaters (equal to 2 eggs)

½ teaspoon vanilla

1/2 package resees peanut butter chips

3 scoops whey protien powder(enought so you get about 10g per cake)


Now here is the part answers is it healther

The whole wheat four adds fiber and whole grains

THe nevella is 0 cal

The resees chips will make them so syrup is not required, trust me on this. And they have less sugar then syrup.

The protien powder will replace the sausage,

Cottage cheese pancakes or pumpkin pancakes with oats are phenomenal, and would help to increase the protein and/or fibre in your pancakes. I don't have the recipes with me right now, but you should be able to find something online.

Real maple syrup is the best, so I wouldn't touch that, but I find adding blueberries or apples to my pancakes allows me to use less syrup and still get all the flavour.

Good luck on a breakfast sausage substitute. Lucky for me I prefer ham or peameal bacon anyways.

I strongly believe in eating real food, in moderation. Real butter, maple syrup, whole eggs, and sausage are way healthier than margarine, artificially sweetened syrup, eggbeaters, and meat substitute any day! You may have to reduce your portion sizes, but what you do eat will be tastier, more nutritious, and more satisfying.

I'd suggest switching to a whole grain flour for the pancakes, and experimenting with adding oats, shredded carrots, or canned pumpkin for additional vitamins and fiber.

Try simmering blueberries, sliced strawberries, peaches, or diced apple pieces in a little bit of real maple syrup to make a sweet, maple-y fruit topping. It will keep in the fridge for a week or so. You'll be consuming less sugar overall, and adding more nutrients.

Chicken and turkey sausage tend to be lower in calories than pork sausage. Try to choose a sausage that's lower in sodium and doesn't have any added preservatives.

I think that you should have your pancakes and sausage exactly the way you like one morning a week.  Alternatively, you could make small changes in the way you prepare them.  Use Egg Beaters instead of egg and skim milk.  How about using a whole wheat mix or flour?  For topping, you could go with honey, sugar-free syrup or maybe thaw some frozen fruit and use them for a topping.  You could even use low-calorie whipped topping to dress it up even more.  For the sausage, you could try turkey sausage or maybe you'd like some of the vegan choices that are offered by Morningstar Farms.  I haven't tried the vegan sausage, but I do like the veggie burgers they make.  I suggest you just play around with your recipes and look for ways to cut calories without cutting your enjoyment.  That seems to be the real secret here.  Good luck! 

Have you tried crepes? They're lower in calories and easy to make! Also buy a lower cal butter supp., and sugar free syrup! And as for the sausage, you should try a turkey/chicken/vegetarian sausage. There are great options these days!


Good luck! <3

I make "pancakes" every morning... here are my variations:

- Pea Protein Powder (vanilla), Egg Whites, Cinnamon & Stevia

- Roasted Butternut Squash Cubes, Egg Whites, Cinnamon & Stevia

- Pea Protein Powder, Egg Whites, Pureed Pumpkin, Stevia

- Pureed Pumpkin & Egg Whites & Pumpkin Pie Spice & Stevia

- Rice Bran Powder, Egg Whites, Cinnamon & Stevia

There are a number of low fat pork sausages varietys around, turkey sausages are an option. I tend to go for better sausages with a higher meat content 80% or more its higher in cals per sausage but one is more filling then 3 or 4 regular sausages so less cals over all and there far taister. Pork and apple are my favoret prick them with a fork and grill to allowe any excess fat run away.

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