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The truth about "0" calorie Parkay Butter Spray

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For all of you who pours on the butter spray instead of actually spritzing my veggies, I learned some hard truth today. Parkay spray really isn't a freebie. Here's an excerpt from the blog I read (actually read 2 that said the same was a reply from Parkay people, so it must be true.

"Once again, we run afoul of labeling loopholes. Yes, in the serving size listed on the package ( 1 - 5 sprays) the product is legally zero. But, it is not actually zero in any quantity.

In fact, Parkay Spray has .8 calories in 1 spray and 4 calories in 5 sprays. Fat content is .085 grams in 1 spray, .4 grams in 5 sprays. That means that in the entire bottle there are 832 total calories from 93 grams of fat. "

That means I've been pouring 50-80 calories in my pots of carrots/cabbage/corn/green beans.

Boo Hoo......but I knew it was too good to be true.

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Same with Diet Coke, at less than 1 calorie per 8 oz. They explain on their website that they are allowed to round down anything less than 5 calories. In fact, the Diet Coke site says the FDA "requires" that they round down less than 5 calories to zero calories.

Anytime you read "O calories" or "0 trans fat", it means there can be any amount under a gram.  "No Calories" or "No Trans fat" means there can not be any. 

Have you tried cooking your veggies in/with broth? 

NOTHING has 0 calories besides water
Original Post by minie13:

NOTHING has 0 calories besides water

 One more thing that doesn't have calories - salt. I use it to punch up vegetables so I don't have to use so much of that butter spray stuff. If your sensitive to sodium you could try "half salt". Half sodium/ half potasium.

I get the "becel spray" which is "0"calories, but really works out to about 4 or 5,  I realize you said "pots" so that 50-80cals probably isn't just your serving. So your getting like 10-20cals a serving... which isn't bad compared to butter.

When I went to mexico where they have different nutrition labela and label everythin kilocals, it showed all of the "calorie free" calorie counts.

I think the law here is it can be called calorie free if it has 5 or less calories per serving.

Well thats just stupid... ive never used ONE spray.

who's ever gone "ya know what, i only need ONE spray for my english muffin... thats all the buttery goodness i need"


"three sprays is WAAAYYYYY too much, i dont think i can handle a whole three sprays, im going to only limit myself to ONE. more than ONE will over do it"


"guys, only ONE spray... I'm driving tonight"

the more I'm writing, the more im laughing and getting aggrivated at the same time

This is so depressing since i'm sitting here with an EMPTY bowl in front of me. 10 minutes ago it had popcorn and butter spray on it. I knew that it had some calories but i didnt realize that much.

The popcorn was good though :-)

I hate to be a kill joy, but doesn't anyone read the labels?    This information is clearly labeled - at least in Canada.   The spray is to allow you to add butter flavor to foods once they are cooked - I certainly wouldn't cook anything in the spray - and why would you cook vegetables with butter or oil anyway?   Steam or microwave with a touch of water to maintain the maximum amount of nutrients, at which point 2 - 5 spritzes per serving is plenty. Any more than that and you aren't tasting the food - just butter.  If you don't like those veggies unless drowned in butter flavor, try other vegetables.  You can also try fresh herbs, or a mix of dry herbs - without salt.  There are a lot of brands out there that are yummy, not just Mrs. Dash (although those are good).

As for popcorn, I spritz it on my 100 calorie package - I pop it and then pour it into a bowl, stopping twice to add 2 spritzes.  It makes the entire bowl at approximately 105 calories and the % fat (on a low fat popcorn pkg) still below 25%.


totally not labeled in the U.S. (but not a shocker). I even logged 50 sprays in CC to check if there were any calories in it and it said ZERO.

Is it just the same as light butter spreads for the same weight?  I've wondered if I melt a half tablespoon (25) of i can't believe its not butter light on my popcorn instead of using 25 sprays, will it taste more buttery....  Maybe its the same calorie count per gram and they just make it more like liquid to try and trick you.

On another note, does anyone know the calories in PAM?

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Beyond squirtable butter spray is non-stick cooking spray where a serving size of "0" calories is usually equal to "1/10 of a second spray"......Can you count to 10 in 1 second?  I know I cannot.  Nor would I think that to be an acceptable amount of spray to keep my eggs from sticking to my pan.

PAM is 7 calories for a 1 second spray.

haahaha @#5

"whoa whoa, just one spritz for me, any more than that goes right to my hips!"
Original Post by bbrain:

For all of you who pours on the butter spray instead of actually spritzing my veggies, ....

Well, first of all, I would never spritz your veggies.  Wink

And I gotta say, I'm wondering about why someone would pour something that is meant to be sprayed (isn't that why it's in a spray bottle?).  Besides, the whole concept of misting the butter flavor is so the amount on the food is limited.  If it's poured on, it's kind of defeating the purpose of having a spray, and you might as well be getting a tub of Parkay and melting tablespoons of it in the microwave.

When I use the Parkay or ICBINB spray, I find the 5 sprays to be plenty, depending on the amount of veggies.

In the US, everything on the label for parkay spray or ICB its not butter spray says 0 (other than sodium).  If I'm using either of these for a recipe, any idea how many cal, fat, etc per spoonful?

.....what?  You're pouring it on?  How does that even work with a pressurized container...


But, that's sad about PAM.  I've been getting about 14 calories more than I thought.

Just another reason to avoid convenience foods altogether and a reminder that nothing in life is   Use herbs and spices to jazz up your food, almost no calories and way better for you than a chemical concoction made in a factory ...

Well just to check, I logged in 500 sprays of "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" spray and it still came up 0 calories.  I don't know if it's different from Parkay but it still said 0 calories after a ridiculous amount of sprays.  That's the one I use.  It really does taste like butter to me and I see 0 calories not matter how much or how little I use.

Caver, what they are doing on the website is using the rounded down calorie value of "0" and then multiplying by 500, which is of course still zero.   If you think of what that bottle really is, it's a bottle of oil/butter/fat.  It's 9 calories per gram and no computer glitch is going to change that.  A 200 ml or 8 oz bottle for example will contain 1800 calories.   Just because a spritz is 1 or 2/1800 of a bottle and falls under some aritificial threshold for measurement, doesn't mean it's zero calories...and you're fooling yourself if you believe it does...

Well I really don't use that much, I was just checking.  I usually spray my english muffin that I have for breakfast a few times and then a couple of sprays on my veggies at dinner.  I don't think I'm using all that much.  I might be getting a couple of extra calories in the day but since I always strive for between 700 and 1000 deficit I think I'm ok.

I C B Its Not Butter Spray and Parkay Spray do not come in pressurized containers--in the US anyway.  So to do recipes, I may measure per tablespoon, in order to substitute for real butter.  Any idea how much fat/ calories in a tablespoon...or any kind of spoon measurement?

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