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things w/ zero calories

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Do I need to log things w/ no calories, like lemon juice and Worcester sauce
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log everything because it also keeps track of your precentage of carbs, fat, and protein too :)

if there are no calories there won't be any carbs, fat or protein.

but some people log everything if they're watching their sodium intake. Diet soda for example has some sodium in it. I don't log things with no calories personally.

log everything if you are watching your sodium. basically anything zero calorie has sodium in it.
i personally don't see it necessary to log things like that. It just makes it really easy to become super obsessed with every tiny little calorie. Not passing judgment or anything,  just speaking from experience.

log them if you consume a decent amount of it...

for instance, splenda actually has about 2-4 calories per packet, because a 1g packet has 1g of carb... 1g carb=4 calories... but I have been told that since it is a sugar alcohol carb then it is 2 calories, because sugar alcohol is a different type of carb...

but nonetheless, a few packets of splenda I wouldn't bother.. but if you are using like 20, then yeah log them!

coffee actually has close to 10cal per cup too... and crystal light is about 5-10calories (but I only log those if I drink a lot of them, because shaking them burns those calories and makes up for it! lol, thats my theory..)

and like others said, if you are watching your sodium then log them, or if you just like to keep track of what you intake daily...

if you don't consume too much, then I really wouldn't worry about it...


I don't log things with 0 or hardly any calories like hot sauce or a little ketchup.  Sodium is the only reason I would think you would need to log them.  There might be small amounts of vitamins you're not logging.  Anyway I don't bother.  I round my calories to the nearest 100 anyway when judging where I am for the day.

Personally, I don't log things with no calories but only if it is <10 cals / serving.  Sugar Free Jello cup has 10, so I log that.  Things like soy sauce, mustard, coffee,

i thought lemon juice had calories..

Whether or not to log spices and condiments and beverages under 5-10 calories is a matter of personal choice. At some point, if you eat enough of these, they DO add up ... so if you're concerned about getting an accurate picture of exactly what you eat -- log.

I don't log low-sodium bouillon, lemon juice, lime juice, minced garlic, worcestershire sauce, ponzu sauce, vinegar, popcorn seasoning ... but I am aware of how much of these I eat.

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Original Post by peacelovehominy:

i thought lemon juice had calories..

 Well juice from 1 lemon wedge has 1 calorie.

Original Post by maddprofessor:

Original Post by peacelovehominy:

i thought lemon juice had calories..

 Well juice from 1 lemon wedge has 1 calorie.

oh, i always though a lemon would have like 30 cals. ehh like i even count 1 calorie things! lol! i even think using cc to log cals everyday is a bit obsessive for ME. but i like the forums!

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