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For fun, what is your 10 favorite foods of all time and  your 10 least favorite foods? List why you do or don't like these

Least Favorite

  1. meat- I'm a vegetarian. Enough said
  2. egg yolk- it's just gross
  3. butter- the way it "sweats" when sitting out is nasty
  4. cake- the consistency irks me
  5. ranch dressing- it taste gross
  6. cantaloupe- always smells like it's rotting
  7. okra- it just makes me want to vomit
  8. anything deep fried- come on at most places the mozzarella sticks go  in the same vat as the chicken wings. Ew. No thanks
  9. rigatoni- the shape is strange and I can't get past it
  10. velveta- that's not food, that's plastic flavored like cheese


  1. Gorgonzola cheese- it's the best cheese ever
  2. veggie sushi- the seaweed makes it so good
  3. morningstar farm spicy black bean burger- this is the best veggie burger out there
  4. reduced fat wheatables- good as a snack or a side
  5. oatmeal- a good snack as well as healthy breakfast
  6. raw spinach- i could eat it by the pound
  7. ice cream- I don't hate, I like it all ha
  8. Panera's fuji apple salad- All the flavors blend so well
  9. Gnocchi- I love carbs. Why would I not love a potato/pasta hybrid??
  10. eggplant- it's the most versatile veggie
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i don't understand.  i don't eat food that i don't like, so how can i rank my "least favourite"?  when i was seven, and my mother was still dictating what i ate, i could have answered that question, but...come on.  i'm an adult.  i eat what i want.

Favourite (no particular order):
1) Oats - jumbo rolled, oat bran... good, old fashioned yumminess
2) Greek yoghurt
3) Peanut butterrrr
4) Sweet potato
5) Carrots
6) Broccoli
7) Bulgur wheat
8) Apples
9) Bananas
10) Cottage cheese
(also: All bran, shredded wheats, cottage cheese, bulgur wheat, baked potatoes, polenta, vanilla ice cream - the good stuff - oh so many... All salads, beetroot, hummus.. cauliflower, spinach.. All vegetables, pretty much)

Least favourite (again in no particular order):
1) Instant oats BLEGH
2) Pasta
3) Custard. BLEGH x 10000
4) Hot milk. I will vomit.
5) Ready meals.
6) Swede (rutagaba)
7) Cream. Seriously, not an ED thing - never liked it.
8) Meat (I'm veggie)
9) Deep fried things
10) White rice

I'll play.....

10 favourites... Blue Stilton cheese, creme brulee (but only the one served at my favourite restaurant), nuts (any), McVities plain chocolate digestives, Bramley apple pie, roast lamb with rosemary and garlic, asparagus, strawberries, roast potatoes, king prawns, hummus,

10 least favourites... grapes, hot-dog sausages (brrr...), grilled tomatoes, processed cheese, parma violet sweets, jelly of any description, cucumber, that peculiar bread they make finger rolls and hamburger buns out of which sticks to the roof of the mouth (nasty), tinned pasta in sauce, instant mashed potato.

  1. hmm lets see

Top 10 Favs ( no particular order)

  1. Porridge
  2. Shredded Wheat- I love cereals
  3. Raisins- I really really love raisins and dried organic apricots
  4. Wholegrain rice
  5. Prawns
  6. Chicken
  7. Soya nuts!- Sooo addictive
  8. Apples/Strawberries/Raspberries/Blueberries- I like most fruits but these are my particular favs.
  9. Brocolli
  10. Innocent veg pots- particulary the Tuscan Bean Stew- I dont really like eating ready meals much, but these are sooo good, plus Innocent is quite a healthy company so makes me feel better :-)

Top Ten Least Fav

  1. Mushrooms- Even the smell makes me sick
  2. White Bread
  3. Egg Yolks
  4. Greasy fried foods- I cant stand the texture or taste of oily foods
  5. Marmite- Just do not like the stuff
  6. Sugary cereals
  7. Butter
  8. Sausages
  9. Mackrel
  10. Brazil Nuts



Top 10 Least Fav:

1. sauerkraut (eating it does make me physically sick)

2. custard

3. sea food (too slimy)

4. porridge (all types)

5. tea (yes, it's a beverage, but I hate it)

6. the fatty bits on meat (they squish between your teeth when you chew, gross!)

