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Toasting bread - changes the nutritional value?

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I heard that when you warm milk or cook nuts, it changes the overall nutritional value of the food. Is this also true when you toast your bread?  Because I've compared the breads on CC on regular vs. toasted, and it seems the toasted somehow gains more calories, more fiber, more fat, etc., and it doesn't really make sense to me.
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I was wondering the exact same thing. I ate two pieces of whole-wheat toast this morning (with a tablespoon of strawberry jam on each,) and I didn't know if I should calculate the calories just based on the bread package, or if toasting changed the nutritional values.
All that really happens when you toast bread is that some of the moisture evaporates.  So the slice gets lighter and therefore a toasted slice has a greater concentration of fat/fibre/cals per gramme than the original bread.  Similarly, a dried raisin has a lot greater concentration  of calories, sugars etc., than the original grape because the water has gone.

When you cook other foods you change their composition or destroy some of the nutrients.  The fibrous cells in veg/fruit break down, for example. 


Go by the package for your bread. 

toasting bread does NOT add calories if thats what you mean?

the only way to add calories is to top it with something.... yano like butter? ahahahaha.....

We always learning in classes that when you toast nuts and stuff that it decreases the nutritional value because it basically de-natures proteins that are in the nuts naturally.  So your body cannot absorb the nutrients in a way that will help it. 

When you cook plant products like veggies and fruits it breaks down the cell walls and releases the good nutritive stuff inside the cells so we can absorb them since we have a simple digestive system (not like the fermented multi gut system of cows) that cannot break down the cell walls by them selves without mastication. 

But yea I agree with you gi-jane, I dont think that anything happens when you toast bread excpet moisture evaporation

:) katrina

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