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Can You Train Yourself To Like Certain Foods?

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I don't like almonds.

I can taste them ground up in cookies and I won't even finish the cookie if the person who baked them isn't looking. I can't help but spit them out when I find them in granola bars. I even bought vanilla granola with almonds in them figuring I could ignore the 2 or 3 that ended up in my yogurt (and so far I think that experiment is failing since 2 just ended up in the trash)

I know it isn't necessary for everyone to like everything - but is there a good way to become more tolerable of foods we don't like?

I keep trying - but I keep not liking them. I trained myself to eat yogurt by trying them over and over again with fruit and other things mixed in to start (turns out its the full fat yogurt I don't like). I'm working on learning to enjoy eggs by making omlettes and adding other ingredients to get more familiar with them. 

At this point though - I am thinking I should just give up on the almonds.

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If you really dont like them why force yourself?  Do you enjoy any other nuts or seeds?  Brazil nuts are also very good for you, and other nuts like cashews, peanuts, macadamia, pistachio, hazelnuts, walnuts, etc etc will also give you some of the goodies that are in almonds.  Seeds such as pine nuts, linseeds, sunflower and pumpkin seeds are also good for you! Try some alternatives :)

Tastes change with time. I used to hate ice cream, but now I can eat a little every now and then. I didn't train myself to like it, but after almost a decade of avoiding it, I'm again okay with eating it in moderation. As a kid, I was a very picky eater, but as I grew up, I exposed myself to a variety of foods and told myself that I will try everything at least once. I don't eat things I don't like (like basil, I can't stand even a little bit of it as garnish on my noodles, which makes me avoid any kind of Thai food unfortunatelly), but there are many other things I do like or can comfortably eat.

That said, what you are doing is alright. If there are foods you'd like to get used to, try them every now and then in different forms. Don't force yourself to eat them, and try to eat them in situations you enjoy. That might sound irrelevant, but it does help. Food is just something you get used to and if you can associate it with something pleasant, it will be a lot easier.

I find that it is easier to learn to like healthy foods that have a great texture. I love biting into a great big carrot that makes a big noise. Or cereal that is super hard. Try healthy foods that have a satisfying crunch!

I too was a picky eater as a kid. And not always for good reasons except for the mental "i don't like ____". I realized a couple of years ago to be more open minded and not just cancel out foods so quickly.

Generally I don't like nuts. I have always liked peanuts (but they're a legume!) and only in the last year have given cashews and pistachios a go. I also hate walnuts, hazelnuts, brazil & macadamia nuts.

Almonds just seem to be in everything. They're in all kinds of granola and granloa bars and cereals and are always such a well respected healthy nut to be able to have a hand full of them seems to be such a treat for others.

I'll choke them down when I need to - but I was just wondering what other peoples methods of learning to like "new" foods.


I think it is possible sometimes. I trained myself to like kimchi, and cabbage in general, when I came to Korea but I hated it when I lived in the US. It took me a good 6 months to enjoy kimchi. There are some things though that it doesn't matter how hard I try, my taste never changes- seafood, mushrooms and broccoli: three things I'd love to enjoy but can't do it...

You could try almond butter? It doesn't taste the same as raw almonds and is really nice on sandwiches or spread onto bread, or to dip raw vegetables in.

i'm a huuge almond fan

I wouldn't neceassarily look at it as 'forcing' yourself to eat something - its more about perseverance and broadening your horizons to include many tasty and healthy new foods! Keep at it :D

I used to really dislike salmon, but I read so much about its health benefits and always thought it looked appetising, but the taste never appealed to me. I started to order it in restaurants (as they always cook things in nice tasting ways!) and discovered it was actually ok and I will eat it quite happily now after trying it a few times and getting used to the texture and flavour.

Also, wait until you are really hungry before you try a new food - your body is more likely to accept the new food with appreciation - it is surprising what we will eat and enjoy when we are at our hungriest (as an example - think how wonderful something tastes when we are hungry - a piece of plain, dry bread with a bit of cheese can taste like the best thing in the world when I am hungry, whereas if I wasn't so hungry I could easily take it or leave it)

I truly believe our taste buds mature and change, and we should keep testing ourselves every few months to branch out and enjoy all there is to try out there.

Best of luck

If you really dislike a certain food there isn't any point in trying to 'make' yourself eat it. Sure you might be able to force it down, but that won't make for an enjoyable meal. There are plenty of other foods in the world besides almonds, so I wouldn't worry.

You do get used to things from having them more. The first time I tried Kashi go lean I thought it was vile stuff... I just don't like it plain, but if I put something with it to give it more flavour it's yummy. Try your disliked food in small amounts and different combinations if you really want to get used to eating it.

I guess saying "i'll choke them down" makes it sound like I'm force feeding myself almonds on a daily basis when I'm really not.

I just find they are a common ingredient in so many things.... so sometimes I'll  come across them unexpected. And I can consume them. I'd just rather not. Or I'd rather learn to enjoy them like so many other people rather than to pick them out of things or worse - spit them out!  

Yeah, you're weird.  Try eating nuts combined with fruit, it's sweeter. 

When I switched from instant oatmeal (maple and brown sugar) to quick-cooking oats I gagged every time I ate them.  Now I actually look forward to breakfast, and find that I like the taste- it took maybe a month or so for my taste buds to adjust, but I'm not sure if it's like that for everyone.

No one will ever make me eat liver, sweat breads or brains. 

I know that for me i cant train myself to enjoy certain foods no matter what i do to it. To this day I still hate peas, celery, pickles, and mustard. I dont really worry about it as long as I eat plenty of the vegetables I do like. U cant go wrong with broccolli, green beans, carrots, sweet potato squash etc.

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