7. chestnuts

8. Emental cheese (or most strong cheeses)

9. grapes and watermelon because of pips

10. apple-pie


Top 10 Fav:

1. Brie, Camembert and most mild cheeses

2. Nachos (bad, but yum)

3. peppers (mainly red, raw or cooked)

4. pasta!

5. cottage cheese (here in Dubai it's so expensive though)

6. pancakes (with sweet or savory topping)

7. dark chocolate

8. pineapple

9. potatoes any way other than plain boiled (so I love mashed, jacket, chips, pommes nicoise, gratin

10. coconut - the fleshy stuff, not the juice (in food and fresh)

And a ton more, but had to pick a top 10.

Least favorites:

1. meat

2. plain avocado

3. cottage cheese cups with jam on the bottom

4. romaine lettuce

5. thick icing

6. cordial cherries

7. celery

8. most processed foods

9. diet soda

10. gum



1. apples

2. almonds

3. dried fruit

4. ginger

5. olive oil

6. snow peas

7. sushi

8. walnuts

9. carrots

10. coffee

Least Favorite

  1. Beef (My family never buy beef)
  2. egg yolk (It's too...grainy?)
  3. buttercream (that weird feeling on the lips...eurk!)
  4. Creamy/High quality/Full-Fat cheese (again, the feeling on the lips: eurk!)
  5. Raw mushrooms (How can you them RAW???)
  6. Papaya (taste off)
  7. Milk Chocolate 
  8. Chicken wings (Where's the meat??? It's just bones and fat)
  9. KFC chicken
  10. Walnuts


  1. Cilantro
  2. Shrimps
  3. Tofu
  4. Strawberries
  5. Tuna
  6. oatmeal (so versatile)
  7. Cashew nuts
  8. Grapefruit
  9. Green Apple
  10. Chinese Brocoli

I'mmmm procrastinating. So (:


1) Almonds! (everything)

2) bird's eye asian medley fresh frozen vegetables (taste/feel/color/nutrition)

3) Bananas (taste/smell)

4) Apples (make me feel light not full)

5) Brown rice (so good)

6) Black Raspberry ice cream (though don't have anymore really 'cause i'm cutting out dairy grossness.  but this still tastes so good!)

7) Cucumbers (always have)

8) Chocolate hemp milk

9) egg whites (cutting out dairy but i kinda need this - for now)

10) Mustard!  (its really good)


Ew Foods:

1) meat, includes fish (im a vegetarian)

2) milk/milk products (ew EVERYTHING. i could go on and on about this.)

3) juice (juice and i are not friends)

4) wheat (though i do still eat it)

5) peanut butter (i think it makes my acne worse)

6) soda/anything carbonated (only had like 3x in my life. burns my throat)

7) chips, salty stuff that comes in bags, snacky things that are salty and leave your fingers dirty and your lips hurting

8) flaxseed oil (i have this every day and its very beneficial but oh my god does it taste bad!)

9) candy.. and strawberry sorbet (even the vegetarian candy. i'll admit some does taste good, but the red and pink flavours of like every candy tastes like the medicine i used to gag on as a child)

10) cake (the icing is a different story)

Favorite, in no particular order
1. Blueberries
2. Corn on the cob
3. Bison burgers
4. Pizza with onions, green peppers, roma tomatoes and mushrooms (nobody said this had to be healthy, haha)
5. Feta cheese
6. Dark chocolate
7. Laughing cow cheese wedge and crackers
8. Almonds
9. Cranberry juice
10. Wasabi peas

Least favorite
1. Black olives
2. Bacon
3. Brats
4. American cheese
5. Goat cheese
6. Lima beans
7. Ham
8. Sour cream
9. Catfish
10. Fat/gristle on meat...I usually have a little mountain of things I won't eat when I have steak or pork chops or whatever


