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thoughts on skinny cow??

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considering buying them, has anyone tried it? is it tasty??
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I used to like them; I'm vegan now, and I saw that they had 'partially hydrogenated oils' (aka, trans fats) as one of the first few ingredients.
You'll get a much better deal if you buy a fat cow. Unless you plan on fattening it up yourself. Undecided
I think the ice cream sandwiches are great.  They taste like regular ice cream sandwiches to me.  I keep the strawberry shortcake or vanilla ones around for an occasional treat. 
I second the strawberry shortcake one. they are delicious!!
I think they taste good but started to buy frozen yogart instead it is a little less expensive.
they are delicious but they are somewhat expensive and you want to limit your intake of that partially hydrogenated oil the first replier mentioned.
I think that the Ice Cream Sandwiches are quite Tasty!!! 

They are good, but pricey (as others have mentioned). I also like the Tofutti Cutie ice cream sandwiches, but those are pricey as well.

Recently, I decided to pick up a box of regular Carnation ice cream sandwiches. They are actually lower than the calorie count listed on here, because the bars are a little smaller (3.5 oz instead of 5). I cut them in half and eat them as occasional treats. For half a bar, it comes to 90 calories and 3.5 g of fat. It's a lot cheaper than buying the other brands.

Of course, you don't get the extra fiber boost like you do with the Skinny Cow sandwiches, and the fat content is higher. But it works for me.  

i bought the chocolate skinny cow tub of icecream (not the sandwich) and thought it was crap.  Though this was in the UK, not the US.  It was just all icy and diet and fake.  I let BF eat it. He seemed to think it was ok. I'd rather eat real icecream, but just have a little bit.
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You'll get a much better deal if you buy a fat cow. Unless you plan on fattening it up yourself. Undecided


Falls on floor laughing and wonders if she's burning calories...

Tried the chocolate cones, pretty wicked, kind of pricey, and too much of a trigger for my blood.

I really like the mini fudge bars.  They're only 50 calories, and they make a good treat every once in a while.  The ice cream sandwiches are super tasty, but it's a little too tempting having six of them in the house.  I wish they sold them individually!
We get the fudge bars too & they are a huge hit in my house with hubby & kids. My very skeptical mother tried & loved them.
I found them at Sam's Club & they are better priced than buying the small boxes in the grocery store.

I've only tried the ice cream sandwiches and though they were pretty good.  However, I'm not a big ice cream eater and they went all funny in my freezer before I could eat them.

I'd wrapped them well and put them in a freezer bag, but they still got ice crystals after a few weeks.  I haven't bought them since.

i like them a lot. i also really like the healthy choice bars and sandwiches from costco (they probably sell them other places too, but that's where we always get them). the caramel swirl ice cream sandwiches and raspberry/orange swirl sorbet bars are soooo good! comparable nutritional info too, but less fiber than skinny cow

I like them, although the cookie part of the sandwich is a little better on Slim-a-Bear sandwiches, and the calorie content is comparable.

Omg I love the ice cream cones!! Expensive, yes, not terribly healthy, yes, but I only eat them 1-2x's a week so 1 box lasts me a while...I like to have them as a nighttime snack. I look forward to it all day. They are delicious and they last a long time. I love that when you get to the end there is a chunk of insanely delicious chocolate waiting for you. :-D

Has anyone tried the new "skinny dippers"??

I've never seen them in stores...just heard hungry girl ramble about them.
I like the peanut butter chocolate ice cream sandwiches. Not a real strong peanut butter taste, more chocolate taste. 
I bought the Skinny Cow brand chocolate wasnt great, but it wasnt bad. It was a little strong as far as the chocolate taste goes, but other than that it was fine. I havent tried the ice cream stuff though, I havent seen in it in the store.
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I just tried Jala frozen yogurt bars they wher awsome. It was made by the founders of Skinny cow

Love alll skinny cow products ....SOO DELICIOUS!

but again very pricey.. so i only get them when its on sale and when i have GREATT control since they taste sooo good :)

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