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Top (Rice) Cake!

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Hi, I just bought plenty of Kallo Rice Cakes but I'm completely uninspired with regards to what to put on them. I mean I looked round the house and for serious I just ended up mixing a bit of Flora (I'm sorry, ok!) and spices together and made it an icky rice cake sandwich. Not good. Heck, I want to enjoy these things. If I eat another solitary rice cakes I'm going to start resenting them.

So I was wondering if you guys could share some of the best recipes you have for your rice cakes, please. Preferably cheap. (I have to fund my own healthy food plan, thanks parents!)  

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I love to put a spoonful of cottage cheese and a spoonful of pumpkin on mine!  With a sprinkle of cinnamon too =)

Or peanut butter and jelly is yummy

or sliced tofu and garlic powder/onion salt

or some spaghetti sauce and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese

I love rice cakes but I've had to stop keeping them in the house because I end up eating a whole container/bag whenever I have one for a snack =\

Some refried black beans any other sort of beans. A touch of cheese on top and some taco sauce. I put mine in the microwave for a bit and its heaven.

i'm eat too many rice cakes for my own good.  some things to do w/them:

break them up and eat them like rice puffs w/soy milk.

have them w/egg+low fat cheese+spinach omlette at breakfast

put mayo on them w/turkey or chicken

top them w/egg salad/chicken salad/tuna salad

layer cottage cheese and tomato sauce (or the canned del monte zucchini in tomato) and sprinkle w/parmesan or mozzarella

slice up steak or london broil.  microwave for 40 seconds, then top w/slice of provolone cheese for 30 seconds.  remove from micro and put it on the rice cake.  healthy philly cheesesteak!

plain w/butter and jelly, or cream cheese and jelly is also yummy.  you can make a parfait out of the chocolate ones or apple cinnamon rice cakes, by layering them in a bowl w/frozen yogurt.

i just have mine with honey and it does the trick :)

Spread a Laughing Cow cheese wedge over the rice cake. I just use the light original kind. It is soooo simple but so good!

Buying popchips brand, and not having to put anything extra on them!

I know its abit late but thanks for the suggestions!

I've tried this honey method: Put a blob of honey on the rice cake, not too much microwave for 30secs approx. It'll bubble thin out and sink into the rice cake when its solid it makes a sweet , not that stick treat. Yum!

Think I'll get flavoured ones, much less hassle.

I buy the flavoured ones most of the time but sometimes I put a cheese slice on top of one and stick it in the toaster oven for a few minutes until the cheese starts to melt.

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