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How much truvia do you use?

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So, I use 2t truvia to 1 cup yogurt plus lotsa fruit. Is that alot? What are your ratios?

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I buy the Truvia packets and use one packet per cup of yogurt, bowl of oatmeal, etc.  I also use about a half a packet in each cup of coffee (2 cups in the morning, 2 in the afternoon).  I have no idea if this is too much, but I know I go through the packets pretty fast!

i use zero truvia, zero artificial sweeteners, and almost zero sugar. sometimes i have honey on my toast.

wots truvia?

i get the packets. I have 1 packet in my oatmeal and 1/2 a packet per 1 cup-3/4 cup yogurt. so usually 1.5 packets a day. 

And truvia is a Zero calorie sweetener. It's really good and does not tastes artificial or have a  chemical taste like Splenda etc..It's actually really good for you. It's made from stevia, and it's equivalent in taste to 2 tsp of real sugar for 1 packet. 

I love truvia, in the past I was using up to 10 packets a day (I def think that is WAY too much!). Now I only use a pack a day in my coffee in the morning.

I might occasionally put 1/3 of a pack in my tea, but I can't really use it in things like oatmeal or anything else because it seems to take on a strange minty aftertaste.


My husband says the same thing!  I guess I just must be used to it.  In fact, there are times when I run out of Truvia and have to add reg. sugar to my coffee and I hate the taste of it.  Weird, huh?



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