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Hey. I am going to Fridays for dinner tonight and I have never been there. Does anybody have any suggestions that are healthy and not 1000 calories? Thanks!

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I've been there and struggled to find anything on their menu that could be described as 'light'.  Their salads are almost unbelieveably nasty.  The lettuce obviously comes from the same place KFC find theirs....    All I can suggest to reduce the calories is splitting a main and a starter with a friend rather than eating a whole plate of anything.
I think they have something on the menu called "dragonfire chicken." It is part of the low fat section. It's grilled chicken with steamed broccoli and rice. According to the menu it has "about 500 calories and 10 grams of fat." Whenever I get it though I ask for extra vegetables instead of rice so that should/would make it less than 500 calories. I think that the "Zen chicken pot stickers" or something are also low in cal. Good luck
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TGI Friday's is notorious for not giving out nutritional information - even when you specifically write them and ask.  They give some BS line about how each meal is prepared individually and that's why they can't tell you what the numbers are.  IF I absolutely have to go there - I get steamed broccoli and zen or pork potstickers......their "low fat" menu scares me for both salt content (which is never ever listed) and b/c I read that restaurants are "off" alot on the numbers they provide so I don't trust a whole meal to be under 500 calories.  Eating out is just deadly even when you have the information!

The potstickers are awesome, and steamed not fried.  With a side salad would be a full meal.

I usually get the Jack Daniels grilled chicken if I go there, it comes with 2 pieces of chicken, a veggie (ask for no butter/fat on the veggies) and mashed potatoes.  Unfortunately the potatoes are probably loaded with butter and salt, but I eat half of the entree and its not too bad.  Or sub them for more veggies.  The JD sauce is probably full of sugar, but it comes on the side so you can use as little as you want.

Everything in moderation!

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