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Things to Eat When Sick...

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I think I have some sort of a stomach bug type thing, but the strange part is that I'm kind of hungry, as I haven't had much to eat all day. So...any suggestions besides soup of what's easy on the stomach? ^^;;;

Thank you very much!

EDIT: Yeah....I'm not really hungry now that this virus thing is getting worse....But I should still probably eat something, as I'm kind of weak/shaky. So...that sort of changes this a bit; sorry. -_____-;;
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If I'm sick I'll eat saltines or water crackers... Sometimes even graham crackers.  If I have a stomach ache of some kind, I just stay away from anything with too much acid..  If you go fruit, go for bananas over oranges.  If you haven't eaten all day, you may need some big calorie items.  If I'm ever in that situation it's usually bananas and peanut butter (for the calories).
When I'm sick. I drink plenty of OJ and Gatorade (to make sure I stay hydrated), have soup or crackers or maybe plain toast.
First, clear liquids (with sugar, not diet), then soft foods like rice in broth or toast, then some protein like a poached egg.  Wait an hour after eating anything to make sure it settles.

So - plenty of liquids and frequent, very small snacks.
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hk, orange juice? wouldn't that burn coming back?


I'm currently dealing with stomach flu here--kids, not me . . .  yet. And they seem to tolerate flat Sprite pretty well.

Day Two and we're doing Saltines and Sprite and water and Cheerios.  They're nibbling, not munching--and sipping lots and lots of water. Mostly lots and lots and lots of fluids because they have a fever on top of the both-ended horribleness.

It's a pretty bad flu and when they don't eat or drink, they have the dry heaves which is worse than anything. The doctor/neighbor said it should be okay if the water and Sprite are staying down at least an hour. So far, so good. Well, rotten, actually. Poor things.  But I'm nagging them to sip fluids (a half hour after their systems have settled again)

Phoenix-- our real doctor (not the neighbor) says for a few days of flu, food isn't vital, but fluids are. It's very hard to starve, but frighteningly easy to get dehydrated with this kind of illness.  
My husband has the flu bad right now.  He wont eat much, toast with peppermint tea.  I like vegetable stock, maybe some saltines.  Id stay away from fruit all together, but thats just me.

Agree with katier, Sprite or 7UP.  He also loves half gatorade (Powerade here in the UK) half water.

Hope you feel better soon!  :)
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