  1. strawberries
  2. baby carrots
  3. canteloupe
  4. apples
  5. raisins
  6. spinach
  7. salsa!
  8. orbit gum
  9. pickles
  10. frozen fruit (esp. peaches & grapes)
Least Favorite Gross Foods
  1. lobster
  2. salmon
  3. butter/grease
  4. fried food
  5. hospital food!!!
  6. really rich desserts
  7. avocado
  8. red meat...gross
  9. cheese
  10. any kind of milk but skim...blechh


  1. White peaches
  2. Apples
  3. Bananas
  4. Cereal (hot and cold)
  5. Vegetable curries
  6. Cultured coconut milk yogurt
  7. Almond butter
  8. Dark chocolate
  9. Almonds
  10. Tofu
Least favorite:
  1. Cilantro
  2. Flan
  3. Greasy foods
  4. Eggs
  5. Papaya
  6. Vegemite is possibly the most vile substance on Earth.
  7. Brie
  8. Root beer floats
  9. Really strong teas - they can make me nauseous if they're too strong.
  10. Gross, over processed frosting from store bought cakes. 


  1. oatmeal
  2. brocolli
  3. dates
  4. polenta
  5. bananas 
  6. cottage cheese 
  7. sweet potatoe
  8. yogurt
  9. figs 
  10. mango

Least favorite:

  1. pickled onions
  2. hard/smelly cheese
  3. cauliflour
  4. eggs
  5. cows milk
  6. all meat and fish
  7. anything processed/artificial tasting
  8. pesto
  9. anything fried/greasy
  10. french bread 


  • chicken
  • seafood like prawns, crayfish, scallops
  • tuna
  • crabmeat
  • kidney beans
  • eggs
  • angel food cake
  • cantalope, honeydew and watermelon
  • red apples
  • ketchup (a condiment but its like the condiment of the gods!)


  • anything 'white' triggers my Insulin Resistance
  • raspberries and raisins (overate them and now have a severe Hives-on-face-reaction to them)
  • kiwi (allergic)
  • onions
  • stringbeans
  • meat
  • crisps (im just not a salty person....i dont get it)
  • green bell peppers
  • fruitcake (cuz i binge on it and yep, break out in hives!
  • chips/fries/potatoes...mushy tasteless spit them out as a baby even


Favourites ...

 Weetabix - the best cereal ever! , custard, crumpets with jam (soooo good), broccoli, cake!, dumplings (i think i kinda like stodgy carbs :P) rhubarb, rice pudding, salmon, apple crumble..

Not-so favourites...

Any Seafood apart from fish, especially those icky seafood sticks - what ARE they.. :S , nuts and peanut butter (I've tried but i just hateeee it), hotdogs (again, what ARE they..) , marmite, olives, anything lemon flavoured, marzipan, bacon, pork pies, that fake jam like you get in Jammy Dodger biscuits..



1. Salmon Belly

2. Eel

3. Hamachi Kama

4. Escolar

6. Sable Fish/ Chilean Sea Bass

7. Ground Grass-fed Red Meats 

8. Spinach

9. Artichoke Hearts (in olive oil)

10. Onions


1. Mango

2. Peas

3. Guava

4. Bananas

5. Potatoes

6. Corn

7. Carrots

8. Anything with White Flour

9. Anything with Sugar (of all types)

10. Anything with Dairy 


1. Sushi and sashimi (usually salmon and tuna sashimi, ikura, and eel temaki)

2. Strong cheeses

3. Yogurt - frozen or nonfrozen, just not too sweet please =z

4. Summer fruits

5. Dried fruit (except raisins)

6. Sun dried tomatoes (paired with other stuff, though)

7. Nuts - right now it's cashews

8. Chocolate - 100% is best =]

9. Quail eggs

10. Game meats


Least favorites

1. Bitter melon

2. Chayote

3. Bacon (especially the dried kind that you put on salads)

4. Cake

5. Icing

6. Sour cream

7. Durian

8. Root beer

9. Corn tortillas and tortilla chips

10. Tabasco sauce

least favorites:


