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In comparison to regular bacon? I've never tried the turkey bacon better for you? Taste somewhat similar?  The way I cook my bacon now is to put it in the microwave on my Makin' Bacon, about a minute per slice. Does the turkey bacon cook the same way?
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i think it tastes the same, i really like it and it has less cals and is healthier in general compared to regular bacon.
tastes like salt...
Hogue1-Well then, it tastes like regular bacon, doesn't it?
If you can find uncured, organic, turkey bacon, it's a lot healthier than pork bacon.  I find that it doesn't cook up as crisp.  It's a bit chewy.  But if you want bacon flavor, it's the way to go.
I love turkey bacon!  It is chewy and not as greasy tasting.  We went to Cracker Barrel yesterday morning for breakfast and I got turkey sausage for the first time.  It was wonderful!  My stomach just can't take all the grease that is in the traditional meats of breakfast foods.  You should try it!
I like turkey sauage better than turkey bacon. I will eat it but don't think it taste like reg bacon. It has it own kind of taste. My son loves it.
thought I'd just add to the bacon posts:

I LOVE bacon but started worying about all the ingredients, fat, etc.  Last year tried Morning Star soy bacon.  It looks like bacon.  2 slices have 60 calories.  I now eat it guilt free.

I use this in my BLT sandwiches, and when I have bacon and eggs.  Even one night when I was having a salt craving. 

One favorite 150 calories snack is Morning Star soy, corn dogs.
I really like the Jennie-O turkey bacon, maybe even more than regular bacon. It's not the healthiest thing in the world, but it's only 35 calories a slice. 
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i was a semi vegitarian for a few years and did not eat pork, i instead had turkey bacon several times and found it quite tasty, however i am not a fanatical bacon devotee so the difference wasnt a problem for me, it may be for you.
Turket bacon yakes some getting used to.  But after a while it tastes great.  And if you eat regular bacon it will make you sick with all of the grease.

I think that turkey sausage is awsome!! It tastes exactly the same and it is guilt free!! :D
Love it!  Thats all I buy.  My daughter goes creazy for it.
Yuck...doesn't taste even close to normal bacon and if you look closely at the nutritonal info, it's not that much better.  I would just use the real stuff in moderation.  Regular bacon has 35 calories a slice, so I don't even get the point.
i buy Jennie-O Extra Lean Turkey Bacon. it's only 20 cals per slice. it tastes a little different, but not horrible. everyone in my family (even the non-health-food-eaters) will eat it. i really like it. but just a tip- if you cook it too long in the microwave, you're microwave will smell like bacon everytime you make something in it for the rest of the day, but i don't mind the smell of bacon lol.
I don't care as much for it by itself, but think it tastes great on salads, in omlettes, blt really can't tell the difference when added to other components!
I've only ever had in in W/W eggwhite wraps with lowfat swiss and loved it....couldn't really tell the difference.  However I have never eaten it on it's own.
There's a definite difference in texture if you eat a piece plain, but it tastes about the same.  If I put it in a BLT, I don't notice the difference.
I use Butterball Turkey Bacon, and its quite good. Its not as crispy as pork bacon, but it cooks waaay better, no fat spatter, no smell that wont go away for three days, and you really dont need to squeeze the fat out with paper towels. Its the best ever. I also love it because its not as salty as pork bacon.

I wonder if Chicken Bacon is any good either... its more fatty I think...
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