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Turkey without sodium nitrate?

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I keep looking in the lunchmeat section of my supermarket for this and I can't find any turkey that doesn't have nitrate. Do you know any brands that don't have any?

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Unfortunately, in order to avoid this common preservative, you will probably need to buy fresh turkey breast and roast it on your own. Commercially available "lunch meats" almost have to have some form of sodium preservative in order to last long enough to be packaged, transported, sold and held in your refrigerator long enough for you to safely consume them.

If you have a trade joes anywhere near you look there. I have bought uncured bacon which didn't contain sodium nitrate.

Thanks beachwalker! I haven't tried these yet. I see Walmart carries them.

You are welcome.  :)

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Thanks for your replies everybody. I don't have a Trader Joe's near me (sadly), but I will have to go to Walmart to look for that Hormel product.

You can also try your deli. If you ask them they will let you read the labels on the back of their lunch meats. There is few that doesnt have it in them. And when there is not a good sale on the deli meat I get the hormel.

You mean sodium nitrite? They are two different things. :)


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Yes, I meant sodium nitrate.

I think Boar's Head brand deli meats are all natural.  They are only sold freshly sliced in the deli, not in packages.  Several of their meats and at least one cheese have American Heart Association seals too (for low fat and low sodium)

Oscar Meyer makes a 'natural' turkey and chicken which do NOT have nitrates in them. They taste pretty good too... look in the pre-packaged lunchmeat section, and it says 'natural' on it in big letters.

try hormel to avoid nitrates .It comes in a brown box .A&P has it. I also found fresh field at either whole foods or shop and stop

Fresh Fields chicken is the best deli meat that I have had .I do not agree about oscar meyer .I think someone needs to read closer

They sell these at Wal-mart.

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