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ok, so i just made tuna salad for the week, put on toast or on a salad of greens.  But I am looking at the label, and the can says it has 2.5 servings.  Which means that 2 cans is 5 servings, and add 2 TBS of light mayo with celery and mustard, and relish, the whole thing, 5 servings is like 400 calories. That is so sad to me because 1 can seems like a serving to me.  I find it hard to believe that one can has 2.5 servings in it.  Please someone tell me I am reading my can wrong.
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Nope, you're reading the can correctly.
But 50 calories in 1/4 cup of canned tuna doesn't give you very much energy.  It is not unreasonable to eat more than one "serving" of tuna in a meal that has 200-500 calories.
if you ate a can's worth of tuna with a tbsp of mayo, wouldn't that make it 200 calories though? you couldn't even fit that much on a sandwich.

I eat 150 calories of canned tuna at a time (that's a 6oz can of BumbleBee Chunk White Tuna).... 2.5 servings according to the can label.

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Before US govt standardized nutrition labels, the mini 2.7 size tuna can which was assigned to be 1 serving size.  

The normal 6oz can then comes in at 2.5 servings. 

As a protein it does seem like too small a measurement for a serving but since it is most commanly a sandwich item, I guess its not as strange for a mini 2.7 can to be serving.

Its a matter of not getting caught up in servings and work with the calories.
I decided to break the 2 can mixture into thirds, and that makes a sandwich of 226 in my best estimation since figure that the total would be about 400 (sorry, I didn't count the teaspoon of mustard or the celery, and relish has 0)...will bring that sandwich with a salad that will be about 205 and figure for lunch that is pretty good.
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I felt the same way because there was no way that half a can would fill me up! I drained all the water out of the can and then weighed the turned out my can only had 2.5 ounces when according to the label it was supposed to have 5 ounces! This may not always be the case but sometimes weighing the food is a better estimate than the "serving size" indicated! Hope this helps!
I always eat the whole can, with a TB of mayo (or nonfat yogurt, when I'm dieting and not in maintenance) and tons of capers. But I don't eat sandwiches - i put the whole thing on top of a salad!

If I was eating a sandwich, I'd only use half the can.

I used to eat a whole can on one sandwich with a Tbsp of Best Foods (Hellman's), Mmmm.  Now, I break a can into 2 meals with reduced fat Best Foods.  I never thought of the nonfat yogurt idea, is it better than the nasty reduced fat mayo?

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