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I binged tonight and I think the root of all evil is the several servings of dried fruit I had. I've noticed that any sort of consumption of dried fruit triggered a binge... maybe I should stay away. Embarassed  What are your triggers?

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Maybe you're letting yourself get too hungry?

Alcohol, and too much restriction.

Alcohol = kebabs or pizza

chocolate = more chocolate

White bread.. once I start eating it I can't stop. And what's worse I load it with tonnes of butter, peanut butter or cheese.

That's why I tend to only buy wholegrain bread because I have to keep it in the freezer to keep it fresh and only like it toasted, so eating it becomes a relatively time consuming process rather than just grabbing it out of the bag.




Hunger. Its like the only foods that fill me up are junk foods. :(

yep, dried fruit is a binge trigger for me. So are nuts.

But now that I eat a bit more during the day I don't really binge much at all.

Hunger. D=

Boredom & stress....guess I'm an "emotional eater".

if i have a taste of something it becomes dangerous and i'll splurge on it.... for instance this past friday we had cake in my office for someone's birthday. i said no at first... but while we were cleaning up i was covering what was left of the cake and got some frosting on my finger and so i licked it... and it was downhill from there! so yeah after 2 pieces of cake and a crappy eating weekend i am now up 2 lbs this morning! lol oh well i'll just hope to get back on track this week.

Wild fluctuations in my blood sugar triggers my binge reflex.  I try very hard to moderate my blood sugar throughout the day.  If I feel that insatiable hunger coming on, I'll add something sweet like strawberry yogurt towards mid day.  It's important that I catch it before I'm out of control.  Otherwise, by by fridge!!

Usually either Saturday or Sunday each week, my partner and I will have a lovely breakfast of a homemade cheese and onion omelet along with diced fried potatoes.  We don't use oil, just no-calorie spray butter and non-stick pans, so really a moderately healthy breakfast.

It's probably my favorite meal of the week.  Unfortunately, despite having eaten more than plenty, I just want to eat and eat and eat afterwards - like I just can't get full. 

Not sure what the problem actually is there, though I always assumed it was the potatoes.  I probably only eat either food by itself (potatoes and eggs) and not as a component of some dish just that one time a week, so I guess it could be either.

Needless to say, I work really hard to ignore the cravings, so that I DON'T binge.

certain foods trigger me: PB, raisins, crackers, cookies, anything junk food, etc etc

also, being too hungry

anything triggers me lol. from making coffee to just eating a salad or being around food or acutally thinking about it loll.

Make sure you eat enough throughout the day. If you know they trigger you, stay away from them until you find a moment that you can just enjoy a little piece. and bingeing sometimes isnt that bad!

haha a looot of things...mostly restriction, hunger, stress/anxiety, and any of my fear foods (they're fear foods because before this ed, I binged and they were my trigger fods:/ )


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Alcohol, and too much restriction.


Booze makes me want anything I restricted from having earlier in the week.

Having to eat out with friends.

I figure, I'm here, get what I want. Yeah I want that Mushroom Burger from Carls Jr with a Milkshake please. I'll just count it as one out of my three bad meals a week... that happen more than 3 times a week. And if it's a stressful day at work, I'll even feel entitled to it.

Foods that trigger a binge for me: Cookies, Cheesecake, Pie, Brownies, Hot Cheetos, Wheat thins

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