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**Top flavored PB?**

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What is your top flavored PB?


I want to explore and order some kind of crazy and different flavor somewhere online.  I've heard of the PB Loco flavors *sound so good!* and Peanut Butter & Co. too.

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I love PB&Co. I have the white chocolate wonderful and dark chocolate dreams. Both are awesome, especially when you're like me and your diet kinda requires that you eat nut butter every day - getting variety in flavor is nice. The dark chocolate PB is kinda bittersweet, so it does taste like dark chocolate, but not overwhelmingly so. The white chocolate PB seriously tastes like the peanut butter out of a Reeses, only better. I haven't tried the cinnamon raisin PB yet, want to finish up what I have in the house first, but I am told that its really good. You might want to try nutella too, its easily found in most grocery stores and it is almost on par with PB&Co peanut butters.

The Peanut Butter I prefer is Cub Brand...Yes it is a store brand but it is the only one I have found that actually tastes like peanuts and isn't oily.

Have you ever tried Nutella?  It is a Chocolate Hazelnut flavored butter it is also very good.

I can't bear to spend that much on a jar of peanutbutter. It is so expensive!

I grind my peantbutter at my grocerystore where it's much cheaper. We mix in cinnamon, chocolate chips, m&m's (****'s great!

There's a grocery store a few miles away that has a grinder full of local roasted hazelnuts and dark chocolate. I'm so glad it's not next door...

momturnham1, I don't know that i'd class nutella as a nut butter - I think of it more as a chocolate spread with a few nuts in, than chocolate flavoured hazlenut butter. There is alot of sugar and fat in (and not the good kind of fat from nuts - lots of added oil) - but its wonderful stuff, don't get me wrong. I love it. I prefer plain ground up nut butters for everyday use though, and have nutella as a treat in small amounts every so often

PB and Co is my favorite thing in the world.  White choc PB on waffles with a drizzle of syrup is my SIN on a cheat day! Pretty much worth it though!

Even better... I've been to the little PB shop in NYC where they make and sell their tasty creations. So much fun!

Peanut Butter & Co!!! Best stuff ever. It's all natural and DELICIOUS. My favorite is the White Chocolate Wonderful. Cinnamon Raisin Swirl and Dark Chocolate Dreams are also awesome. Try them. Immediately.

mlilly1186, I'm so jealous you went to their shop!

But I have to disagree with rebelchick who said that Nutella is on par with PB&Co. I don't think Nutella is really all that great. It's wayy to sugary for me.

Mmm well I kinda of meant in terms of  "you can find this in your grocery store for half the price and its still quite a treat". When you take price and availability into consideration - Nutella scores a few extra points and kinda raises its "consumer rating". At least to me, anyways, especially since I go through jars of nut butter on a bi-weekly basis.

For me, Nutella is a Saturday morning treat (I'm trying to gain weight, need to learn to let myself have treats sometimes). Oatmeal mixed up with half a mashed banana and cottage cheese, topped with the remaining banana, sliced, and a big spoonful of nutella. It's not exactly a nutrional powerhouse so I try to pair it with other things that are really healthy to balance it out. What's also really good is the PB&CO White Chocolate peanut butter with granola (or muesli), cottage cheese/yogurt and fruit.  Seriously - its like a giant no bake cookie. Especially if you used dried fruit.

Original Post by momturnham1:

Have you ever tried Nutella?  It is a Chocolate Hazelnut flavored butter it is also very good.

 more like it's a chocolate bar in a jar! I CAN'T keep this in my house without dipping a spoon into it on a daily basis. and at 100 cals a TBSP it's not something i can afford on a healthy eating plan. :( i now want some lol

I also need to gain weight and love pb&co. Its nice to get some variety in peanut butter. I'e tried almond butter, but I prefer peanut butter. PB&co has lots of flavors.  I like the dark chocolate and also "the bees knees" which is mixed with honey.  I dont care for the cinnamon raisin.  I've never tried the others, but think I'm now persuaded to try the white chocolate!

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