2. avocados/guacamole [even things that look like them, like green tea smoothies]

3. artichoke hearts

4. meat

5. clam chowder

6. mustard

7. sour cream

8. guava--thought i was the only

9. earl grey tea--can't stand the smell, makes me sick

10. milk many

1. frozen yogurt/soft serve/ice cream

2. regular yogurt

3. vegetables---all kinds

4. pirate's booty

5. hummus

6. strawberries

7. oatmeal

8. tea

9. popcorn

10. pasta


Favourites, in no particular order.

1. Tacos (bad for you, yes, tasty, yes.)

2. Melons

3. Tomatoes, especially the little cherry ones.

4. Chicken breast

5. Cheerios w/ Oat Clusters (or if I'm not counting calories, Honey Bunches of Oats).

6. Mandarin oranges.

7. Ranch dressing. Hey, I'm from the south, they put it on everything down here.

8. Fried things. Oh, how I miss you onion rings and french fries.

9. Potatoes.

10. Pasta.

Least favourite, in no particular order.

1. Mushrooms.

2. Yogurt. I tried to like, I really did. I just hate tart things.

3. Lemons/limes.

4. Those little miniature cocktail sausage weenie things.

5. Cabbage in any form.

6. Anything remotely tart or sour.

7. Overcooked anything.

8. Mangoes, except for the dried kind.

9. Cottage cheese.

10. Anything banana flavoured.


1. Nuts-almonds, cashews, pistachios, peanuts

2. carrot cake with cream cheese frosting

3. ice cream- preferably with something mixed in, like nuts or chocolate chips, but not more than one mix in cause i like my ice creams to be focused. lol

4. egg yolks- i LOVE egg yolks. runny ones especially.

5. salmon

6.shellfish like  prawns, lobster, crabs, crayfish, mussels

7. fruits and veg:cabbage, onion, garlic, broccoli, eggplant, pears, peach, bananas, durians, yams, coconut (can't just choose one haha)

8. oatmeal and choc chip cookies

9. toasted bread-any type

10. cheese

Least favourites

1. shitake mushrooms

2. sea cucumbers

3. egg whites

4. brazil nuts

5. energy drinks-too bloody sweet

6. hard candies

7. olive oil- its good fats and all but they always have to drench my salad with it. whyyy??

8. veins or fat and gristle in meats

9. cucumber

10. gum

Ooh, I love lists! Funsies.

Least favourites (in no particular order)

1. Rice - cannot stand the blandness, it's always made me gag

2. Soup - hate the texture

3. Seafood  - the taste and the smell...blargh.

4. Meat - hate the chewiness of red meat, as well as coming across any bones..and I have a phobia of dead birds..and it has finally hit me that I've technically been eating dead birds for the past 19 years. =|

5. Hot cereals, hot milk, hot oats etc - I dunno why, they've just never appealed to me

6. Ham - there's just something about it..

7. Pitted olives - Yuck, yuck, yuck

8. Plain pasta - like rice, too bland.

9. Tea - again, the taste is gag-worthy

10. SUSHI! I hate pretty much all its contents.

Favourites (in no particular order)

1. Hot sauce - so flavourful, makes everything savoury taste better!

2. Multigrain bread - the perfect base for amazing yet simple creations.

3. Nutella - orgasmic. Nuff said

4. Mozarella cheese, cheddar cheese (perfect melted in a sandwich or on pizza)

5. Bananas - perfect on their own, or with peanut butter and other nut butters!

6. Peanut butter/cashew butter - Who would've thought a spread would be so filling?!

7. Cold apples - simple yet tasty

8. Hummus - the weirdest taste and texture..but in such a good way!

9. Veggies! Cucumbers, spinach, zucchini, peppers, etc etc - so versatile.

10. Cereals, currently my favourite is Weetbix

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