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Top 5 foods you DETEST

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Most of the foods I can't stand, some of my friends adore! 

1.Cottage cheese

2.Other cheese...any in fact

3. Creamy mushroom sauce

4. Tofu

5. Tirimasu

What are your top 5 hate foods?

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1. Meat
2. Sugar
3. Dairy
4. Bread
5. Grapefruit

1. Eggplant (give me a break)
2. Brussel sprouts
3. Cooked oatmeal, oatmeal is good only in cookies

1. American Cheese

2. Beets

3. Baked Beans 

4. Banana Bread


  1. beets
  2. blue/goat/feta cheese
  3. radishes
  4. egg plant
  5. mayo

Mayo, Ketchup, Szechuan sauce, Hot/tabasco sauce, Jalapenos, Tahini

Meats (Bologna and Hotdogs are the most disgusting, imo)

Refried beans and baked beans

1. Animal products

2. Soda

3. Fast food & GM/GMO, inorganic food

4. Anything unnatural..preservatives, colorings, additives, fake sweeteners, etc.

 5. Olives...Yell

1. Olives

2. Celery

3. Blue cheese

4. Mayo

5. Honey mustard

1. peas
2. ketchup
3. cottage cheese
4. oysters
5. baked beans/lima beans

If we're including drinks I would add Coffee
to the top of the list..."detest" isn't a strong
enough word for my dislike of it.

1. Seafood of any kind

2. Plain chocolate

3. Cottage cheese

4. Mayo

5. Milk

Wow I see a lot of mustard and ketchup, I don't know how I would live without my condiments! I love them.

1. Alcohol (eh, well, drink but still)

2. Pork

3. Duck

4. Mangos

5. Corn

Wink"Not fond of" (that's what we make our kids say about foods they don;t want to eat at dinner - they;re not allowed to say they "hate" something - especially something I've cooked!)

(1) Cottage cheese (notice a lot of people hear share that - I thought I was the only one - the texture is just really odd, isn;t it???)

(2) Salmon (sorry,I've tried and tried but just am...not fond of it!!!)

(3) Sausage, hotdogs, pepperoni - in fact almost any processed meat - I can tolerate salami - barely

(4) Mustard!

(5) Mushrooms

  1. Green bell peppers
  2. Nails
  3. Wooden barrels
  4. Guatemalan Orphans
  5. Green milkbones

Meat, Poultry (YUCKYUCKYUCK), Sugary crap, Fast food- expecially McDeath's, 100 calorie packs because people seem to think it is healthy and it is NOT

Original Post by fenrik_reinsdyr:

  1. Green bell peppers
  2. Nails
  3. Wooden barrels
  4. Guatemalan Orphans
  5. Green milkbones

 OMG that is hilarious. So you have tried to eat green milkbones too? I was going to have a wooden barrel because I heard there is tons of fiber. I donrt eat meat so I will pass on the Guatemalan orphans ..lololol

Original Post by fenrik_reinsdyr:

  1. Green bell peppers
  2. Nails
  3. Wooden barrels
  4. Guatemalan Orphans
  5. Green milkbones


I would argue that the Green Milkbones are the tastiest in the box.  But I am also the person that eats the cheese nips and chex pieces out of party mix because i hate:

1. Pretzels.  Who made these things? Why did they make these things?  Who asked for sandy twig snacks?

I'm not limited to snack foods, I hate many other things too.  I really hate:

2. Meat in general, but especially predators.  Have you ever eaten an omnivore?  There is a reason you don't.

And to round it out:

3. Olives.  I love brine, I love salt, I love Greek and Italian and Mediterranean and North African cuisine, but I can't manage an olive to save someone else's life.


Honorable Mentions:

Involuntarily consumed bugs.  I prefer to choose which ones I eat.

Love/Hate (I can never tell how I am going to feel about it until I see a package): Coconut Stripe Candy.

  1. Cottage Cheese
  2. Oatmeal
  3. Sloppy Joes (gross out)
  4. Duck
  5. Almond Joy

1. Olive oil - loathe the taste and the texture. It looks like urine.

2. Peanut butter - can't stand peanuts

3. Mayo - looks like semen. Tastes like expired milk.

4. Hot dogs - mmmm reconstituted goodness knows what

5. Dolma - foul faeces shaped lumps of mince in vine leaves bathed and usually swimming in oil.


1. Chips/Crisps - can't stand anything salty like that

2. Meat.

3. Butter/Margarine. I just don't get the point of it!

4. Coriander/Cilantro - it's a really strong flavour that I just find really unpleasant

5. Avocado. Texture is foul! 

1.alfredo sauce..blechhh!I got food poisoning from east side marios pasta and have yet to be able to handle it



4.runny egg yolks

5.hard cheese(only like melted)

1. eggs

2. meat

3. black eyed peas

4. cheese flavored chips

5. butter

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